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10 good reasons to visit Cambodia

Many people think that Cambodia is Angkor Wat only and is simply not the case. There is much more to Cambodia than that and there is plenty to see and do and take as you explore this country!

1.) Charming Khmer.



If you have never experienced the Khmer culture, you have not experienced the wonder that is the simple Khmer people being people. How they laugh as they meet on the road while driving, how food stalls, markets, families and business people seem to flow and work together seamlessly and sincere smile which hosts the most visitors with gratitude, embracing the charm of Cambodia Khmer people are worth it all by itself. One of the things to enjoy Khmer culture is the charm found in the silk scarves and many other crafts people make by hand. Shopping for local unique pieces for the dress or western decor and your needs can be quite affordable and cleverly in abundance. So travel light because it is a hot country and make room for all the great things that you can take home for you and your family and friends!

2.) The food is fantastic!


Since the country is on the right between Vietnam to the east and Thailand to the west, they have adapted some of the delicious food styles of these countries food paradise as well as having their own style! The most common dishes found in Cambodia are lemongrass and coconut fish curry paste called Amok, is typically served on rice and wrapped in a banana leaf with a choice of meat. The other friend is a flat pan called Lok Lak is perfectly seasoned and served over rice with salad and sometimes French fries. Pho Vietnamese, Pad Thai from Thailand, curries, soups and a delicious serving of fresh spring rolls are never far away! Of course, there is also Ecstatic Pizza Pizza! Upscale restaurants offering Mexican food, sushi, Indian, Mediterranean and Italian are still available with prices beyond fair! If you're a guy healthy or just enjoy the fruit and vegetable markets are abundant with Dragon Fruit, coconut, papaya, mango, pineapple, banana, mangosteen, lime and are still to a large price! Enjoy fruits and vegetables!

3.) City of Siem Reap!


Yes, we just said Siem Reap. The temples are amazing and leave us later on the list because you already know that Siem Reap is the gateway to Angkor Wat. What you may not know, however, is that Siem Reap is one of the nicest small cities in the world that is full of colonial charm. Old and new buildings do as well for a border of fun and life buzzing around. Street pubs for the night market all the way to cultural events that can be found on the front of the inviting river city of Siem Reap is full of activities and adventures. Easy to navigate and well equipped to meet all the western standards, Siem Reap is an ideal place for yoga, shopping, relaxation and discovery and offers upscale amenities for those seeking such! Siem Reap is a kind of perfect when you really think about it!

4.) Historical Discovery.

Some of us may know more than others about what happened in the Khmer Rouge, which is an important part of history to understand. The Killing Fields and S-21 Genocide Museum are not made so unpleasant and gore. Instead, they allow you to embrace the beauty of transformation and progress has become an essential part of what has allowed the Khmer people that emerge from this terror with an open heart to what the future holds. The story is well told in the record that accompanies your visit to the killing fields and the insight and knowledge available is wonderful, whatever your position on the event. More is to discover both from the Khmer history dates back to colonization by the French and before that the sovereign state of the world that was once self-proclaimed by the Khmer kingdom is now Angkor Archaeological Park.

5) Coffee!

I bet you have not thought about some of the best coffees in the world when you think of Cambodia, but you were wrong. The coffee in this country is incredibly rich and delicious and available hot or iced at any time of the day for an average price of $ 0.75 or $ 3,000 Riel! They can be found for even less and are usually served with a delicious serving of condensed milk. The coffee is rich as a pure delight of dark cocoa and is absolutely refreshing for warm days of exploration. Vietnam neighbor has a competitor with the likes of coffee roast Mondulkiri and other places too. If you are a coffee lover, you know how frustrating satisfied with Nescafé can be repeated, especially in Southeast Asia. If you're wondering if the coffee is "real" in a restaurant in Cambodia, you will get a strange look that Nescafé is not a well-known method of making coffee! Enjoy great coffee and do not forget to buy a coffee on the market so that you are always just a cup of hot water away from delicious coffee, even when you get home!

6). Kratie.

One of the best kept secrets off the tourist trail in Cambodia and just a hop, skip and a jump away from the border of Laos which is the entrance to the famous 4000 Islands door, Kratie is a place to relax and relax. Small, dolphinquiet Irrawaddy river and completely authentic, enjoy a relaxed ecological adventure in Kratie. The Mekong River Irrawaddy dolphin is almost extinct and the highest concentration of them remaining in the Mekong and one of the highest in the world are here in Kratie! Transport can be organized and a van ride from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap you there in less than 3 or 4 hours! It is the ride and drive out of the observation area Dolphin is quite beautiful and lets you peek into the most humble of the Khmer community already distinguished.

7). Sihanoukville and the coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

Most people only think of when they think of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and they do not realize how small this spectacular country has to offer. With many fair coasts in the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia offers some beautiful beaches and incredible islands and secluded for those who want to get away. Sihanoukville is a hip city on the coast which offers entertainment, restaurants and just about everything you need. Popular with expats, travelers and backpackers alike, Sihanoukville offers dream beaches to dream price. If you want to scoot off the beaten path a bit and enjoy something a little more relaxing, going to the beach Otres where there is enough life for you to get three meals a day that are not the same and do some mixing on the beach. The cabin of fungi and their cottages hip at the Golden Sunset and huts dream with the roller on the walls of thatch literally on the water, there is something about Otres for everyone! The islands are abundant as well and you can take a trip to the dreamy and idyllic Koh Rong where the last survivor series for France was filmed. The beaches are among the clearest in the world and can again be as far as one might be able to imagine or mixing with the local town and a few other tourists to Monkey Island! The possibilities are endless and a decline in fresh coast should certainly be a part of your trip to Cambodia!

8.) Phnom Penh.

Most people do not think much at the beginning of the charming capital and Sleepy Cambodia because there is not a huge nightlife scene or the like Khao San Road in Thailand, but do not look at this simple afford to miss the magic that is Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There is nothing not to love this capital city of the river front is filled with restaurants that are arranged back-to high-end. The town is small and easy to navigate anywhere in a tuk-tuk for less than $ 4 a still enough variety to keep you entertained. Beautifully constructed parks and plazas with monuments and statues occupy the city and they are perfectly aligned with flowers, plants, trees and monks walking. The whole river front is nicely paved and goes to meet the Naga Casino and Carnival of the water! Much is served in stylish and charming Phnom Penh. Fantastic restaurants can be found within the French colonial structures, picturesque and welcoming and if you're in the middle of a great trip, everything you might need can be found. The central Russian market department stores offer less than half the price of neighboring Thailand and if you need a visa to go to India or anywhere else on your way, it can most likely be easily found here! The service is warm and buses leave on time for other places in the country and only 6 hours of the party of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Phnom Penh is a great base to relax and enjoy the amenities life in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, you can also see the royal palace, many temples, the National Museum, The Killing Fields and Genocide Museum while you're there!

9). Angkor Archaeological Park and Angkor Wat.


This is one of the most amazing sights you can still see in your life and is a must for all travelers from around the world for many reasons. It is amazing to see the preservation of the work that has been done there over a thousand years on some of the temples and the level of detail and the perfect construction was before modern tools and means of construction were available. It really does make you think. When you visit the park, you get to cruise through the calm and happy life of the Cambodian people appreciate and see the family, cows and dogs as you venture through the vast park that make up the kingdom of Angkor. Once a decision-making for much of South Asia, the story is rich and you can enjoy kissing the end of each structure that you follow the story and the change of scenery of the watch as a rule religious change. One of the most interesting things about this empire if it was respect for the rule of religion previous rule, although religions have changed. It is curious to learn from the masters of the world, as they claimed to be at a time and see how the Khmer kingdom once triumphed before the tragedy. The story gives you an understanding of the wonderful people who are Khmer. Enjoy being close and personal with the temples without much interference of security, etc.. You can ride your bike, take a tuk-tuk, travel by bus and more throughout the park and are able to really see the detail close to making it even more enjoyable. There are so many temples that you may want to organize your days and time right so that you can beat the crowds and have the opportunity to see and photograph the temples without tourists everywhere, which is surprisingly easy to do.

10). Changing lives.


Most people do not think about their holidays, vacations and travel in terms of being life changing. We often think that other important elements, such as the food they serve, cleanliness and safety, availability of Western equipment, cost, etc. The amazing thing that Cambodia has to offer is a change in your perspective. It is almost impossible to travel across the country to learn from the history of the Khmer people have lived and see the Buddhist monks near Shrinesgenuine smiles on their faces today as they laugh at what many react to and not think that maybe there is something more to learn about life. People may appear to be poor by the standards of having "stuff", but they are rich in satisfaction and gratitude to them a very happy bunch of people leaving. The energy of happiness can be felt and the synergy of their lifestyle just screams at you. They understand that they need each other to survive and try to understand another fight against, knowing that need. It does not mean it is perfect, but it is beautiful and offers something to learn that will make you go home and look at life a little differently. This is something many look at how the Khmer people work together to survive and thrive, and it is possible for other crops that feed their socio-economic circle smooth symbiotic.

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Where to stay when you travel in Corsica?

When you leave in Corsica, to think through accommodation and make his choice is not simple because the hotels and other types of housing are legion.

In the cities, in villages or near beaches, have located hotels of all categories ranging from the complexes of 5 star luxury in the 1 to 3 stars charming hotels. You will have no trouble finding a hotel room that matches your budget and your expectations in terms of location and comfort. The easiest is to go to learn about travel sites or comparator price sites that will give you as detailed information as possible on the quality of these hotels.

If you dream of House you in a more personal infrastructure and near the local culture more, choose a cottage of steps or a bed and breakfast. With camping areas, there are 1000 approximately on the island, say that the choice is wide. These gites and bed and breakfast are in general located at the edge of the beach, in the mountains or in the heart typically Corsican villages, or even close to great hiking trails. Accommodations are rustic but with modern comforts (TV, wifi...) and integrate with the natural environment that surrounds them. Gites and bed and breakfast in general allow to combine the joys of the sea and the treasures of the mountains, saw their situation mainly between the two.

You can find proposals for accommodation, on this site.

