Friday, 30 August 2013

10 good reasons to visit Cambodia

Many people think that Cambodia is Angkor Wat only and is simply not the case. There is much more to Cambodia than that and there is plenty to see and do and take as you explore this country!

1.) Charming Khmer.



If you have never experienced the Khmer culture, you have not experienced the wonder that is the simple Khmer people being people. How they laugh as they meet on the road while driving, how food stalls, markets, families and business people seem to flow and work together seamlessly and sincere smile which hosts the most visitors with gratitude, embracing the charm of Cambodia Khmer people are worth it all by itself. One of the things to enjoy Khmer culture is the charm found in the silk scarves and many other crafts people make by hand. Shopping for local unique pieces for the dress or western decor and your needs can be quite affordable and cleverly in abundance. So travel light because it is a hot country and make room for all the great things that you can take home for you and your family and friends!

2.) The food is fantastic!


Since the country is on the right between Vietnam to the east and Thailand to the west, they have adapted some of the delicious food styles of these countries food paradise as well as having their own style! The most common dishes found in Cambodia are lemongrass and coconut fish curry paste called Amok, is typically served on rice and wrapped in a banana leaf with a choice of meat. The other friend is a flat pan called Lok Lak is perfectly seasoned and served over rice with salad and sometimes French fries. Pho Vietnamese, Pad Thai from Thailand, curries, soups and a delicious serving of fresh spring rolls are never far away! Of course, there is also Ecstatic Pizza Pizza! Upscale restaurants offering Mexican food, sushi, Indian, Mediterranean and Italian are still available with prices beyond fair! If you're a guy healthy or just enjoy the fruit and vegetable markets are abundant with Dragon Fruit, coconut, papaya, mango, pineapple, banana, mangosteen, lime and are still to a large price! Enjoy fruits and vegetables!

3.) City of Siem Reap!


Yes, we just said Siem Reap. The temples are amazing and leave us later on the list because you already know that Siem Reap is the gateway to Angkor Wat. What you may not know, however, is that Siem Reap is one of the nicest small cities in the world that is full of colonial charm. Old and new buildings do as well for a border of fun and life buzzing around. Street pubs for the night market all the way to cultural events that can be found on the front of the inviting river city of Siem Reap is full of activities and adventures. Easy to navigate and well equipped to meet all the western standards, Siem Reap is an ideal place for yoga, shopping, relaxation and discovery and offers upscale amenities for those seeking such! Siem Reap is a kind of perfect when you really think about it!

4.) Historical Discovery.

Some of us may know more than others about what happened in the Khmer Rouge, which is an important part of history to understand. The Killing Fields and S-21 Genocide Museum are not made so unpleasant and gore. Instead, they allow you to embrace the beauty of transformation and progress has become an essential part of what has allowed the Khmer people that emerge from this terror with an open heart to what the future holds. The story is well told in the record that accompanies your visit to the killing fields and the insight and knowledge available is wonderful, whatever your position on the event. More is to discover both from the Khmer history dates back to colonization by the French and before that the sovereign state of the world that was once self-proclaimed by the Khmer kingdom is now Angkor Archaeological Park.

5) Coffee!

I bet you have not thought about some of the best coffees in the world when you think of Cambodia, but you were wrong. The coffee in this country is incredibly rich and delicious and available hot or iced at any time of the day for an average price of $ 0.75 or $ 3,000 Riel! They can be found for even less and are usually served with a delicious serving of condensed milk. The coffee is rich as a pure delight of dark cocoa and is absolutely refreshing for warm days of exploration. Vietnam neighbor has a competitor with the likes of coffee roast Mondulkiri and other places too. If you are a coffee lover, you know how frustrating satisfied with Nescafé can be repeated, especially in Southeast Asia. If you're wondering if the coffee is "real" in a restaurant in Cambodia, you will get a strange look that Nescafé is not a well-known method of making coffee! Enjoy great coffee and do not forget to buy a coffee on the market so that you are always just a cup of hot water away from delicious coffee, even when you get home!

6). Kratie.

