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Travel to Mongolia with Nomad Planet

Now it's done! You chose to go to Mongolia! But then how? With Nomad Planet, incoming Agency in Mongolia, we explain what you can expect.

First of all it is important to know that making such a trip requires some preparations. The Mongolia is indeed a country in full development. Rigid between the Russia and China, output from the Communist grip since the 1990s, the Mongolia opens gradually in the world. Including tourist facilities are few in this vast country where natural landscapes are dominant. Make a trip to Mongolia so it make a trip off the beaten path. This is travel from natural sites in natural sites and exploring of a country legendary history and where still continues the nomadic way of life. This is what we have pleasure to make you discover Nomad Planet.

Share unforgettable moments with the nomads

Nomad Planet, we want to make you discover the essence of the Mongolia, i.e. its nomadic people that we consider to be one of the greatest wealth of the country. Sleeping families of farmers and having the opportunity to share their daily lives, it is an entire ancestral culture that is offered to you. Trade with them will help you understand the beauty and simplicity of this ancestral lifestyle. As an actor of sustainable tourism, we have created a network of families partners has which we donate a portion of the revenues of tourism to contribute to the preservation of the nomadic way of life.

A team of field professionals to assist you in your journey

The Mongolia is in full development. Thus, road, health and tourism infrastructure are few. Travelled tracks mostly unsealed, Jeep trips are preferred. A stay in Mongol lands cannot be improvised so and requires the presence of a driver with solid knowledge of tracks to take and the mechanics of his vehicle. Another essential partner is the interpreter to understand encountered local populations and thus fully benefit from these exchanges. So, the Nomad Planet team is there to assist you in this great adventure: drivers and guides have knowledge deep and personal of Mongolian culture, particularly for being mobile themselves.

The breathtaking landscapes

The main images of the Mongolia in general, are the Green steppe, yurts and these horses grazing nearby. But the country has much more to offer. Desert sand, short of water, waterfall, cliffs, caves, mountains to the snow-capped mountains... West to East are kilometres getaways and nature reserves which follow, with your eyes still preserved traces of human nature. Our different tours allow you to make this discovery of sites all different and choose for yourself those you want to see by making us your ideal trip in Mongolia.

In summary, we give you the guarantee of a journey to the deepest of the Mongolia and its culture, meet nomadic families who will show you their lifestyle so special and to discover the most beautiful Mongolian natural sites. Then skip the step and discover the Mongolia closer to his people with Nomad Planet.

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A destination to discover in the Canada

I had talked about the year last in my article on Montreal that could not only travel lovers outside Europe, but also to discover other horizons and close to the universe.

Although the Canada is destination that few people do, you should know that it keeps its charm thanks to its history.

Museums and attractions not to be missed

With more than a score of museums to its assets, 5 theme parks and more than 30 historical sites to visit, Quebec is a city of choice not to be missed (see offer: package travel in Quebec).


Focus on museums not to be missed: Cyclorama of Jerusalem, Musée de la civilisation Musée du Fort, naval museum of Québec...

Focus on amusement parks to: Village Vacances Valcartier, Mega Parc of Galeries de la Capitale, challenges Fort fog and Amusements decay Factory Centre.

Visit the historical sites to discover: the Fortifications of Québec (national historic site), Citadel / Museum Royal 22e Régiment, the Windmill Grondines and La Chevrotière, the Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge and the plains of Abraham (Parc des Champs-de-Bataille).


Of course this is just an exhaustive list and may have forgotten some other places to visit, so I invite you to go on the side of thetourist office and find information.

For those who have already visited the city, why not share your experience in Quebec?

Must-haves in Quebec to make

Fortifications of Québec: enjoy exceptional views and walk between the walls.Go to old Quebec and sleep in the Château Frontenac in love (most photographed hotel on the planet).Go in the Place-Royale district and déambulés in the cobbled stone streets, discover the shops and the art galleries and restaurants.Montmorency Falls Park: a natural phenomenon gripping! The Montmorency has a height of more than 80 meters (30 metres higher than Niagara Falls)!Parliament Hill: at night, it is the perfect place to go at the Tourny fountain and take advantage of the time to take some pictures to two.
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The risks of the journey

Being passionate about travel is not without risk

Travel at the end of his dreams and worship places are part of the passions of many who would not like to travel without work or even travel throughout his life without worrying about the rest?