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Free ad to sell rent announce

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Go make the discovery and appreciation of jade in China

The Chinese art pieces sold worldwide testify to the attractiveness of China for many people. Anyone who has the opportunity to take a trip there also know that the memories he (or she) will bring in rich colors, with pictures, meetings and strong in flavors and sensations.

China is full of breathtaking landscapes, in addition to discover ethnic diversity. The tours typically offer a wide range that wants so that visitors can enjoy the most specific aspects of this vast territory, with a millenary tradition.

In fact, everyone immediately understands that any stay in China will inevitably be limited, unless they settle for work or family reasons. However, regardless of the duration of a trip to China, the report remains the best goal.

Taking a theme, the tourist will be more or less attached to what he expects from his trip. For example by choosing to study the jade, a traveler will prioritize visits to museums, ethnic store or jewelry. This is the jade, a gem especially popular in China and symbolizes power, but also happiness, luck, prosperity, etc.. In ancient times, emperors held the Ruyi scepter jade which gave them absolute power.

A trip around the jade will always lead the visitor in the Chinese Southwest, in Yunnan Province, famous for the production of this gem (plus ruby). Moreover, every year, a fair of stone held in Kunming, capital of Yunnan.

Number of jewelry is made with jade: pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.. The decor also includes articles made of jade, and small statuettes green, representing the smiling Buddha, or Fo protective dogs.

A trip to China around the jade is certainly pleasant. Not forgetting that the Chinese porcelain is an integral part of Chinese arts, as well as silk painting ... Very beautiful ceramic jewelry are also made by artisans in China.

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Travel Indochina élargit sa gamme d’options de croisières asiatiques

The Australian expert small group travel and holidays tailor-made to Asia, Travel Indochina, launched a considerably broader range of Asian cruise options in its third river cruises brochure.

The release of the 64-page booklet also coincided with the inclusion of the cruises on the new site on river cruises in Asia.

Thirteen new routes for river cruises across Asia are now included in the new brochure, one thus finds a cruise on the Mekong River in Indochina, a cruise on the Yangtze (Yangtze) River in China and on the Ayeyarwady River and Chindwin River in Burma.

Two new vessels were also introduced into the fleet of Travel Indochina. The 'Mekong Sun', a boat suitable for the upper reaches of the Mekong, with a maximum capacity of 28 people, and a new vessel for Burma, the Orient Express 'Orcaella", with 25 spacious cabins.

Executive Director travel Indochina, Paul Hole, indicated that demand for River cruising in Asia was strong: "last year we experienced unprecedented growth of 400% from year to year in the number of cruise passengers.This year has continued to provide good results, with an increase of 83%. »

"We have continued to expand our offering to meet the seemingly insatiable appetite for new experiences along the main travellers fascinating waterways of Asia. The River Cruise offers a unique way to discover Asia, covering the cornerstone of most of these countries. We worked with this application to provide more flexibility in our packages, offering journeys whose length can suit all preferences, stays ranging from 4 to 22 days".

One of the new packages available is 5 days / 4 nights, the 'Mystical Luang Prabang & Cruise' which includes a 3 days on the Mekong River Sun Cruise, 2 nights luxury accommodation remaining at Luang Say Residence after the cruise. Relaxation and escape also include a cooking class at the Tamarind, and plenty of time to explore all that Luang Prabang has to offer.

The brochure provides information to facilitate the life of the traveller, with new content that includes shore excursions, the kitchen, the charters and complete deck plans.

More info on the site Travel Indochina.

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Monday, 26 August 2013

ASEAN begins the advancement of experiential and creative tourism

AppId is over the quota

L’Association des nations de l’Asie du Sud-Est (ASEAN) a lancé la promotion de six thèmes de voyage expérientiel et créatifs dans le but d’encourager les voyages multi-pays à travers l’Asie du Sud-Est.

Les promotions thématiques font partie de la mise en œuvre de la stratégie touristique du marketing de l’ASEAN pour les années 2012 à 2015.

Les thèmes sont les suivants: « Les saveurs de l’Asie du Sud-Est », « l’ASEAN, un paradis tropical », « Les villes de classe mondiale », « Découvrez diverses traditions », « Sport et détente » et « Diverse créativité contemporaine. »

Une première liste de 20 voyagistes proposant des thèmes et des itinéraires multi-pays sont désormais disponibles sur le nouveau site internet de voyage de l’ASEAN (, le site officiel du tourisme en ASEAN. Plus de séjours ont été ajoutés et une amélioration des sites web sont en cours.

L’ASEAN regroupe 10 pays de l’Asie du Sud-Est dont les Philippines, l’Indonésie, la Malaisie, Singapour, la Thaïlande, le Brunei, le Viêt Nam, le Laos, la Birmanie (actuel Myanmar) et le Cambodge.

« Notre nouvel accent est mis sur le tourisme d’expérience et créatif qui respecte l’environnement et la culture », a déclaré M. Aung Zaw Win, le directeur général du ministère de l’hôtellerie et du tourisme au Myanmar, il est également président de l’Office du tourisme sur le développement de l’ASEAN.

« Une expérience de voyage authentique implique un engagement significatif avec le patrimoine, les arts et le caractère particulier de nos destinations de l’ASEAN », a a jouté le président.

M. Aung Zaw Win a exhorté les tour-opérateurs dans les pays de l’ASEAN de développer des packs de séjours plus orientés multi-pays en insistant sur le tourisme d’expérience et créatif, dont il a souligné une tendance croissante parmi les consommateurs qui veulent avoir un voyage «authentique».

« Les voyageurs d’aujourd’hui sont plus sophistiqués et s’intéressent à des expériences uniques avec une immersion dans le mode de vie des locaux ». Notre rôle est par conséquent de soutenir ce type de voyage expérientiel multi-pays au sein des États membres de l’ASEAN. »

Pour inspirer les voyageurs, l’ASEAN a compilé une série de reportages sur des thèmes comme la plage, la nature et la faune; Elle a tournée des reportages sur les croisières et chemins de fer montrant la culture et le patrimoine, l’éducation et le bénévolat, la nourriture et la vie nocturne; le plaisir et les loisirs, la santé et le spa, les sports de plein air et de l’eau et le tourisme religieux et de pèlerinage.

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Traveling to Barcelona on a tight budget: 5 activities to enjoy the city without breaking the bank

Barcelona is known to be a must-see city. Its history, its main arteries, its incredible architecture and its sandy beaches make it one of the most attractive cities of the Mediterranean coasts. The city is huge, we have selected some activities to enjoy the city up.
How to find cheap accommodation in Barcelona? The best solution is to avoid hotels and rent an apartment in Barcelona. This solution is more interesting financially and does not require to dine outside.
No need to break your piggy bank to enjoy the best of Barcelona.
1. Undeniable venue of tourists, the Gothic quarter nevertheless offers a myriad of small charming squares, which plunge the Walker in the medieval history of the town centre. The only Cathedral, Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia, is inevitably full of visitors (and, surprise, of snow geese that inhabit the courtyard of the cloister), but some more intimate places than any outstanding - as the Church of Santa Maria del Mar, which has one of the largest rosettes of Europe; El Call, the medieval Jewish quarter; and the Plaça Reial, residence of the counts of Catalonia, built in the 13th century. Orange Donut towers and Runner Bean Tours agencies offer a free tour of the district.
2 Markets Barcelona, live and exciting, you'll be ringside for a total immersion in the Aboriginal newspaper. Two not La Rambla, you will be muted by the merchant shouts of sellers of the Mercat de la Boqueria. With its majestic entrance and its stained, the place is a true architectural and culinary journey. Other markets are also worth a visit, as the Mercat de Navarro, but la Boqueria is the most common - and most expensive - of both. Here you will find many local specialities: Pan con tomato and Queso manchego will make a picnic perfect for a walk in the Park Güell.
3. The Parc Güell seems to be straight out of a fairy tale. A giant gingerbread man marks the entrance, opening onto a fancy ceramic statues, fountains and benches created by all the Barcelona Architect Antonio Gaudí. His creations, often mimicking the forms of nature, mingle perfectly with the vegetation in the Park. Exceed la Torre Rosa, curious little building which houses the Museum of Gaudi (need to pay to see the furniture designed by the architect); sit on the bench in the shape of serpents on the main terrace and enjoy stunning views of the city. The entry has long been free - its price will be € 8 per person from October 2013.
Gaudi, it tell you?
Lovers of Gaudí and his particular interpretation of art nouveau and modernism can admire the impressive Casa Batlló, Casa Milà and the emblematic Sagrada Familia, all available to the (outer) gaze of the public.
4 Platja de Barceloneta the beach of the city, is a beautiful place to relax after these wanderings. Stroll along the promenade, enjoy a drink at the water's edge and you will be seduced by the sight.
.. .and if it's raining?
It does not often rain in Barcelona, but Apartment Barcelona still thought of internal activities. In the event, unlikely, precipitation, CaixaForum Barcelona exhibition will fall timely. Modern and contemporary art (free) are honoured in this social and cultural centre, housed in a former textile factory. The MNAC Museum is free every Saturday from 3 pm to 8 pm.
A good deal
Whatever your expenses on the spot, you won't regret surely to have invested in this trip. Barcelona is a difficult to hate city and Apartment Barcelona hope that this free selection was a little 'more' satisfying.

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

The beautiful landscaped gardens of the finest hotels in the world

Let us guide you through the beautiful landscaped gardens of the finest hotels in the world impregnated by the choice of this or that ornamental style: Balinese, English, Moorish, Japanese or even Persian.

The gardens of the hotels in the world as a subtle and often symbolic Art are most often unique designs, works by the best architects and based on concepts: "harmony, the subtlety, the love of nature and the paradise of contemplation and good being, they offer a diversity of"landscapes"amazing, that seem to tell a story. '' For example the Asian gardens are both mysterious because they reveal nothing of its inhabitants suggested by romantic and ornamental statues because the hand of the landscape is exclusively guided by the love of Nature.

What better example than the gardens of the hotel Kandawgyi from Yangon in Myanmar or Ana Mandara Nha Trang to the Viet Nam.

The site is an introduction to eclecticism and refinement through the most beautiful gardens of the finest hotels in the world, he wants to be the appointment of a new art to travel to the effects of natural, simple elegance.