One of the best kept secrets off the tourist trail in Cambodia and just a hop, skip and a jump away from the border of Laos which is the entrance to the famous 4000 Islands door, Kratie is a place to relax and relax. Small, dolphinquiet Irrawaddy river and completely authentic, enjoy a relaxed ecological adventure in Kratie. The Mekong River Irrawaddy dolphin is almost extinct and the highest concentration of them remaining in the Mekong and one of the highest in the world are here in Kratie! Transport can be organized and a van ride from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap you there in less than 3 or 4 hours! It is the ride and drive out of the observation area Dolphin is quite beautiful and lets you peek into the most humble of the Khmer community already distinguished.

7). Sihanoukville and the coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

Most people only think of when they think of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and they do not realize how small this spectacular country has to offer. With many fair coasts in the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia offers some beautiful beaches and incredible islands and secluded for those who want to get away. Sihanoukville is a hip city on the coast which offers entertainment, restaurants and just about everything you need. Popular with expats, travelers and backpackers alike, Sihanoukville offers dream beaches to dream price. If you want to scoot off the beaten path a bit and enjoy something a little more relaxing, going to the beach Otres where there is enough life for you to get three meals a day that are not the same and do some mixing on the beach. The cabin of fungi and their cottages hip at the Golden Sunset and huts dream with the roller on the walls of thatch literally on the water, there is something about Otres for everyone! The islands are abundant as well and you can take a trip to the dreamy and idyllic Koh Rong where the last survivor series for France was filmed. The beaches are among the clearest in the world and can again be as far as one might be able to imagine or mixing with the local town and a few other tourists to Monkey Island! The possibilities are endless and a decline in fresh coast should certainly be a part of your trip to Cambodia!

8.) Phnom Penh.

Most people do not think much at the beginning of the charming capital and Sleepy Cambodia because there is not a huge nightlife scene or the like Khao San Road in Thailand, but do not look at this simple afford to miss the magic that is Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There is nothing not to love this capital city of the river front is filled with restaurants that are arranged back-to high-end. The town is small and easy to navigate anywhere in a tuk-tuk for less than $ 4 a still enough variety to keep you entertained. Beautifully constructed parks and plazas with monuments and statues occupy the city and they are perfectly aligned with flowers, plants, trees and monks walking. The whole river front is nicely paved and goes to meet the Naga Casino and Carnival of the water! Much is served in stylish and charming Phnom Penh. Fantastic restaurants can be found within the French colonial structures, picturesque and welcoming and if you're in the middle of a great trip, everything you might need can be found. The central Russian market department stores offer less than half the price of neighboring Thailand and if you need a visa to go to India or anywhere else on your way, it can most likely be easily found here! The service is warm and buses leave on time for other places in the country and only 6 hours of the party of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Phnom Penh is a great base to relax and enjoy the amenities life in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, you can also see the royal palace, many temples, the National Museum, The Killing Fields and Genocide Museum while you're there!

9). Angkor Archaeological Park and Angkor Wat.


This is one of the most amazing sights you can still see in your life and is a must for all travelers from around the world for many reasons. It is amazing to see the preservation of the work that has been done there over a thousand years on some of the temples and the level of detail and the perfect construction was before modern tools and means of construction were available. It really does make you think. When you visit the park, you get to cruise through the calm and happy life of the Cambodian people appreciate and see the family, cows and dogs as you venture through the vast park that make up the kingdom of Angkor. Once a decision-making for much of South Asia, the story is rich and you can enjoy kissing the end of each structure that you follow the story and the change of scenery of the watch as a rule religious change. One of the most interesting things about this empire if it was respect for the rule of religion previous rule, although religions have changed. It is curious to learn from the masters of the world, as they claimed to be at a time and see how the Khmer kingdom once triumphed before the tragedy. The story gives you an understanding of the wonderful people who are Khmer. Enjoy being close and personal with the temples without much interference of security, etc.. You can ride your bike, take a tuk-tuk, travel by bus and more throughout the park and are able to really see the detail close to making it even more enjoyable. There are so many temples that you may want to organize your days and time right so that you can beat the crowds and have the opportunity to see and photograph the temples without tourists everywhere, which is surprisingly easy to do.

10). Changing lives.