Almost everything the world and yet travel is not always without risk, indeed when travelling should always pay attention to the places or one realises and pay attention to its business, because it is really hard to trust a stranger in this way when we know not the city.


I still remember when I had traveled in Germany, a young market before me with his coffee in full gear and wanting to work around this issue, he has still managed to spill coffee on my jacket on my arrival at Berlin airport.

It was then proposed to wipe me the jacket, I then accepted.

At the moment or I removed my jacket, another young arrived at full-speed for take me my small suitcase and run with, wanting the caught up with the young who was on hand my jacket made me a crooked leg and vanished with my jacket.

Fortunately for me, my passport, my phone and my wallet were in my pockets, but when a girl, this is not necessarily obvious to put it all in his pockets.

Fortunately I still had my phone, it allowed me to find my hotel in Berlin.

I would, therefore, that this experience brings you something and it allows you to beware of everything in the future when you will travel.

You should know that there is no such thing as zero risk, so it is important when travelling to be always next to its business and to have a look on our steps.

Because without his small reflexes, whether you're passionate about travel, it will be difficult to travel safely and keep good memories.

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A weekend romantic in Manchester

A romantic weekend in Manchester, English culture of the 1980s, here we are!

Today we welcome a guest article written by Finn.

Leaving lovers in Manchester? You may say that this is surely not the most idyllic destination in the world and England... One would expect instead to discover Brighton two beachfront, the cry of gulls, blue sky... or well yet London which is a beautiful town with a charm and a crazy romantic. But breaking the clichés and leave to the discovery of Manchester for a weekend. I tested it for you and I came back enchanted!

For those of you who don't know much about Britain and its inevitable or through the football teams only, be aware that Manchester is a charming cultural town situated in the North-West of England. It is also a partner city of the ESL France, séjours linguistiques specialist body.

During the industrial revolution, Manchester sees his territory marked by the development of many factories, especially textile, and its highly charged image "dark and industrial city.

Today, capital of an agglomeration that has more than two million and a half inhabitants, of whom 450,000 established in Manchester, it is a very attractive city! Entrepreneurs like tourists are attracted by the revival of its planning, its rich culture... and nights animated, making this city the third most visited city in England.


Far from being fans football, but absolutely crazy music New wave sounding well 80's, my lover and I decided to browse the city of our idols The Smiths and Joy Division to find this "so british" atmosphere and this musical culture dark that we like so much. Time for a weekend, so we went to visit Manchester.

We had previously booked a hotel on Portland Street, the major axis which descends the street of the Picadilly station where we arrived. For less than £80 night with breakfast included, you will be positioned in the heart of the city, close to the gay area and Chinatown.

One of the best ways to discover Manchester is to walk the streets on foot. The centre is not very large, which allows all access without using the tram or bus.

Visit to Manchester:

This pretty town is full of museums in any kind, I will only remember the Museum of science and industry if you have a good half-day before you. It is a free museum that extends over several hangars and fascinating exhibitions (first aircraft, evolution of computing, industrial evolution of the city of Manchester, the steam engines, etc...).


From there, you will not be far from the John Rylands Library, which is a magnificent neo-Gothic library established in the town since the end of the 19th century. The architecture is to fall, it looks like at Hogwarts with Harry Potter not far... Not to be missed under any circumstances!

You can then visit the Cathedral in Manchester located in the medieval quarter of the city. It is surrounded by narrow streets filled with pubs and typical shops of the corner.