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Zefly, a unique and original flight comparator

Zefly, a unique and original flight comparator

Discover a unique concept in the world of vol. ZEfly comparators offers exactly the same function as those competitors. We compare over 500 travel sites (airlines, Charter, low cost flights, travel agencies,...) and in a few seconds, we will give you the best available price offers. Our results are 100% objective and can be easily sorted by multiple criteria. It is also possible to see the change in the price of his ticket to +/-8 days.

The peculiarity of ZEfly, it is its solidarity and responsible action. ZEfly is committed to financially supporting humanitarian and environmental associations with the generated profits.

This is of course transparent to the users of the site. It is not them who pay and the quality of the comparator's flight is not biased as far.

In summary, ZEfly works like other flight with a notorious difference comparators: Zefly shares its profits and it makes all the difference.

So why hesitate? Adopt

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Transport Morocco, your transfer private shuttle from or to the airport of Agadir

This transfer-airport site - is a service of online booking for all your transfers from or to the airport of Agadir (Morocco).

It is the shuttle service on the most appropriate Agadir for your travel for business or tourism leader in the field of private transport, transfer-airport - is distinguished by the most competitive market rate, faultless service, new and air-conditioned vehicles.

Comfort and security will accompany you throughout your private shuttle trips.

Two types of service are provided in private comfort shuttle

-traveling from or to any hotel, station, or home of Agadir,

-transfers from or to the cities of Casablanca, Essaouira, Marrakech, Rabat, Tafraout, Taghazout, Taroudannt, Tiznit.

Two types of vehicle are made available according to the number of passengers

-1 to 7 persons in Minivan Hyundai H1,

-8-13 persons in Minibus Mercedes Sprinter.


For shuttle seven, one to two large bags as well as a bag of golf per person are taken supported for a maximum of 10 large baggage and 7 standard hand baggage.

Your driver is a French speaking professional carrier which has a passenger and third party liability insurance

Professional. He will meet you in front of the exit of the airport, and will drop you at the address you have indicated.

The payment is made securely by Paypal account or credit card. Payment of the balance to the driver is done in dirhams or euros.

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Destination Basque country for the holidays. !

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Monday, 19 August 2013

The 1st Festival of heritages by UNESCO Viet Nam-ASEAN will be held in the Highlands of the center of the Viet Nam

by the traveller juil.22, 2013, in Asia, Viet Nam

The 1st Festival of heritages by UNESCO Viet Nam-ASEAN (Viet Nam-ASEAN UNESCO Heritage Festival) will take place in the province of Lam Dong in the the Central Highlands of Viet Nam from 27 to 31 December 2013, with the participation of guests and partners in ASEAN.

The festival aims to popularize the heritages of the Viet Nam which have been recognized by UNESCO, or which will be submitted to UNESCO for recognition, create a forum for Viet Nam, countries in the region and their partners in order to share experiences on conservation and promotion of heritage values and to help promote closer ties and friendship between the countries of the region.

Guests coming from the India, China, the Japan and South Korea will join representatives of the Member countries of ASEAN, in addition to those of the Vietnamese provinces, reported the Viet Nam Communist Party on its website.

The festival will also present undeveloped landscapes as well as individuals, the potential and the advantages of the Viet Nam in general, as well as reveal the Central Highlands to the international community.

The event will coincide with the 120th anniversary of the founding of the city of Da Lat in the province and the fifth Festival of the flowers of Da Lat. On occasion, the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and tourism and the people's Committee of the province will announce the national year of tourism in Highlands from the centre of Da Lat for the year 2014.

There will be events including an international conference on the conservation and sustainable development of heritage UNESCO in Southeast Asia, an exhibition and a seminar on the flowers of Da Lat and tourism, performance of intangible cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO to the Viet Nam and other countries in ASEAN.

Ten works of art from famous cultural works in 10 countries of ASEAN will also be displayed during the event.

To date, the Viet Nam has 16 heritage recognized by UNESCO.

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Phnom Penh, basic travel guide

Phnom Penh: the pearl of Asia Cambodia

Phnom Penh. Whether taken from the 1984 film The Killing Fields, or tales of hedonistic backpackers, the words themselves are guaranteed to evoke a particular atmosphere of their own, and for good reason. Phnom Penh, with its mix of chaos rude, shocking poverty, quaint charm and quiet beauty, is unique in the world, and quite a destination in its own right. The French called the "Pearl of Asia", a title he's quick appropriates.

Getting there

Most visitors fly in Cambodia from Phnom Penh International Airport, making it easy to get there. However, some entering the country by bus or theft of Siam Reap, the seat of the great ruins of Angkor Wat. Siam Reap, there are two options to make your way to Phnom Penh by bus along the excellent modern road built by American engineers, or by boat on the river / lake Tonle Sap. It will be available during and after the monsoon, as the dry season will drain the Tonle Sap to the point where the boat traffic on the lake area becomes impossible. Similarly, bus and boat into Saigon in Vietnam is possible with boats up the Mekong River.


To date, Cambodia is one of the countries that require special visas for tourists from almost all visitors. Chances are they will not just stamp your passport when you arrive at customs and immigration. Check with the Embassy of Cambodia regarding the requirements. Most Westerners can not get a visa on arrival, presenting passport photos and pay a slightly higher fee, but avoiding the hassle of passport at the embassy.

In 2006, there was an ATM operating throughout the city, which was a marked improvement. In the case of a technical failure, make all the money you need, mixed between checks and cash travel.


Parts of Phnom Penh that will interest most visitors are located in a small area of ??travel. You will most likely not need a ride to get to most places in the city until the heat and humidity you drain. In addition, walking is strongly encouraged as a way to take in as much of the city as possible.

While taxis, rickshaws and tuk tuk (a tricycle passenger motor) are available, much more common and also more in tune with the way people do things is to hail a guy goes about his business on his motorcycle , tell him where you want to negotiate a price, and hop on the back. Sometimes it will seem most people who drive motorcycle in Phnom Penh moonlighting as taxi drivers improvised. Sometimes these motorcycle taxis part-time do not know where you're going, but they are pretty cool about it so do not be shy about making them get directions they seem to have no idea where they will . As long as you do not quit and they do not lose the price, they will be happy.

Do not rent a bike yourself. Trafficking in Cambodia is chaotic and dangerous even by Asian standards. Only expatriates should even dare to try to move on their own in any kind of vehicle. To illustrate this point, the author has a T-shirt with a winged motorcycle and "Phnom Penh Motorscooter Club" emblazoned on the back. On the front is a target.

The City

Phnom Penh sits at the confluence of the Tonle Sap and Mekong River and is the undisputed center of the country. With a population of 1 million people, it is relatively low compared to its rivals in Southeast Asia (Bangkok weighs 6.7 million euros, for example). The capital of the province of the French Empire until the 1950s, the city remained the capital of sleepy backwater of a country whose export was leading rice until the Khmer Rouge took over in 1975. The civil war that followed their fall lasted two decades. The result was that when Phnom Penh began to leave his past trauma in the late 1990s, it has been well preserved since it was not overdeveloped, and had always something still stood its architectural heritage (which turned out to be a lot). This is not Bangkok or Jakarta, littered with ugly concrete buildings stained by the accumulated pollution of millions of two-stroke engines. While the streets may be littered with trash, the look and feel of the city are such that it takes little or no imagination to see what it must be like in 1965, when he was often called the "Paris of the Orient "and" Pearl of Asia ". The result is one of the most physically beautiful cities throughout Asia, especially along Sisowath Quay, the main street along the river.

The other side of the city is that it is bad. While in general are much Rouge friendly, you should expect to be harassed by street children who sell trinkets, touts and scammers around any place frequented by tourists. The best way to treat them is to treat them as local color (if the local color often unpleasant), and remember that losing your cool in Cambodia is wrong pal important and rarely get you anywhere.


Although smaller than its grandiose counterpart in Bangkok, the Royal Palace is beautiful. Complex closes at noon (sensitive Rouge beat the heat by taking a nap), no photography is allowed and you are required to show modesty and respect for the king (who still lives there!) Not wear short shorts and tank tops. However, the castle, the Silver Pagoda and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha worthwhile. The Emerald Buddha is a relic of precious jade, while floor tiles unique silver Silver Pagoda were lucky to escape looting by the Khmer Rouge.

The National Museum is a good stop for a primer before going to Angkor Wat, if you've been there it will seem disappointing. The infamous giant bats do not live in the roof of the building, after being cleaned during renovations in 2002 (how is that history is in the guides?). Wat Phnom and the stupa hill are doing a nice visit and great pictures. Another Buddhist temple to visit is Ounalum Wat, the largest temple in Cambodia active. The abott is widely regarded as the nominal leader of Buddhism in Cambodia.

No visit to Phnom Penh would be complete without at least two visits to Sisowath Quay. With most of the above attractions located along or near the road to the river, walk during the day. Then be sure to come back for dinner one night while you're in the city.

For a taste of the colonial era, or the heyday of journalism in the decadent 1960s Phnom Penh, be sure to make stops at the famous Raffles Hotel and the Foreign Correspondents Club. While it is undoubtedly the most expensive city for food or drink places, atmosphere both are simply not to be missed.

The Dark Side

Phnom Penh hosts two major monuments of the monstrosity that was the revolutionary regime of the Khmer Rouge. In the city itself is Toul Sleng, a school that was converted into the infamous S-21 prison. While most people who died under the Khmer Rouge were murdered or starved and worked to death in the country, S-21 had 14,000 inmates through his small enclosure under the Khmer Rouge. Only 8 survived.

The others were tortured until they confessed to be reactionary or traitors, and then they were released in the second memorial in Phnom Penh, the Killing Fields of Cheoung Ek. It is a serene-yet-morbid place. The main monument is a Buddhist stupa where hundreds of human skulls were stacked in a tower. The main features of these grounds are the remains of where mass graves were dug, and incompletely to the following: dirt is visibly compacted with bits of bone and clothing. One aspect of the wildest west of Phnom Penh is available on travel to and from Cheoung Ek - "Ranges" of the city, where for a small fee, you can shoot pistols, shotguns , assault rifles, machine guns powered band, and throw grenades. These facilities do not offer the possibility of RPG fire and small tank guns, even if it can be arranged if you are willing to pay a pretty hefty pot of wine.