Most people do not think about their holidays, vacations and travel in terms of being life changing. We often think that other important elements, such as the food they serve, cleanliness and safety, availability of Western equipment, cost, etc. The amazing thing that Cambodia has to offer is a change in your perspective. It is almost impossible to travel across the country to learn from the history of the Khmer people have lived and see the Buddhist monks near Shrinesgenuine smiles on their faces today as they laugh at what many react to and not think that maybe there is something more to learn about life. People may appear to be poor by the standards of having "stuff", but they are rich in satisfaction and gratitude to them a very happy bunch of people leaving. The energy of happiness can be felt and the synergy of their lifestyle just screams at you. They understand that they need each other to survive and try to understand another fight against, knowing that need. It does not mean it is perfect, but it is beautiful and offers something to learn that will make you go home and look at life a little differently. This is something many look at how the Khmer people work together to survive and thrive, and it is possible for other crops that feed their socio-economic circle smooth symbiotic.

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Where to stay when you travel in Corsica?

When you leave in Corsica, to think through accommodation and make his choice is not simple because the hotels and other types of housing are legion.

In the cities, in villages or near beaches, have located hotels of all categories ranging from the complexes of 5 star luxury in the 1 to 3 stars charming hotels. You will have no trouble finding a hotel room that matches your budget and your expectations in terms of location and comfort. The easiest is to go to learn about travel sites or comparator price sites that will give you as detailed information as possible on the quality of these hotels.

If you dream of House you in a more personal infrastructure and near the local culture more, choose a cottage of steps or a bed and breakfast. With camping areas, there are 1000 approximately on the island, say that the choice is wide. These gites and bed and breakfast are in general located at the edge of the beach, in the mountains or in the heart typically Corsican villages, or even close to great hiking trails. Accommodations are rustic but with modern comforts (TV, wifi...) and integrate with the natural environment that surrounds them. Gites and bed and breakfast in general allow to combine the joys of the sea and the treasures of the mountains, saw their situation mainly between the two.

You can find proposals for accommodation, on this site.

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Go make the discovery and appreciation of jade in China

The Chinese art pieces sold worldwide testify to the attractiveness of China for many people. Anyone who has the opportunity to take a trip there also know that the memories he (or she) will bring in rich colors, with pictures, meetings and strong in flavors and sensations.

China is full of breathtaking landscapes, in addition to discover ethnic diversity. The tours typically offer a wide range that wants so that visitors can enjoy the most specific aspects of this vast territory, with a millenary tradition.

In fact, everyone immediately understands that any stay in China will inevitably be limited, unless they settle for work or family reasons. However, regardless of the duration of a trip to China, the report remains the best goal.

Taking a theme, the tourist will be more or less attached to what he expects from his trip. For example by choosing to study the jade, a traveler will prioritize visits to museums, ethnic store or jewelry. This is the jade, a gem especially popular in China and symbolizes power, but also happiness, luck, prosperity, etc.. In ancient times, emperors held the Ruyi scepter jade which gave them absolute power.

A trip around the jade will always lead the visitor in the Chinese Southwest, in Yunnan Province, famous for the production of this gem (plus ruby). Moreover, every year, a fair of stone held in Kunming, capital of Yunnan.

Number of jewelry is made with jade: pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.. The decor also includes articles made of jade, and small statuettes green, representing the smiling Buddha, or Fo protective dogs.

A trip to China around the jade is certainly pleasant. Not forgetting that the Chinese porcelain is an integral part of Chinese arts, as well as silk painting ... Very beautiful ceramic jewelry are also made by artisans in China.

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Travel Indochina élargit sa gamme d’options de croisières asiatiques

The Australian expert small group travel and holidays tailor-made to Asia, Travel Indochina, launched a considerably broader range of Asian cruise options in its third river cruises brochure.

The release of the 64-page booklet also coincided with the inclusion of the cruises on the new site on river cruises in Asia.

Thirteen new routes for river cruises across Asia are now included in the new brochure, one thus finds a cruise on the Mekong River in Indochina, a cruise on the Yangtze (Yangtze) River in China and on the Ayeyarwady River and Chindwin River in Burma.