Finally, for lovers of fashion, you will find two major malls ' Trafford centre ' and " Arndale Centre ". With more than 500 stores, you will not know where to give head! However, if you are looking something a little more 'unique' to bring his stay in Manchester, forget under any circumstances the famous Afflecks Palace, a kind of underground labyrinth on several floors where intermingle in vintage shops, barbers fashionable punks tattooists, dinner at the American and deco urban Wizmo.

For aficionados of Camden Town in London, you will not be familiar! Big favorite for this place!

But unlike the three quarters of tourists, we had not come there for the " Old Trafford ", stadium of the famous Manchester United team. Non. We have come to follow in the footsteps of Ian Curtis and his band legendary Joy Division, as well as to snapping our heels (especially mine) on the cobbled streets that have views born Group The Smiths.

We therefore visited monuments cults of culture New Wave, including the Factory, first label of Joy Division and first place where they played, and the Salford lads Club found on the sleeve of the album The Queen is dead by The Smiths.

Come to Manchester for music so, we finished our evening at the bend of a jazz bar where a group of Jazz Manouche played wonderfully well.

Manchester City, which is perhaps not idyllic at first, turns quickly into a good memory when you leave. We approached a culture weekend time, a language, a past charge in history. A curious weekend I keep in mind and that lulls me every day.

This city is full of wealth and is also ideal for learning English. Being a student city, many foreigners are everywhere and it is a major asset to chat in English and learn other languages in order to open up to the world. Then without hesitation, you can go to Manchester with eyes closed in order to make a nice language travel in England in love or just the time a small romantic weekend.

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What to do in Croatia in love?

We are a young couple and we wish to spend a memorable holiday in love. After many research, our destination focused on Croatia - a country in southern Europe - and particularly its capital Zagreb located to the Northwest of the country.

Our trip to Croatia is idyllic, worthy of a honeymoon. This is why our choice is oriented on Zagreb, a romantic city wish. Divided into three areas - the upper town, the lower town and the new town - it offers to the tourists of the heterogeneous attractions.

In addition to its majestic monuments such as the Gothic Cathedral, the Franciscan church Gothic Saint-François with a single nave, the Romanesque-Gothic church of St. mark, the emblematic Lotrscak Tower, the Palace of the Croatian Academy of sciences and arts, the capital is also the happiness of art lovers thanks to its museums presenting the rich historical heritage of the city and works of art from around the world.

To make our stay perfect, we developed a program to fade the most fervent supporters of romanticism.

First of all, we opted for the hotel five star Esplanade Regent (rated the best Internet users) with styling years 20, rooms spacious and nicely furnished, its Mediterranean and dishes in Californian style, its cocktails and snacks so that its sauna, fitness centre, spa, wellness centre and its whirlpool. Nothing that to see the photographs of the hotel, this gives already very fancy... What do you think?


All two enthusiasts of culture, history, art and architecture, our trip to lovers will begin with a walk at night in the heart of the old Zagreb, in the magic of the upper town, perched on a hill, Gorjni Grad: a Montmartre to the tunes of Prague with the tranquillity of a village.

Although we prefer stories that last and the "happy ends", we then want to visit the atypical and unique Museum of hearts breezes exposing memories and testimonies of love stories of the world.

Our next step is located in the southwestern part of the city where two lakes formed by the Sava River so-called Jarun having five islands connected by bridges and are surrounded by 2500 meters of sunny beaches.

Worshiping both animals, I believe that we will be to the angels in this heavenly haven of peace. Indeed, this place is home to hundreds of species of birds and fish, aquatic animals and insects: there was not more to our happiness. Those wishing to also have the opportunity to swim, to canoeing and kayaking or rowing, knowing that lifeguards shall constantly on bathers.

The Catholic Cathedral St. Stephen built in the eleventh century and located in the upper town, in the heart of the District of Kaptol, will be our next destination. We love to discover the architecture of places of worship. Probably we also visit different churches in Zagreb.


Art is also one of our chemistry, our choice for the rest of the adventure naturally fell on the Museum of Art naive comprising more than 1500 works, the exhibition presenting the masters of naïve art from Croatia and the world such as Ivan Generalic, Adriana Fejes and Ivan Rabuzin.