Worse than this is the ongoing tragedy of Meanchey Garbage Dump Treng, where hundreds of poor people (including children) in the region to look something of value they can find. This is the worst kind of macabre "people zooism" beggars the imagination and how it even gained a reputation as a sordid attraction. A better use of time for those who are curious about the poverty in Cambodia is to visit a reputable NGOs working with the poor as a child Pour smile or an arts and traditional job-training program like Artisans Angkor.


To get an idea of ??life in Phnom Penh, a stop at the 1930s art deco glory Psar Themy, or Central Market, is simply a must. They sell everything from clothing, electronics, jewelry, tourist trinkets, fresh (or maybe not so fresh) meat beef and fish, food, spices, everything. A good tip is that Gap and other clothiers have factories outside Phnom Penh, and denies them (often with very minor defects) wind for the main market for pennies on the dollar. Add a few ways to negotiate your krama (traditional checkered Cambodian scarf)! Another market worth a visit is the "Russian Market", so-called because of its major customers in the days when Vietnam ruled the country.

Ideal lake

Near Wat Phnom, the calm Lake Beoung Kek. A string of guest houses and bars are located on a narrow cul-de-sac street, just far enough from the main streets to preserve a bit of calm. Most guest houses overlooking the lake, with its lotus flowers and small fishing skiffs. It is an ideal place to relax in a hammock with a beer, watch the sunset and catch a cool breeze. Even if you do not stay around Beoung Kek, you may want to visit to get a break from the rest of Phnom Penh. In addition, the open end of the alley is the only center of Islamic studies in Phnom Penh, sponsored by Saudi Wahhabi (the same branch of Islam that gave us Osama bin Laden!)

Night life

An institution of the city dating from the early 1990s is pleased Herb Pizza. Embracing the local tradition of the use of certain drugs in the kitchen, you can guess what they use instead of oregano in the preparation of the pizza! Good Herb is now surrounded by imitators, but do not be fooled and go directly to the original.

Another institution Phnom Penh, bar Sharkey in a noisy environment. A cut above in terms of Sharkey edgy atmosphere is the heart infamous club Darkness. Staying up late: after 3 or 4 in the morning, the cream of organized Khmer and youth spoiled county political elite crime will start to turn up, with their bodyguards in tow. If someone asks you to move, it is advisable to give up your seat. From time to time someone gets shot either in front or behind the bar, but most of the time it's just a nightclub that attracts a large and really weird mix of people. Friday and Saturday nights are always packed.

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Cheap honey Moon Mauritius

You want to realize your dream to go to Mauritius for your honeymoon? However, the budget question is obstacle to that dream? For some destination in vogue is synonymous with expensive offerings. This is however not the case in Mauritius. You will certainly find high range benefits that will cost you dear. Genuine Pearl of the Indian ocean, it cannot deny the quality of benefits and the honeymoon accommodations.

Who says cheap honey Moon, does not necessarily offer banal, cheap, far from an intimate setting, perfect for lovers. A cheap honeymoon offer simply translates to offer the best quality/price ratio. So whatever your type of search, you should always make the choice of benefits that will offer you a good price and excellent quality at sight of eye.

The rates applied by hotels, villas and luxury apartments are diverse due to location, surroundings, services and services offered. Those making the choice of a hotel 5 star, will pay possibly more expensive than as choice hotel 3 stars or even a luxury villa Mauritius, beachfront.

Our tips for a cheap honeymoon Mauritius

To help in the search for a competitive offer, and it in record time, it is appropriate to request a quote online. This avoids a roundtrip in agencies and saves you long queues. Isla-Mauricia, expert in holiday in Mauritius accommodation, allows you to request for a quote online. Based on the filled information, we will go looking for your best offer, one that will offer you honeymoon like no other. Thus facilitate your organization's honeymoon while remaining confident that you have much more chance of falling on a competitive offer and special offers reserved for newlyweds.

It is also important to establish your needs and your desires. In a first step, should remain fix on your desires and put aside your budget. It is quite possible to come across an attractive offer, which seems non-price but which fits your budget by surprise. How so you ask you? Here, it reveals to you the secret... Several hotels, villas and apartments apply offers special honey moon. They can take various forms: free nights, discounts on rates, special favors (champagne, decoration, jacuzzi...).

Take for example, our Pearl of the West Coast. This resort combining luxury in edge of sea, exclusive services and opportunities for the most beautiful activities on the island, offers a special couple, or 40 percent cheaper for those holding maximum reservation 2 months prior to arrival. Thus, you pay almost half price for holiday Mauritius 4-star accommodation. This is what can undoubtedly call honeymoon not expensive. Yet you get the same services namely cleaning, internet access, garage, access to the swimming pool... For those with the booking would be made later, less than 2 months before arrival, you receive free nights. For a stay of 10 nights in this resort Mauritius, pay for only 8 nights. Enjoy 14 nights for the price of 11. For those whose stay is of 16 nights, enjoy up to 5 free nights. (Booking 8 code = 10, 11 = 14-16 = 21).

For those who prefer an intimate sanctuary for two, in a secluded, you will find satisfaction from one of our private in Pereybere villas. Have your own swimming pool and garden private from only 121 Euros at night, includes breakfast. Exclusive services as regular transport to a beach exclusive, champagne and special decor on arrival you are reserved. For those who like dream to get married in Mauritius, a marriage service is available in supplement, with floral arch, menus, musicians...

Information to always remember: If you are a couple who are looking for a honeymoon accommodation, make mention in your request quote so that special offers are applied.

Room spacious, luminous, warm with tasteful décor, directly overlooking a beautiful beach of white sand, with many opportunities on-site for couples... For a terrestrial Paradise and offer cheap honey Moon Mauritius, call Isla-Mauricia. We guarantee you a customized offer.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013


Yucatan a trip all worth experiencing at least once in his life. Beautiful resorts, exceptional Mayan sites, hotel accommodations of all kinds, a constant climate ... this sunny destination concentrates all the tourist attractions of Mexico.

Yucatan jungle and

The jungle in the south of Cancun offers abundant vegetation with trees of low height. It houses various archaeological sites but also the descendants of the Mayans and underground rivers, commonly called cenotes. This jungle is perfect for moments of hikes and excursions.
Yucatan and beaches

Otherwise, there is also the beautiful white sand beaches of Yucatan overlooking a turquoise sea, such as Playa del Carmen or Isla Mujeres off Cancun. Marine Park Sian Ka'an also worth a visit with its Caribbean treasures.
Yucatan and monuments

Yucatan is rich in monuments. Caves Loltun, indomitable city Coba, Uxmal Puuc style site, the entire ceremonial Kabah and sites of Chichen Itza, ranked world wonders, here is a glimpse of the monuments of this region of Mexico.
Yucatan and activities

Yucatan suggests a variety of water and land to all its visitors activities, starting with the beach activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, swimming, diving, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking and fishing. But there are also excursions to explore the cenotes, quad, walk or zip.
Yucatan and its environment

In addition to the National Marine Park of Sian Ka'an, which is still the largest ecological reserve in Mexico, we can also talk about the underwater reefs of Cozumel Island. These allow you to spend pleasant moments diving company of all kinds of marine animals, all within a beautiful coral reef.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Expatriation and spirituality, go for a trip to Thailand

Visit some great temples in Bangkok
For lovers of culture, travel in Thailand will be able to focus on visits to some of the temples of the country. Bangkok, the capital, contains some temples should not be missed if one wants to soak up the strong Thai spirituality, but also to enjoy a special and extraordinary architecture.
The tour of the temples of Bangkok can begin with the most emblematic, Wat Phra Kaew. It is located in the heart of the city of Bangkok, occupying a royal palace and housing the legendary Emerald Buddha, which only the King can approach. It seduces visitors with its spiritual and mystical atmosphere.
Need to enjoy this stay in Bangkok to find out Wat Arun (Temple of dawn). It is a fascinating religious site to Khmer architecture, located on the shore of the Chao Phraya River. It has been built at the time when Ayutthaya was the capital of the Kingdom of Siam. His visit will be more enjoyable at dawn or at dawn, when the first or last solar lights come flush with the sumptuous building.
Classified world heritage by UNESCO since 2005, Wat Sutat is also worth the detour. It is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok, it is famous for the gigantic red swings placed around the building.

The must-see of the country
In Ayutthaya, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the WatYai Chai Mongkon who is the most famous temple in this town. They will be able to admire on this site the most beautiful statue of Buddha in the world: Phra Buddha Chinarat. This statue is used from model to multiple copies in the world. Throughout the year, the temple is frequented by thousands of Buddhists on pilgrimages.
Nakhon Si Thammarat, tourists will be able to discover the WatMahathat that host a replica of the Buddha from Sri Lanka, more than 1,000 years ago. This statue is placed below the main chedi of the temple. Nakhon Si Thammarat is the capital of the Buddhism in the southern region of the country: the atmosphere that prevails is the most sublime and spiritual.
Located in Phetchaburi, Wat Ko KeoSuttharam also deserves to be visited during this tour in Thailand. This temple fascinates mostly Faràng or white men from the West. It has a wall consisting of images made at the time when first Westerners have crossed the lands of the Kingdom of Siam. In 1730, this wall was completely painted, but there are still some traces of these historical images.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tourists Chinese caused the boom of hotels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong needs to almost double its hotel rooms over the next decade to meet the growing demand, according to a government task.

The working group specializing in industry conference and exhibition in tourism has also noted that the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong will increase significantly over the next 10 years, visits driven by a steady increase in the number of tourists from mainland China, fueling the need for many more hotel rooms.

In 2012, Hong Kong received a record 48.6 million visitors, up 16% from a year earlier, according to the Tourism Commission of Hong Kong.

Among these visitors, 71.8% came from mainland China. About 68,300 hotel rooms in the city have enjoyed an average occupancy rate of 89% last year.

"If the Chinese economy continues to grow in the coming years and if the earnings and incomes continue to rise, while mainland tourists continue to be a major source of tourist arrival in Hong Kong," said Raymond Yeung, senior economist at ANZ.