Two new vessels were also introduced into the fleet of Travel Indochina. The 'Mekong Sun', a boat suitable for the upper reaches of the Mekong, with a maximum capacity of 28 people, and a new vessel for Burma, the Orient Express 'Orcaella", with 25 spacious cabins.

Executive Director travel Indochina, Paul Hole, indicated that demand for River cruising in Asia was strong: "last year we experienced unprecedented growth of 400% from year to year in the number of cruise passengers.This year has continued to provide good results, with an increase of 83%. »

"We have continued to expand our offering to meet the seemingly insatiable appetite for new experiences along the main travellers fascinating waterways of Asia. The River Cruise offers a unique way to discover Asia, covering the cornerstone of most of these countries. We worked with this application to provide more flexibility in our packages, offering journeys whose length can suit all preferences, stays ranging from 4 to 22 days".

One of the new packages available is 5 days / 4 nights, the 'Mystical Luang Prabang & Cruise' which includes a 3 days on the Mekong River Sun Cruise, 2 nights luxury accommodation remaining at Luang Say Residence after the cruise. Relaxation and escape also include a cooking class at the Tamarind, and plenty of time to explore all that Luang Prabang has to offer.

The brochure provides information to facilitate the life of the traveller, with new content that includes shore excursions, the kitchen, the charters and complete deck plans.

More info on the site Travel Indochina.

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Monday, 26 August 2013

ASEAN begins the advancement of experiential and creative tourism

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L’Association des nations de l’Asie du Sud-Est (ASEAN) a lancé la promotion de six thèmes de voyage expérientiel et créatifs dans le but d’encourager les voyages multi-pays à travers l’Asie du Sud-Est.

Les promotions thématiques font partie de la mise en œuvre de la stratégie touristique du marketing de l’ASEAN pour les années 2012 à 2015.

Les thèmes sont les suivants: « Les saveurs de l’Asie du Sud-Est », « l’ASEAN, un paradis tropical », « Les villes de classe mondiale », « Découvrez diverses traditions », « Sport et détente » et « Diverse créativité contemporaine. »

Une première liste de 20 voyagistes proposant des thèmes et des itinéraires multi-pays sont désormais disponibles sur le nouveau site internet de voyage de l’ASEAN (, le site officiel du tourisme en ASEAN. Plus de séjours ont été ajoutés et une amélioration des sites web sont en cours.

L’ASEAN regroupe 10 pays de l’Asie du Sud-Est dont les Philippines, l’Indonésie, la Malaisie, Singapour, la Thaïlande, le Brunei, le Viêt Nam, le Laos, la Birmanie (actuel Myanmar) et le Cambodge.

« Notre nouvel accent est mis sur le tourisme d’expérience et créatif qui respecte l’environnement et la culture », a déclaré M. Aung Zaw Win, le directeur général du ministère de l’hôtellerie et du tourisme au Myanmar, il est également président de l’Office du tourisme sur le développement de l’ASEAN.

« Une expérience de voyage authentique implique un engagement significatif avec le patrimoine, les arts et le caractère particulier de nos destinations de l’ASEAN », a a jouté le président.

M. Aung Zaw Win a exhorté les tour-opérateurs dans les pays de l’ASEAN de développer des packs de séjours plus orientés multi-pays en insistant sur le tourisme d’expérience et créatif, dont il a souligné une tendance croissante parmi les consommateurs qui veulent avoir un voyage «authentique».

« Les voyageurs d’aujourd’hui sont plus sophistiqués et s’intéressent à des expériences uniques avec une immersion dans le mode de vie des locaux ». Notre rôle est par conséquent de soutenir ce type de voyage expérientiel multi-pays au sein des États membres de l’ASEAN. »

Pour inspirer les voyageurs, l’ASEAN a compilé une série de reportages sur des thèmes comme la plage, la nature et la faune; Elle a tournée des reportages sur les croisières et chemins de fer montrant la culture et le patrimoine, l’éducation et le bénévolat, la nourriture et la vie nocturne; le plaisir et les loisirs, la santé et le spa, les sports de plein air et de l’eau et le tourisme religieux et de pèlerinage.