To keep a part of mystery, we prefer to improvise on the spot in relation to our other discoveries... Will they be - no doubt - also delicious that the succulent don't we reserve the hotel of our hearts...

If like us you're going to trip, we wish you unforgettable moments...

"Stay, it does exist: but travelling is live. '' Gustave Nadaud

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Martinique for lovers

If you have any, or you want to read the beginning of the article, it is located at this address:

It is said that in general, a single article is not enough then why not you give more details in a second article on this subject? Especially since it was an article to spark your interest, but it would seem that it has not received the expected result.

It is for this reason that said us that we will try to give a little more detail in this article this time.

Among it, diving, walking by the sea, but also the culinary specialties that dépaysent really what there used to eat here in France. Or the two volcanic massifs of the island Mount Pelée and Carbet bluff!

If you remember so much the better, otherwise it's time to find out!

That is what might say you other? Visit the St. Louis Cathedral and the Schoelcher library, this may seem annoying, but there is what to do!

Then drive the track that runs through the rainforest or the garden of Balada, of course it is better to go through a car to visit the island from one end to the other then if you have the opportunity to go through the rental car, you can always take a look on or by calling a local who may be able to offer its services.

After all this, why not just go on the beaches that lie more in the South of the island? This will be the opportunity for you to go to the Pointe du Diable for surfing, practicing and feel the waves with the wind or to take some surfing lessons?

Finally, do not miss the beaches of les Salines, known to be the most beautiful beach of the island, she seduces by its clear waters, its expanse of white sand and coconut trees.

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Deauville: City of elegance and chic

If one were to cite that one city that is the true representative of the chic in France, it would be Deauville. Activity center of fashion, art, history and riding in almost all its forms, this city is part of the Calvados, in Normandy.

Indeed, our very famous and envied revolutionary Coco Chanel opened one of its first stores in Deauville, this city where exhibitions, equestrian events, and concerts occur (almost) as fast as lightning and not alike! You can stay in one of the hotels in Deauville, to take full advantage of the activities available for a few days of relaxation. But you might want some more details?

Deauville has long attracted many creators in all genres, including fashion designers, with top list our famous Coco Chanel, who opened his second store in 1913, at Deauville, whose sign was at the time Gabrielle Chanel, and, thanks to the good works of his British lover, Boy Capel (there them still a utility to these men...!)
Then, to do homage to all those spirits flowing ideas unique and inimitable, the city of Deauville organizes a few Saturdays in the year guided tours on some of these creators.

Deauville is particularly active at the level of events, exhibitions, festivals, etc.
To cite just two examples, one can speak of the Easter Festival, which begins April 27, the most famous in Europe one of the festivals of Chamber music; or the American Film Festival, from 30 August to 8 September, whose purpose is to promote independent films American in Europe, festival that exists all the same since 1975, and annually presents about 100 films, in the presence of stars and directors! It is as in Cannes, the climate in less...
According connoisseurs, it is an art also, so I have to mention also the 55th edition of the World Festival... the Bridge!

Deauville and its region are obviously known for their proximity with the unfortunately famous d-day beaches, but there are many other points of attraction than these morbid and respectable remnants of the second world war which cost us both.
For example, the Villa Strassburger, characteristic villa Belle Epoque originally command of baron Rothschild, erected in 1907, at the location of the hill farm, formerly owned by the writer Gustave Flaubert.

City of horses

Well Yes, in this city it is almost literally breathes the chic and class, horses, these animals of perfect beauty and the infinite goodness we wear and pretend to obey us according to our whims, have a prominent place. Can be accessed in many competitions of jumping, dressage, aerobatic or polo matches at auctions (where it is quite normal to sell a foal of a year more expensive than your salary of 10 years... What do you want, the luxury is not deemed to be cheap!), not to mention the very famous horseracing DeauvilleAll renowned for its horses only for its... hats! Moreover, Pole horse International, Deauville will be part of the reception area of the next World Equestrian Games in 2014.