Analysts expect that the tourism industry in Hong Kong continues to increase after the implementation of major development projects, including the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and the railway connecting Hong Kong high-speed Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

While the government has invested in exhibitions, trade fairs and marathons, Mr. Yeung said that the government should work harder to attract tourists as Hong Kong faces competition from cities in mainland China. Tourism accounts for about 5% of the gross domestic product of Hong Kong.

Despite the increasing number of visitors from China, the growth in the hotel industry in Hong Kong has been tempered by a decline in the number of tourists from the United States and the rest of Asia. tourism saw a temporary windfall in 2011 while visitors from Japan went to Hong Kong after the earthquake.

Michael Li, executive director of the Federation of owners of hotels in Hong Kong, said he expected the number of hotel rooms in the city going to rise to 76,000 compared to the current figure of 68,300 in 2017 with the help of expansion projects.

The call for a greater capacity of the hotel also comes at a time when the shortage of land in Hong Kong causes more uproar among residents, prompting the head of the city, Leung Chun-ying, has recently pointed out that the need for hotel rooms must be weighed against the demand for housing.

Although the number of tourists increased last year, nearly 25 million of them were day visitors, and therefore the hotel occupancy rate in the city is unchanged for 2012.

Li urged caution against the too rapid expansion of hotel capacity. It indicates that the expansion of hotels requires a very careful examination of the behavior of tourists and other economic trends. Invest in hotels is a long-term which usually takes at least 10 years to get a return.

In addition, Li said that with the increase in the number of hotel rooms, there should be a simultaneous increase in frontline staff and management leadership, something he is not sure the Hong Kong education system could bring.
Keywords: railway, Hong Kong, hotel, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, tourism

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Language stays for each with Contacts Linguistiques

Students, young graduates, professionals and all those who seek to improve their practice of foreign languages are turning to language stays because it is the best way to learn more about foreign cultures. If you are interested in this kind of travel, please feel free to visit to organize your stays.

With over 40 years of experience in language studies, Contacts Linguistiques offers expertise and advice to interested parties by offering them adequate training. Trips combining effective language teaching and leisure, to discover other cultures in a concept of Exchange, friendliness and relaxation.

Many destinations are available to satisfy every taste: stay in the city or countryside, destinations, classic or exotic, tropical scenery or European proximity as a linguistic stay England. The catalogue offered on their site will help you in your choice.
In addition, in most proposed language stays, it is possible to choose the type of accommodation (stay with a family of home, residence or shared... apartment) but also the type of room (single or shared). Some trips offer even to benefit from a personal bathroom at the request (subject to availability)

In order to offer courses adapted to the needs, level and the desires of each, contact linguistic has a wide range of formulas such as courses of initiation-discovery course, semi-intensive or intensive courses, or courses in a professional or academic theme specific.
Contacts language also diversified its course types. Training in school language, courses in business, Working Holiday Visa stays, stays au pair or Demi... In addition, consultants are at your disposal to find "your stay. It comes in some sort of work in Exchange for shelter and food. For such stays can strengthen and put into practice the knowledge of the language. Unlike stays au half pair, au pair stays require more working hours and are paid.
Several destinations are offered for these types of trips such as England, the Ireland, the Australia and the New Zealand.
Those who participate more often have to perform light household tasks, and are in Exchange housed in fullboard, single room. Two days of weekly leave their are granted and their compensation is a function of their hours worked. The use of time is developed with the family to enable them to study and follow their course.

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Do you really know the France?

Everyone think you know the France: its diverse landscapes, its greedy terroirs, its renowned vineyards, medieval villages, its sunny coastline, its rich museums, its snow-capped mountains, ancestral traditions...

But are you really sure to not miss out on experiences unforgettable, barely visible even on the internet? Today, fifteen major sites attract 90% of visitors while the France has nearly 44,000 monuments. Every day, craftsmen put the key under the door due to lack of customers, winemakers seek opportunities to their wine yet high with talent, territories are waiting you to deliver their hidden treasures, farmers wish to discover the quality of their product... Unfortunately, the offers that you see for hours on the Internet are too often the same, formatted with the minimum of pleasure. However, our citizens have increasingly need to find authentic locations, real craft products, simple relationships enabling them to learn things...

For this reason, we have created, to allow you to discover another France, authentic, beautiful and eternal. is a creative agency travel and recreation measure destined to the France. Our mission, which motivates us every morning, is to find new routes, new "unusual" locations that allow you to share emotions with enthusiasts who will treat you as a member of their own family. Our partners like us, the beautiful and the good, authenticity and the true obsession. Because we offer only what we like and we know well, our trips come under three different experiences:

Thanks to wine and gastronomy, we offer stays carefully prepared, in collaboration with passionate players who will guide through local products, traditional recipes, wines of quality and above all experiences very different which will delight your thirst for authenticity.

Through culture and heritage, our trips allow you to learn things by marrying tours in well-known monuments and other unsung, but all providing insight into the large or the small history of France. Our guides are enthusiasts who are committed to transmit new knowledge while maintaining a fun and casual, for memories.

Based in Aix-en-Provence, we are in the heart of the event Marseille Provence 2013, the big event of the year in Provence. Marseille, through Mucem, 'the large workshop of the Midi', 700 exhibitions and new cultural spaces (J1, etc), became a cultural nugget who really deserves that you spend her time. We are able to make your stay unforgettable and change your look on the city.

And if you're just looking for information, do not hesitate to consult our blog and subscribe to our newsletter where we take the time to make you dream and allow you to better know this beautiful country is the France.

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Luxury in Senegal travel

Let yourself be tempted by the plethora of green landscapes of Senegal but also vast expanses that dot the baobabs witnesses of centuries-old historical facts. This country through not less than 4 rivers will not fail to seduce you.
One of them comes from the massif of the Fouta-Djalon in Guinea land. There is also the Senegal River its name as well as the rivers Saloum, Gambia and Casamance to the country. The inhabitants welcome to Senegal tourist with respect and deference. The received values of the main religions (Islam and Catholicism) occupy a prominent place. Lovers of luxury tourism, do not miss to discover the highlights of tourism in the country of the Teranga we present to you below.

She seduces by the calm waters of its sea. It consists of two regions: Fatick and Thies. We discover beautiful beaches for a distance of 120 km. Do not miss the opportunity to visit during your luxury travel in Senegal:
• Sine-Saloum which has many species of birds in the Park.
• Me bour and its area of protection of flora and fauna.
• the most famous beach of the region: Nianing
• The Magdalen Islands Park: it is located close to the Senegalese capital, there are several colonies of seabirds.
• Park of the Saloum delta: there are marine birds such as storks, flamingos pink and marabouts.
We cannot design a luxury travel in Senegal without discovering the notorious Goree island. The architecture of the houses is attractive and you can buy many memories. The boat from the Senegalese capital take you less than an hour and several guides are available on-site.
Close to the Airport International Léopold Sédar Senghor, the capital, is located the Centre International du Commerce exterior Africain (CICES). It is an integrated Convention Center which has a pool of secretariat of several rooms and about twenty offices. It offers several services: travel agency, Bank, Internet, telex, telefax, Internet, telephone...
It also allows a good storage of goods through its modern facilities. All of the Congress that the number of participants was higher than 500 y were required in the recent past. It is only since the construction of the Meridien President hotel, which includes a room 1200 seats and car parks over 1,000 vehicles that the organizers no longer seen as the only option. The Meridien President has a Palace of Congress which 5 km² surface lends itself to exhibitions, conferences or congresses. You can also discover 40 meeting rooms with audio and video equipment of last generation.
More information here on the Travel Destination Blog

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Friday, 9 August 2013

A good new holiday plan gives you ideas and advice to travel and discover the world, and you are many to participate and to provide your comments and experiences. Today makes you part of a good new plan for those who cannot always go on holiday with us: our pets.

Do you know
As you know, our pets are part of the family, but it cannot always take them to travel...
With this new site, you can now go quiet journey, knowing your well kept pets, and continue to save money on your holiday budget.

Registering on, you can create your co-gardiens network and participate in this new concept of sharing and mutual aid: the exchange of free custody of your pets.

The principle is simple: by registering with, you can choose the types of animals that you accept to keep and make contact with other co-gardiens in order to proceed to the exchange of free childcare during your respective holidays (and it also works the WE!).

A smart and economic concept that allows not only to travel serene, but also to make considerable savings on the holiday budget (the subscription is €29 per year only, and gives access to discounts and promotions)!

With and, the holiday ideas is for you and your pets also! To learn more, visit

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A dream cruise in the San Blas of the Panama Islands

These islands form a long archipelago of several tens of kilometres north of Panama (Atlantic ocean) and offer a real variety of what you can expect in terms of exotic: Palm trees in abundance, small beaches and deserted coves, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and a climate sunny all year round!... Add to that a generous and welcoming locals and you'll really feel like in paradise!

Because the San Blas seem to really have been made for lovers of the sea, Islands and the Sun. This also is not without reason that these islands are called "Polynesia of the Caribbean". Located in the extreme southwest of the Caribbean Sea and untouched by hurricanes, the San Blas Islands are hundreds, and offer a variety of landscapes, secret and unexplored places and funds absolutely gorgeous underwater.

But if these islands have become so popular, it is also due to the fact of its Aboriginal population: these islands are indeed populated only by local Indians (known as the Kuna). And even if they were able to adapt to the modern world by opening up to tourism, they knew also safeguard their identity and their culture, several hundred years old. So if in addition to live several days in a beautiful and unspoilt location, you are not against a bit of Authenticity on your next trip, don't hesitate, the San Blas are made for you!

It is also not without reason seen in addition in addition to sailing ships of passage in these islands: the San Blas have become in recent years a privileged navigation location appreciated by many boaters from around the world. It crosses in particular many French yachts, but also American, Italian, German... And even if it does not exist yet sailboats on-site rental agency (some projects are underway), some owners will be happy to welcome on their sailboat and make you discover this beautiful region.

For more information on cruises in the San blas, visit:

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Visiting a city in the South of the France

I finished my school year early so I was already able travel a little bit. Certainly, it was a short trip, but it always.
I went on holiday in the South of the France to see a longtime friend. It is always a good way to go when it already has someone you know in a place that one has not yet visited.