Mots-clefs :ASEAN, Asie du Sud-Est, Association des nations de l'Asie du Sud-Est, voyages multi-pays
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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Traveling to Barcelona on a tight budget: 5 activities to enjoy the city without breaking the bank

Barcelona is known to be a must-see city. Its history, its main arteries, its incredible architecture and its sandy beaches make it one of the most attractive cities of the Mediterranean coasts. The city is huge, we have selected some activities to enjoy the city up.
How to find cheap accommodation in Barcelona? The best solution is to avoid hotels and rent an apartment in Barcelona. This solution is more interesting financially and does not require to dine outside.
No need to break your piggy bank to enjoy the best of Barcelona.
1. Undeniable venue of tourists, the Gothic quarter nevertheless offers a myriad of small charming squares, which plunge the Walker in the medieval history of the town centre. The only Cathedral, Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia, is inevitably full of visitors (and, surprise, of snow geese that inhabit the courtyard of the cloister), but some more intimate places than any outstanding - as the Church of Santa Maria del Mar, which has one of the largest rosettes of Europe; El Call, the medieval Jewish quarter; and the Plaça Reial, residence of the counts of Catalonia, built in the 13th century. Orange Donut towers and Runner Bean Tours agencies offer a free tour of the district.
2 Markets Barcelona, live and exciting, you'll be ringside for a total immersion in the Aboriginal newspaper. Two not La Rambla, you will be muted by the merchant shouts of sellers of the Mercat de la Boqueria. With its majestic entrance and its stained, the place is a true architectural and culinary journey. Other markets are also worth a visit, as the Mercat de Navarro, but la Boqueria is the most common - and most expensive - of both. Here you will find many local specialities: Pan con tomato and Queso manchego will make a picnic perfect for a walk in the Park Güell.
3. The Parc Güell seems to be straight out of a fairy tale. A giant gingerbread man marks the entrance, opening onto a fancy ceramic statues, fountains and benches created by all the Barcelona Architect Antonio Gaudí. His creations, often mimicking the forms of nature, mingle perfectly with the vegetation in the Park. Exceed la Torre Rosa, curious little building which houses the Museum of Gaudi (need to pay to see the furniture designed by the architect); sit on the bench in the shape of serpents on the main terrace and enjoy stunning views of the city. The entry has long been free - its price will be € 8 per person from October 2013.
Gaudi, it tell you?
Lovers of Gaudí and his particular interpretation of art nouveau and modernism can admire the impressive Casa Batlló, Casa Milà and the emblematic Sagrada Familia, all available to the (outer) gaze of the public.
4 Platja de Barceloneta the beach of the city, is a beautiful place to relax after these wanderings. Stroll along the promenade, enjoy a drink at the water's edge and you will be seduced by the sight.
.. .and if it's raining?
It does not often rain in Barcelona, but Apartment Barcelona still thought of internal activities. In the event, unlikely, precipitation, CaixaForum Barcelona exhibition will fall timely. Modern and contemporary art (free) are honoured in this social and cultural centre, housed in a former textile factory. The MNAC Museum is free every Saturday from 3 pm to 8 pm.
A good deal
Whatever your expenses on the spot, you won't regret surely to have invested in this trip. Barcelona is a difficult to hate city and Apartment Barcelona hope that this free selection was a little 'more' satisfying.

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

The beautiful landscaped gardens of the finest hotels in the world

Let us guide you through the beautiful landscaped gardens of the finest hotels in the world impregnated by the choice of this or that ornamental style: Balinese, English, Moorish, Japanese or even Persian.

The gardens of the hotels in the world as a subtle and often symbolic Art are most often unique designs, works by the best architects and based on concepts: "harmony, the subtlety, the love of nature and the paradise of contemplation and good being, they offer a diversity of"landscapes"amazing, that seem to tell a story. '' For example the Asian gardens are both mysterious because they reveal nothing of its inhabitants suggested by romantic and ornamental statues because the hand of the landscape is exclusively guided by the love of Nature.

What better example than the gardens of the hotel Kandawgyi from Yangon in Myanmar or Ana Mandara Nha Trang to the Viet Nam.

The site is an introduction to eclecticism and refinement through the most beautiful gardens of the finest hotels in the world, he wants to be the appointment of a new art to travel to the effects of natural, simple elegance.

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