City of regime... or not

In fact, it depends on what you call plan. In the strict sense of the term, a diet is not necessarily low-calorie, so we can talk about the Norman regime... which, by dint of creams and butters, is anything but Dietetics, believe me (and for the beach is better)!

Here for a course more than brief introduction the comprehensive inventory of the possibilities at Deauville taking pages just for the next six months. You'll find what to do in this city, certainly luxurious, but charming non...? In any case, you will come back lighter... Finally, especially your wallet! But you only live once, is not it?

About the author:Amélie Michel is passionate about since his childhood by horses, and it was quite natural for her to make her career. Today, it is parts of the organizing teams of the Hippodrome de Deauville.

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Travel to two New York

Two trips are often what there is richer in a relationship and that is why we decided since the launch of the blog to tell you about our experiences, but also the experience of other couples travelling together.

And it must be said that by dint of travel and compare prices with liligo, trying to find places that will please us but who could also give you the idea to travel to two.

For this we decided to focus this time on the USA and especially New York.

Although the United States include 50 States, it must be said that we already had our little preference if the opportunity arises to travel to the USA. No doubt, this would be New York and Florida.

Why? Quite simply because we have known charm of New York through several shows including: Sex and the city, Gossip girl, Ugly Betty, the Experts: Manhattan, Friends or even a nanny! Do not tell us that you have not known all these series? Whenever I read an article on New York or a blog post on this subject, I found the episode and the time or is the characters in the picture of the other.

A flight to New York would be really conducive to discover everything that one might see on television including the different areas of Brooklyn or manhattan, Times Square, the Empire State Building & Top Of the Rock, Central Park, SOHO, the Statue of liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, etc.

Although we would like to travel to the United States and first in New York, you should know that New York is not the only city that will appeal to lovers, it seems that Chicago (with the Lake Michigan or Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park) and Florida (Miami Beach, Orlando) are also what make the difference or the Bahamas...

If you know more about these different States, don't hesitate to share them in the comments, because it is what you would have heard of our friends about.

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See and do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the cities to absolutely not missed in the absolute especially if you plan on travelling to Hollywood soon? So, here's what might await you after your flight to Los Angeles and once on site (find our suggestions).

Visit the Walk of Fame of Hollywood, this is where you will find the footprint of your favorite stars, this is also where you can make nice photo!

For a

Then once having visited this star boulevard, why not visit on the side of Beverly Hills? This will be your opportunity to remember this famous series with Branda and Brandon.

Why not then go to Santa Monica? Well yes it is neither more nor less in the city of Los Angeles and it is blessed with beautiful beaches compared to other cities that we were able to present until today.

You can then choose between Santa Monica and Venice Beach, it will be two choice of qualities that remember you well enough series American, without forgetting that the rides in roller and in particular with the little shorts and small shirt knotted until the bellybuttons (it is here that this is happening).

Need a shopping session? Rodeo Drive is a shopping street in Beverly Hills, Calif., internationally renowned for its luxury shops and known as being one of the most expensive in the world.

A few minutes from Los Angeles is also the famous Disney Land Park! It seems that two days are not enough to do so completely as in Paris, but at least a week, well Yes Americans have seen big and then it is normal, a little there where it is the most known and deemed.

In short, Los Angeles is full of many other good places like the Farmers Market, Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo Drive... and you have some good addresses?

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Leaving lovers in Spain

Focus on the city of Barcelona

Well known to be a festive and lively city Barcelona, it is full also its share of things to visit and make love.

The ideal being to remain a good week in Barcelona, for this there is no secret, if you went in lovers prefer the hotel or apartment rental in Barcelona, nothing better for a minimum of privacy.


Starting with the Plaza Catalunya just up Las Ramblas is a lovely fountain, perfect for a stroll at night for example starting with a small meal or picnic on the beach (at the bottom of the Ramblas where the statue of Christopher Columbus) and ending with upwelling avenue and arrival on the plaza Catalunya.