Indeed, so I decided to go on holiday in Toulouse. I have family also the bottom, but I don't see that in the large family meals because the journey is quite expensive if we decide from the often and more family. I was first asked in a hotel close to the train station to avoid having too many road to ask my suitcases. I'm the kind of girl to bring any of his wardrobe on vacation so it is not practical to have to make the way to ask.
Then, I joined my friend so he could let me know a little his favorite in this city and of course tourist places places. I was lucky, as seen that it was not really in high season, there was therefore not many tourist. What facillite things to visit. Then, I was doing a little bit of shopping to bring back memories. I love to bring things of the places where I'm going. It's like a kind of trophies for me. It is also the opportunity to buy souvenirs for your family and your friends who remained where you live. In the evening, I wanted to discover the city at night.

I find that it's completely different to visit a city day and night, it's a bit like visiting another city. So I went to a restaurant with my friend in order to eat a little bit and then we went walk us. Indeed as early as the dark, buildings, monuments and other old town are lit, this is, I think, a good development of this city.
I could not been long since I had to return home fairly quickly, but I find that leave out the summer to also of the good. If you have a holiday off the two months where everyone goes on vacation, go relax somewhere. You can be on that there will be less tourists than in the high season, and it's a plus to be better able to relax I find.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Spend the holidays in the Netherlands

Would you like to spend a holiday in the Netherlands? Here is some practical information: you can begin your stay in the Netherlands by visiting the most popular destinations: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Utrecht and Eindhoven. From your holiday home in the Netherlands you will have an unforgettable holiday, because it is a very special country. It is the synonym of simplicity and modernity at the same time, thanks to the omnipresent nature, characterized by windmills. From your holiday home, you can make walks on long dikes that separate the sea and polders. You can choose among the houses vacation located either on a farm in the countryside, or a cottage in nature. There are also luxurious villas on the water's edge or group housing.
If you prefer a more active vacation, you can stay in a busy city where the atmosphere of discos will tell you how many people are awake, and joyful. There are many activities that await you from your holiday home in the Netherlands: you can enjoy excursions to discover charming towns, museums and historical monuments. This destination is perfect for hikers who like markets, and even for those who prefer cycling through the Dutch forests, wetlands and trails. During your holiday, remember to taste the Dutch cuisine characterized by the cheese. You can also go shopping and visit its many amusement parks of the Netherlands.

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Top 25 Destinations in Asia by TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the largest travel site in the world, announced recently announced the winners of its price of the trip entitled "Travellers Choice Destinations" for the best travel destination in Asia for 2013. The fifth annual awards take into account 412 travel destinations in 38 markets worldwide, including lists for Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Central America, China, Europe , India, Mexico, Middle East, South America, the South Pacific, and the United States.

The rewards of Travellers Choice Destinations that put the spotlight on the best destinations in the world, based on millions of valuable reviews and opinions of travelers who visit our site.

The winners were determined based on the popularity of destinations, taking into account the favorite places of travelers and the most highly rated places.
The TripAdvisor website was able to compile a list of top 25 destinations in Asia according to its users.

At the high end, there are three major capitals of Asia with Bangkok, Tokyo and Beijing.
Other very important Asian capitals are also in the ranking as New Delhi, Seoul and Hanoi.
Then there are hotspots for their natural beauty as Chiangmai, Male, Goa or Ha Long Bay.
Also note that China, India and Vietnam each have four destinations among the top 25 destinations in Asia.
The full list of 25 places that you must visit if you go to Asia:
1. Bangkok Thailand.
2. Tokyo, Japan.
3. Beijing, China
4. Shanghai, China
5. Siem Reap, Cambodia
6. Chiangmai Thailand
7. Hong Kong, China
8. Singapore
9. Kyoto, Japan
10. Male Maldives
11. Ubud in Indonesia
12. Seoul, South Korea
13. Taipei
14. Hanoi, Vietnam
15. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
16. New Delhi, India
17. Hoi An in Vietnam
18. Kathmandu, Nepal
19. Luang Prabang Laos
20. Jaipur, India
21. Xi'an China
22. Goa in India
23. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
24. Mumbai, India
25. Halong Vietnam

What do you think of its top 25 destinations in Asia? Your favorite destination is it in the list?

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pornic for your thalasso stay

If you are tired or overworked, it's time to offer a week of Thalassotherapy in Pornic. Beneficial for the body and mind, practical nursing will be for you the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries to start on the right foot.

For a thalasso stay, Pornic is the ideal destination in Loire-Atlantique. 20 Kilometres from Saint Nazaire, this coastal town offers interesting sights. During your moments of freedom, visit its castle and its historic district. You will stroll among its cottages and villas from beaches to the old-fashioned charm. Finally, you won't miss to discover the Dolmen of Predaire, fisheries of the city or its Faïencerie, famous for its bowls with typical and coloured flowers. You won't miss to repatriate some for your friends or your family. On the Jade coast, many wellness centres welcome you. They offer Thalassotherapy stays to relax, to de-stress, to treat his insomnia, to stop smoking or lose weight. In a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, care are carried out by a competent and very professional staff. Make a Thalasso in Pornic present many advantages, because sea water has ideal properties for the body, with its many trace elements that strengthen bone and act on the muscles and thyroid. Its marine algae are also known in the region. For the slimming cures, they act in a beneficial manner on the body fat and give outstanding results in this type of treatment.

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Friday, 2 August 2013

A thousand ways to discover the Turkey

Full of tourist assets that can overwhelm any tourist, the Turkey is a country offering many opportunities to spend a pleasant holiday. It straddles the Asian and European continents, and is surrounded by the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea than by the Marmara. Whether you choose for a holiday cultural, bathing, relaxation or relaxation, this country has what guarantee you unforgettable moments.

The Turkey is one of the most evocative examples of a perfect blend between contemporary air and the indigénat. Although not having much to envy to most of the major cities of the world, remained however very docked in art and local tradition. Most of its cities are also strongly influenced by Islamic culture.

A cultural stay in Turkey would not be complete without a visit to sites such as the great Istanbul Bazard, a traditional market known to absorb a lot of local products. It is also the site of the famous Trojan war whose remains are still as fascinating. You can just visit the Blue Mosque which is a site of great tourist interest in Istanbul. If you visit Istanbul between June and July, then don't miss the international Festival of music in Istanbul. Many other events of the genus occur in the country throughout the year. There are for example International Festival of Ankara film which takes place in mid-March and the Antalya Film Festival which takes place in October. It cannot be put on the sidelines the Izmir international fair which takes place in September.

As mentioned above, the Turkey offers many tourist opportunities with one of the most striking is its coastline offering beautiful seaside stay possibilities. Whether you decide to visit the famous city of Antalya, Bodrum, or Ölüdeniz, you're sure to immerse yourself in frames made of soft landscapes rocked by coastal landscapes.

Finally, one cannot omit to mention the other major asset of the Turkey is the quality and the miscellany of its Spas and public baths. Some of the best are: Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamami, located in Istanbul and erected approximately five centuries. Cagaloglu, an another hamman famous Istanbul, Bursa Kervansaray Termal Otel Hamami, a hyper-modern spa located in Bursa, North-West of the Turkey.

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ile aux Cerfs, jewel of the island of Mauritius.

Deer Island is an island with typical and unspoilt charm inside the lagoon of Trou d'eau Douce is one of the most touristic places of Mauritius. Very popular place of Mauritians every weekend, this little corner of paradise is also stormed each day of the week by many tourists.

The island offers a picture postcard with its palm trees bordering beaches with white sand and translucent water. Everything is done to ensure visitors to the maximum of their day on place with restaurants, the sunbed for lounging a NAP and a time provides varied water sports.

Access to the ile aux cerfs for tourists as for the inhabitants of the island is in advanced Mauritius where they embark on fast boats or catamarans. It is possible to choose a Mauritius villa rental nearby or Trou d'eau Douce to take advantage of access to the island without difficulty...
Deer Island is covered with dense vegetation which gives it an air of Eden. No development there is practiced except the Touressrock golf! It is located off the coast of Trou d'eau Douce in the largest lagoon of Mauritius;
Formerly, the island was owned by the sugar company of Beau Rivage, and the ruins which remain are those of stables built for the cattle at the time.

The development of tourism in the mid-1970s gave new life to the Ile aux Cerfs. The just-caught fish, lobsters and delicious sea urchins are on the menu and participates in the legend of the Ile aux Cerfs. To enjoy spells of the lagoon of Trou d'eau Douce, nothing better than a House for rent Mauritius.

Since the mid-1980s there is a modernization of the sector which puts the island deer at a higher speed. Many water sports are available, beach restaurants are open, a permanent team was assigned to the island in the deer etc.. .all these ingredients have transformed the place in a magnificent treasure that quickly became the most visited site of Mauritius.

The ile aux Cerfs remains a key passage for all visitors of Mauritius and is responsive and unique tours and excursions for residents of hotels for those who prefer renting villas Mauritius.

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Organize a road trip with friends

The road trip appeared for the first time in the United States. It is a concept in which the car is not only a means of transport, but is a way of life. This type of travel is democratized more and appears as an attractive alternative for young people in search of adventures and discoveries.

The road trip is similar to a sensation of total freedom of movement. It facilitates the spontaneity of participants and offers a unique opportunity: discover a whole region in a short time, with little means. However, this type of stay requires a major organization and the complications are more numerous: failure of the vehicle, equipment of emergency etc.

The first thing to do is to choose the destination. Tourists often opt for the United States and in particular the American West and yet other places are worth a visit. For example, Asia is more and more talk about her. Viet Nam, Cambodia, the Thailand and all its islands are a paradise within the reach of every portfolio. The best solution is to determine in advance the starting point and the possible point of entry. Everything depends on what travelers expect from adventure. To decide the destination, some travel guides can be helpful to you. These reference sites and monuments to discover and allow to learn a little more about culture and local practices prior to landing.

After the choice of destination is completed, should start preparations properly. The passport for example must be valid throughout the period of the stay. Furthermore, going to the United States or Asia can require a visa whose amount varies depending on the country. In addition, if the travel request to cross several countries, then several visas may be required. And since it is a trip by car, it is better for the traveler to acquire an international driving permit. In addition, several roadmaps are essential to know the extent of the distances involved. We usually turn to the GPS but technical problems quickly arrived and find becomes quickly problematic.