The next morning why not to get to the Sagrada Familia ? It is of course the attraction of Barcelona with more than 3 million visitors for the year, the work being carried out during the lifetime ofAntoni Gaudí (remember his name, you'll hear about him in many other occasions) then direction Güell Park or even the Ciutadella Park to finish the afternoon in beauty, you'll then the choice of you rest or to rent pedal boats and go to the Lake with your companion.

Another day why not climb on the Montjuïc hill where the castle of Montjuïc, you will have stunning views of the Harbour and the old town.

Going back down, why step sit on the beach or around the Ramblas to eat a good paella or Tapas on the beach?

And Madrid, Seville and company?

The Spain is also filled with many popular cities to do in love, side accommodation I invite you to view a selection of apartments in Europe especially for Madrid (there is to: Parque del Buen Retiro, Museo del Jamón, Museum Prado etc) or Seville and you learn more in a future article it is for it that I do not mention you immediately.

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The top 5 things to do in Marrakech

5 places not to miss in Marrakech

A mix between tradition and the modern era, Marrakech is a city to visit two for several reasons: discover the food, know the traditions and cultures and enjoy the Sun.

Indeed, the city offers a wide variety of choice hotel in Marrakech but space to relax with including spas, steam rooms and massages priced more that competitive, you simply compare prices pay in Europe and countries pay in the West.


Waiting to tell you more, here are the top 5 things that we suggest you to do in Marrakech:

The visit of the Saadian tombs is one of the only vestiges remaining of the Saadian dynasty which ruled the old gold in Marrakech.The Bahia Palace : a wonder if you could say, even though history says it was a gift from the grand vizier for his favorite among his 80 official concubines, they offer many views of small gardens interiors and fountains, are spread out on nearly 10 hectares.The medina and the souks : they are full of objects of all kinds and their arrangement that could you messy look is in reality a work neat and organizedthe Jemaa-el-Fna square : charming snakes, markets, foods, tatoueuses, you'll see a lot of things to do and when it will be night, itinerant restaurants guarantee an animation out of the ordinary.Basin of Menara: is one of the few places in Marrakech where lovers can meet quietly


What you need to know in Marrakech

Marrakech is well known to be a city where to do minimal attention, like many other cities and I talk about in my article on the risks associated with travel.

Either you stand by distance from which you beg to go in their stores or in their cafes/restaurants and merchants that offer you to drink or eat, you will be held subsequently that you are asked to order dining...

Travel not only do not let your only companion, it is best to accompany him anywhere or it will go to prevent possible harassment (not it worth than cure?)

Finally, be careful when you go in places with strong inflows as the medina or the Jemaa-el-Fna square.

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A weekend of history at Carcassonne

If you do not have enough time to take real vacations, or maybe not the means, it is an opportunity to simply go on a weekend. which does not mean that you need to bother you! A perfect destination is Carcassonne, with its more than appealing weather (especially with the extremely unfortunate time we had this winter, a little sun would not hurt) and its concentration of possible historical tours. From the medieval city, the Castle, until the various museums or even the Basilica, each history buff can be found in this southwestern city for a little corner of paradise, where just to stay in one of the hotels in Carcassonne, this catarrh, as base for recover you from your excursions in time and space.

It is in Carcassonne that intersect two existing communication channels since antiquity, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, and the Massif Central to the Spain. The city consists of two distinct parts; the city, which is a plateau on the right bank of the Aude, with the St Louis Bastide which extends on the left bank, and the old quarter of la Trivalle with its famous old bridge.

The city of Carcassonne is first and foremost a medieval city fortified and built on a rocky spur already occupied by humans in the 6th century in the form of a Gallic habitat. I.e., if it has the bottle!
On the West side, we find the very interesting Castle of the Viscounts of Carcassonne, the of Trencavel.
But there are many more things to see in this medieval city, such as the St Nazaire Basilica, already partly standing in 925, the door narbonensis, the gate of dawn, or even the Théâtre de la Cité, heart of its famous festival.

On the opposite bank (for the stunned, spoken of the right bank!) stands the Bastide St Louis, jewel of the current town, and bounded by the boulevards landscaped in the 18th and 19th centuries on the site of the former fortified ditches. The various measures of defenses of the city over time led to the construction of 4-door to the four cardinal points. This "bastide" presents a regular checkerboard plan centered on the Carnot square with its famous fountain of Neptune (1770), instead of the Carcassonne market on Saturday morning.

Without going far away from the city itself, greenery and/or kilometres walk, lovers can certainly find their account. You will discover the Canal du Midi as you walk along its banks on foot or by bike, or even on a boat rental. Or, you can browse, on foot, by bike or, why not, on horseback, in part and or in full (or even downright make a round trip if you don't really know what to do with your legs) trail Peiras e vinhas leading you hills of the city, to the Abbey of St Hilaire, journeying part and of the Valley of the Lauquet.
In all cases, you will have the leisure to discover and appreciate a fauna and flora of exception.

If it should be only one reason to love the France, it would be for his ability to have a unique gastronomy in its kind in what region is important to me, and Carcassonne does not escape this rule. At the crossroads of the culinary influences of the Mediterranean with its fish, shellfish and crustaceans, the Massif Central (cured meats, game, trout) and opulent Gascony with its famous foie gras and confits, Carcassonne offers the pleasant opportunity to hand you your tribulations in nature or historical tours. Imagine that there is even in this city, in the heart of the triangle Toulouse-Montpellier-Barcelona, a universal Academy of the Cassoulet!

About the author: Student, Master of medieval history, Jean-Baptiste Drouot found its base of dream in Carcassonne. Student during the year academic and tourist guide in the summer, it fully utilizes his passion in sharing.

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Organize his visit of Tolar Grande in Argentina

In a previous post I had already mentioned the destination of Tolar Grande, which is located in the region of Salta. Since then, I have received quite a few requests for information on this trip not to be missed on a trip to Argentina. And for good reason, it is a little jungle tour operators to get there.

First of all, I would warn anyone who wants to get there on their own. It is an isolated and destination at an altitude of more than 4600 meters above sea level and located several hours drive from Salta. Communications by mobile phones are nonexistent in this village, except with a GPS phone. There are no reported roads or signs of movement to go to Tolar Grande. It is to the track across sand dunes. It is not more, hell to go there but you must be careful not get lost or end up blocking in this desert both the passages of cars are scarce.

Here you are well advanced that I present to you a destination with landscapes of dreams and whose access is very limited. Don't worry, there are a lot of agencies on Salta which offers this unforgettable output. The problem is that prices vary greatly from one provider to another. By the way check the displayed currency type. Some display it in dollars (USD) and others in Argentine pesos (ARS). Personally we had chosen the Agency oneromwolrdtravel to Tolar Grande, it was the least expensive and the most 'responsible tourism'. It is a local agency that use a driver and a guide living in this village and reverse a portion of the funds for the development of the village. The price has risen lately to 1200 pesos for an output of 3 days / 2 nights in this area. It includes a go / return of San Antonio Los Cobres - Tolar Grande and the night in a refuge or homestay. During these 3 days we discover exceptional sites such as Ojos del mar, the Salar of Arizaro, Agua Calientes...

This output is to plan long in advance because the departures are not every day. Only disadvantages of the Oneromworldtravel Agency, they do not speak French and ask a deposit via Western Union which is not very well known to French. But it would be a shame to deprive themselves of these fabulous scenery during your trip to Argentina.

While either by the agency or another, go ahead and feel free to leave me a comment at the bottom of page for or me ask me for info or to tell your experience!

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Go to the South of france: Corsica

Leave in Corsica during summer holidays is a lighthouse for the French loving going on family vacations. For those who have modest incomes, Corsica is really a place to go at least once. Even for those who have incomes higher, Corsica is the place to be.