Because the car is preferred conveyance, his choice will be crucial. Travel can be done in a caravan or converted van, but to blend in the mass, a standard car is more convenient. Some steps may ask to use other means of transport such as aircraft or boat. At this point, it may be interesting to consult travel first comparators. Once arrived at destination, travelers again lease a vehicle. Rental companies are often available loan of airports.

In addition, a full audit of his State is recommended. Bring a tent is also recommended for stops in middle of the night. However, it is possible to book hotel rooms, especially in the resorts and tourist areas.

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Creation of a common visa program computerized four ASEAN countries

Bagan Myanmar Burma Asia Travel 300x225 photoLes governments of Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines will collaborate on the creation of a joint program of computerized visa. The declaration of intent, which is to encourage travel and tourism flows, was signed by the four countries, on June 5, at the 22th Asian Forum for the global economy.

The project, which is shared by the Ministries of Tourism of the four governments is part of a broader initiative promoted by all countries of the Association of the Southeast Asian (ASEAN) there are two years.

As explained by the Indonesian Minister Mari Elka Pangestu, "tourism is a priority for the business community of the association, as well as the creation of integration between countries possible. "

The project, proposed for the first time at the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta in 2011, has already been validated between Thailand and Cambodia and will enter into force in four other countries in 2015. The initiative is particularly important in a country like Myanmar, where the military regime was in power until elections in 2011, controlled the influx of foreign visitors for years.

Hatay U Aung, Minister of Tourism of Burma, said the new policy asserted that "the purpose of the common visa eliminate bureaucratic barriers that discourage visitors to travel throughout the region. "He added that" this will be achieved by working closely with other governments. "

In a region where the tourism industry is a major driver of the economy, facilitating local movements could give a significant boost to each country and to promote the inflow of foreign capital.

The 'smart' visa was introduced in Australia in 1996. This is an electronic document that replaces the traditional visa may be issued by travel agencies or airlines.

As explained by the Secretary of Tourism of the Philippines, Ramon R. Jimenez Jr., "we try to make the best use of new technologies to reduce waste. "

Would you be tempted by this type of visa finally make it easier to visit several countries in South East Asia?

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Linguistic stay Australia

Want to discover the extraordinary landscapes of the Australia and relax at the other end of the world... And if you mêliez the useful to the pleasant leaving in linguistic stay in Australia? Whether you are professional or student, linguistic stay you can enjoy the attractions of the Australia while perfecting your English effectively and lastingly.

Starting study English in Sydney, you will be able to take the time to discover this dynamic metropolis. Largest city of Australia with its some 4 million people, Sydney is a cosmopolitan city renowned for its lively nightlife.

In addition to its magnificent Bay, the environs of Sydney are home to many natural parks as well as beautiful beaches. Bondy for example, moments away from your Spanish course school is a haven of peace and a great place to learn to surf.

Located on the East coast of the Australia and North Sydney, Brisbane will help you during your language travel experience Australian culture in a city on a human scale and in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Brisbane is also the perfect starting point to discover the most beautiful natural sites of the Australia: great barrier reef but also the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, of true tropical paradise with their sandy beaches and their sunshine year-round.

Depending on your needs and your desires, you will be able to choose the English training program that suits you best.

General English forms are presented in intensive version at the rate of 20 lessons per week, or mechanical version of 25 weekly lessons. Also discover the formulas in business English, very helpful to boost your career. You can also enjoy your language stay in Australia to prepare one of the English-language examinations recognized by recruiters and schools, such as IELTS or Cambridge examinations.

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Spend an unforgettable stay in Spain

The Spain, the land of bullfighters, parties and large beaches equipped, is a privileged holiday thanks to the variety of its landscapes. There among the European countries the more sunny with an average of 320 days of sunshine per year. In Spain, the nature is a real privilege: it is the third country in the world in number of spaces declared biosphere reserve. There are all forms of relief: Lakes, mountains, volcanoes, swamps, forests, rivers, valleys, cliffs...

Enjoy all the possibilities of relaxation offers you the sea: Sandy blond, family or sporty beaches, the nautical for surfing, windsurfing, boat trips, scuba diving in Majorca, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Ibiza, Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, La Palma, Costa de la Luz. Here you will find the best conditions for an unforgettable holiday at seaside. It remains to find a bungalow in Spain and the stay will be unforgettable.

Culture lovers can go back in time on the paths of history by visiting historic castles, medieval towns, imposing churches, for example the Church of the Holy Family in the city of Barcelona. In addition, they will discover the Hispanic traditions by participating in regional festivals. Throughout the year, the Spain offers a host of cultural and sporting venue.

In Spain, the sea and the mountains are close with each other, so you can enjoy the coastal ports and yacht clubs, the golf course, hiking, beautiful equestrian in Andalusia centres trails, or else take the paths of Santiago de Compostela medieval pilgrimage. There are 23 Spanish nautical stations, where you develop you customised holidays, especially if you're a sports fan. The Spain is also known as a country of golf, and leader of European tourism of this sport.

If you prefer a more active vacation, you can stay in a busy city where the atmosphere of discos will tell you how many people are awake and happy. During your holiday in Spain, do not forget to taste the local flavors, such as paella or tapas.

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Rental cottages Zaza Vieux Habitants

For your holidays in Guadeloupe, an idea for your accommodation:

Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visits to fragile, pristine and relatively undisturbed natural areas. It is in this context that Zaza deposits, which are located in the heart of the National Park of Guadeloupe, invite you to spend your holiday.

In Zaza, two main cottages can welcome you:

_ The Orchid cottage: with an area of more than 30 m², the cottage can accommodate 2-3 people maximum. Equipped with TV digital washing machine fridge, comfortable with a quarter of an hour of Basse-Terre.

_ Of coconut trees along the fine sands which give views of the Palm House. Roughly the same size and conditions than the Orchid, Palm also has the advantage of being surrounded by fruit trees.

Taking particularly to ensure that your stay is successful, Zaza offers to organize with you all the activities you want to do. Zaza will prepare the most beautiful hiking trails. A visit to the fall of Galleon, or a meeting of diving in the Cousteau reserve: in ilets Pigeons, if you also like canyoning; the visit of the Botanical Garden of Deshaies.

Zaza will also organize tours of artisanal rum plant, of transformations of cocoa or coffee, or visits to the churches of the old living.

The warm, aperitifs, good small dishes made by Zaza and Toni will haunt you during your holidays Guadeloupe. So do not hesitate, do some now your farm zaza reservations.

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Friday, 26 July 2013

The most charming of the Southern Alps ski resorts

The 2014 ski holiday you want more large stations all concrete, without charm! This winter, Yes, you want from the authentic, cosy, the friendly for your winter vacation, but how to make the right choice, choose which station?

The cheek of the Wolf, nicknamed "station wood.

Did you know why the ski resort the Joue du Loup in the Dévoluy Massif, was nicknamed the "wood station"?

It is its authentic architecture of small mountain village with its small cottages and residences family, ideal for holidaymakers who are looking for an idyllic setting for their ski holiday.

The cheek of the Wolf, we offer the most beautiful of our chalets, Les Chalets du Village Bois, which delight you with their charm as long as by their comfort and ideal location, close both to the ski slopes, and of the station and its animations.

The cheek of the Wolf, a living and lively resort

Speaking of animations, indeed, this is not because the cheek du Loup is a ski resort authentic and human scale are bored!

No, to the cheek of the Wolf, summer and winter you can enjoy many sports, fun, activities for little ones, for large...

Events there are also organised throughout the year, such as concerts, festivals, and "trendy bars" and nightclub settled there, which makes the Wolf plays a station alive and lively!

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Win a ticket to a value of € 500!

Hello everyone! Here your traveller servant Jacky! I made you a little note for you speak of a good travel plan.
Usually here I speak of my trips and my practical advice for your trips. However, here you have the opportunity and the chance to win a small airline ticket with a value of 500 euros with CuPonation (click to enter).
The modalities of participation are simple: just quickly explain where you would go if you win this competition and why (all in less than 140 characters). In addition, you will need to leave your mail to receive the CupoNation newsletter. Frankly, if it is to receive this kind of good plan travel, it worth really =)

Attention however, the contest has already begun since 13 June (yesterday), and will end in the vicinity of July 4, 2013. However, the date of participation can be extended if the contest meets success. So don't wait any longer and enter the contest for may be win your ticket worth up to 500 EUR!
CupoNation is a site that usually offers coupons for most of your favorite shops. Really very convenient if you are looking for a last minute discount!

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Stay on the Côte d'Azur

After the wet spring that the major part of the France comes to know, you have a craving, go on vacation in a destination where the Sun will be at the rendezvous! This falls well, the Côte d'Azur is ready to welcome you. This beautiful region in the South of the France is undoubtedly possible the sunniest of the hexagon. In July and August temperatures exceed 30 degrees and the Mediterranean becomes a haven of freshness which you want only to one thing: plunge!

The Côte d'Azur attracts outnumbered tourists who, every summer, come enjoy the beaches and the Sun. The Côte d'Azur, that the anglo-saxons call French Riviera, has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Many beaches so come to mind when mentioning this coast: beach of the English in Saint-Raphaël, l'estagnol in Bormes-les-Mimosas, the cicadas in Port Grimaud Beach, etc. These beaches have all one thing in common: a dreamlike natural setting and crystalline turquoise water that reminds us of the Caribbean...

The Côte d'Azur stretches in all and everything on for nearly 200 kilometers of coastline, between Bandol and Chin, last French city before the Italian border. This coastline may sometimes be very steep, with sublime cliffs falling sheer into the sea, which reminds and calanques de Cassis or Marseille, who are not parties of the Côte d'Azur...

Known to be one of the most popular tourist resorts in the world by the 'jet set', the Côte d'Azur is home to many world-famous cities, like Cannes, Nice or Monaco, independent Principality. You will find in each of these cities casinos and trendy shops, but the must, to glimpse the stars of cinema or the "show-biz", still the small village of Saint-Tropez, Marina welcomes every summer from many luxury yachts.

Around St. Tropez, Ramatuelle, Gassin, or even Cavalaire sur Mer cities are places of dreams to ask her suitcases and enjoy his holiday on the French Riviera.

Finally, further to the West, taking the direction of Toulon, you'll fall over Hyères, where you will have the opportunity to discover the wonderful peninsula of Giens Almanarre beach is nearly four kilometers long. At the end of this peninsula, a small Harbor features boats to liaise with the beautiful island of Porquerolles...

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Everyone knows the adage: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! How then tell a stay in the city of all possible? Ask your friends to return from Las Vegas and you'll get stories very summaries, kind "It was super", "I myself am well burst", "this city is crazy", "Has been the Festival for 3 days", etc. Few acknowledge with spent mad sums in casinos or participated in crazy nights, (except the beasts!) and a small number will tell you to be married "for fun", but without details!

Las Vegas Blvd South, from the top of the Eiffel Tower

I went twice to Las Vegas, and like everyone else I tell nothing of my stay for those who, encouraged by the offer of ebookers flight + stay, would go to to make inracontables memories, here are all the same tips for a great stay in Las Vegas, without breaking the Bank

It is not necessary to love legalized gambling to enjoy the villel' arrival in Las Vegas is an unforgettable, by road as by avionles Las Vegas surroundings are beautiful, rent a car and visit the environssi play you, set yourself a budget to not exceed under any pretext! if you're afraid of not being able to resist the lure of the gamehave on you that a small amount (about $50) and not credit card. Play, play, and go calmly to your hotel after have spent them! look at the luxury of all these hotels and casinos and deduct for yourself who are the winners of casino games! if you decide to get married in Las Vegas, do recognize your marriage to be valid in Switzerland or in France. Otherwise, it will remain a memory that will stay in Vegas! it has fabulous concerts and shows in Las Vegas, enjoy! it's pretty easy to get an "upgrade" in the hotels of Las Vegas. Show you persuasive and smiling, it will perhaps give you a fabulous suite without change in price! the best season to visit Las Vegas: May and June and from mid September to late October. In winter, the nights are cool and in midsummer, it is really too hot day. New York New York in Las Vegas

Valley of Fire State Park, only Nevada has only an hour from Las Vegas

Hotel Bellagio

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer vacation 2013: Les Suisses romands loyal to their favorite destinations

At, bookings for the summer holidays are in full swing. An analysis of the seaside holiday, stays-cities and only flights bookings made for summer 2013 on allows to know the destinations of choice for the French-speaking Swiss.

This summer, the top five seaside destinations for the Swiss is identical to that of last year: Antalya, the tourist resort situated on the Turkish Riviera, arrives at the top, followed by Majorque, which attracts a growing number of tourists seeking relaxation. It is not without reason: the beaches are magnificent, even very quiet following the part of the island. In addition, the hilly hinterland is a paradise for cyclists.


ES Caló to d'es Moro, Mallorca

* Seaside stays of the 01.07.2013 to the 31.08.2013

"The Swiss had already discovered the joys of a" Summer in the City "well before that Joe Cocker sings this title. '. This summer do not derogate from the rule and many users of will make short stays in trendy cities,"says Matthias Thürer, Director of marketing for ebookers Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

As last summer, many French have decided to leave to the discovery of Barcelona for a long weekend (flight + hotel). The beautiful Catalan city is an ideal summer destination. What other European metropolis can boast of offering to its immediate surroundings, from the sandy beaches of several kilometres?

Barcelona views of Tibidabo Park-© Gérard Gerona, CC on Flickr

London also has the wind in its sails since the British capital has progressed one place over 2012 and now talonne Barcelona. London is even the first place in the ranking of urban stays in German-speaking Switzerland.

* Stays-cities of the 01.07.2013 to the 31.08.2013

In terms of only flight reservations, Porto, second city of the Portugal, has this year dislodged Bangkok from first place. Right behind New York now rose to second. On average, travelers spend six days in the Big Apple, nearly twice as long as in European cities.


* Flights of the 01.07.2013 to the 31.08.2013

Destinations headlights of French-speaking Switzerland for summer 2013 include a large number of Iberian destinations. Indeed, the 15 destinations classified, not less than seven are located in Spain or the Portugal.


Palma de Mallorca

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Go on a journey with

The Platform offers tips to save money. Before any purchase on the internet, it is interesting to take a look at their site to find the best deals.

On the occasion of the Festival of the fathers, CupoNation makes us travel! I have not missed the opportunity to participate in their contest and the chance to win a ticket to a value of € 500. I wanted you to enjoy!

Make you soon on their site to answer the question "If you win this ticket, what will be your destination?" For what reasons?"

Personally I will choose a round trip to Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, my next target trip next year!

Expect you to try your luck in answering their question!

For my part it is done

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Go to Valencia in Spain

You want to spend a short stay in Valencia in Spain, but you do not speak a word of Spanish?
I have a good plan for you that will allow you to best holiday in Hispanic countries. I'm even a fan of this good plan, because I had the chance to do when I was still at college.
Admittedly, this is not exactly the same thing, but it comes back a bit the same. I advise you to get a small linguistic stay in Valencia. Valencia is a town in the East of the country. I already had the opportunity to go for a ride and I must say that it is really a nice city. I could not stay there long, because my real destination was further. The positives of a course are that they allow you to learn the language of the country in the country even while being able to visit what surrounds you.

This is good, right? The little extra, I find, is that being in the country to learn, you can more easily use what you have just learned to put into practice your lessons. It is the fastest way to make progress in the language. In fact, as you'll see signs, words transparent and many other things that you are going to quickly assimilate enough just walking. So, you'll more quickly vocabulary that people who learn Spanish while remaining in France. I me, as I you said, do a small course that allowed me to have a better level in Spanish while I already had a very good base. Due to visit the country is also still more to learn the language in order to understand everything. To eat well, because most of the small restaurants, the servers do not know speak English, then imagine not even hear them speak French. It is best therefore know what lies in his plate, so it must be able to read the card.

After well learning Spanish, feel free to do a little tour of Spain. Including in Valencia. I went to Andalusia for example, and I have to say that it is a wonderful place. I find that the Spain is really a beautiful country that dépaysage us completely. And then must also say that Spaniards are much more friendly with foreigners than the French. If you have the opportunity to go to Spain to learn Spanish, do not hesitate, it is really a very good plan. You will not be disappointed, quite to the contrary.

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Munich: The "secret capital of Germany" defies Berlin

Munich less than 60 minutes from the centre of the Switzerland? I figure it must be test it! Venue so on the tarmac at Bern/Belp, where the colourful company Skywork (possible reservation via ebookers) has launched its new daily connection with the Bavarian capital. Actually, less than an hour later, me here is posed in a few metro stops from my goal, and this at the end of a journey without the stress of major airports and with the amenities of a rather nice snack, and even an iPad ready for passengers, the time of flight (entertainment on board...)

Fly as if it were a private airplane!

Marienplatz appointment with my guide Helga. Since the time that she explores every nook and cranny, it knows all of his town, until statistics which make froth: "more than 6 million litres of beer - always! -200,000 pairs of sausages and 500,000 chickens!" What it therefore refers? At the overflowing Oktoberfest, obviously! Traditionally, these two weeks of binge drinking last from mid-September to the first days of the following month: Prost!

Hofbräuhaus, the temple of Munich beer.

Beyond the ethyl cliché, four times larger than Paris metropolis is also a rich cultural scene: more than 40 theatres, museums and countless publishing houses.

This summer, the Opera celebrates the 200th anniversary of Verdi and Wagner.

It also cultivates the art of divert its visitors between opulence and hardiness, avant-garde and conservatism, elegance and bawdiness. Thanks to its green spaces, Munich is never oppressive, despite its soon 1'400 ' 000 inhabitants. Probably also because in a few decades, the most popular were wisely abandoned pedestrian. This metamorphosis of the urban landscape started with the allocation of 1972 Olympic Games, games which have revived the local economy, annexing part BMW, Adidas and other Siemens.

BMW Welt, Munich temple dedicated to the beautiful bodies.

Munich also has its latin quarter - Schwabing - stronghold of students and institutions trend. Ready for a walk? So follow me in 65 seconds of video!

Like me, the visitor can limit its field of exploration areas mainly pedestrian and nearby Marienplatz, the nerve center with its two hotels in town. The most recent, neo-Gothic, aligns an amazing procession of automata (chime animation) and statufies officials. Older houses a touching selection of toys old, even if ZAM (Centre of unusual museums, Westenriederstraße 41) the bat in originality, with its collections of Easter bunnies, cars with pedals and other... Chamber pots.

In addition to museums, Munich has its "memorial" Jackson, improvised on the sidewalk!

But this week, everyone only talks about reopening after the Lenbach (on Königsplatz) Villa, architect Norman Foster added a most spectacular annex indoors and outdoors. Light setting for Munich artists of the past two centuries, especially those attached to the Blaue Reiter (blue rider), the artistic movement of expressionist inspiration inspired Klee and Kandinsky.

Magnificent stalactite in the lobby, just inaugurated.

Still need reminding that Munich has what fill lovers of baroque? Proud of its sumptuous high altar and painted ceiling, the Church of the Holy Spirit (Heiliggeistkirche) rivals that of St. Peter (Peterskirche, the oldest in the city) and the adorable Asamkirche, including frescoes, sculptures, gilding and stucco overload strives to deceive the eye.

It is not luxurious addresses that are lacking, to eat and drink (here: Hotel Bayerischerhof)

The pleasures of the palate are also those good mouth. To get your appetite, nothing beats an immersion at the Viktualienmarkt. THE Munich market created in 1807, still in the old town: shops and charming cottages dedicated to the products of the soil in the shade of a big greasy pole covered with joyful figurines. As I resisted the temptation to stuff me of delicious pretzels - stars of these permanent stalls - it is time to pass at the table. No, the card is not limited to the filling Knodel and variations of meats! Of course, Shanks or roast pork remain safe values, such as the stew served with grated horseradish, but we must at least try the Obatza, this sort of runny camembert mixed with butter or crushed with pepper, onion, salt, cumin and pepper: an invigorating formula that should allow me to deal calmly with the rest of the day!

A piano placed at disposal of passers-by music lovers. Testimony of the Bavarian "Gemütlichkeit"...

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