I could go there some time ago with my friends, and I was able to visit places such as beaches or even small villages Corsican with lots of charm. There are lots of things to see in Corsica. You can go there with friends and sunbathe in the Sun on the Corsican beaches or even make a small trip to lovers to enjoy beautiful landscapes and everything that one can find the bottom. For example, you can taste the gastronomy of the region. There are plenty of products to try Corsican. If you go there by lovers, this is the right opportunity to a small romantic dinner in head to head and followed by a stroll along the beaches.  If you're rather cultural you can also visit all the museums that can be found in Corsica. It is best to choose in advance the museums that you want to see because there are many. You can find lists on the internet if you wish.
Then you can also go see, the most touristic places around. There are for example: the cliffs of Bonifacio, the gorges de la Restonica or even the famous calanques. I was able to go there with my half, had taken a small charming hotel room not very far from a beach. This allowed us to be able to rely on the beach at night. I had the impression of a fairy with my half account. It was really good holiday. Then there was visit the Corsican villages that my uncle had advised me to go and see. It was really cute. Then, I have bask me in the Sun on the beaches. If I can give you an advice, please feel free to go there during a summer vacation.

It is still much more enjoyable to go there when there is sunlight. Feel free to go on a trip to Corsica. There is no need to go to the other side of the world for very good holiday with his friends or his half.

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Costa Rica - Between nature and mass tourism

My name is Vincent Varenne, I am the author of the Green Costa Rica blog. To introduce you to Costa Rica in a few words, know that this is first and foremost a nature destination with a flora and beautiful to discover at least once in his life.

I like to describe this country by its diversity, with its large volcanic chain that crosses the territory and its 116 volcanoes, of which 5 still in activity as the Poas Volcano. But it is also a very dense tropical rainforest, large beaches of black sand, many national parks distributed throughout the country... A priceless treasure for lovers of nature!

Still need to choose the right season to come and visit this beautiful country, as tourism develops in more recent years. Costa Rica welcomes more than 2 million visitors per year, largely American, Canadian and European. Everything is done for tourism here, it has even become the first source of income for the country before the coffee and bananas. So, how to enjoy the charms of the Costa Rica without the inconvenience of the tourist flow?

Well, it's pretty simple, and this will avoid much disappointment and you will make savings, believe me. Because in high season, i.e. from December 15 to April 15, the prices double almost over the off-season, either for business or for hotels. I advise you therefore to come either late April - early may, in November or early December: these are the best two periods in my opinion because it is in low season and in parallel, or just before or after the rainy season.


But even if you come during the rainy season, contrary to everything that can be said, it will enjoy a true and beautiful vegetation of a bright green and bright, beautiful, and not land extremely dry. I personally find much prettier nature like this. And during the rainy season, it's very nice in the morning, so you can benefit fully from 5 o'clock in the morning at 13 or 14 hours under a bright sun.

With passion and objectivity, I share every day my experience of the country with many readers, whether they are passenger or that they wish to settle in Costa Rica, and as if I gave advice to a friend. Then, if it makes you want, come join me in this incredible adventure of Costa Rica, directly on the Green Costa Rica blog. I will help you to organize your trip with pleasure!

Costa Rica is a destination I discovered 2 years ago, after a romantic encounter with Melissa, a Costa Rican with whom I am now married. I am very happy to live in the Sun even if, as in any country, there are drawbacks here, too. But life remains very nice and my adventure gave birth to my new book: happy in the Sun - the guide practice to succeed its installation in Costa Rica. To discover!

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Peru, a country that changed europe

The Peru is a destination that is not all, and this is still a pity, because this country has all the qualities required to enjoy a great holiday.
I love the exotic countries, which allow to see something other than what we can see in places like New York, Los Angeles or even Tokyo. I love to see other civilizations. If you like the thrill and make voyages other than ordinary trips I advise you to get a small trekking to the Peru.
There are plenty of places to do trekking in this wonderful place. You do not know what is trekking? It is in fact a kind hiking in a mountainous region. It's a way to be more closely and be in contact with nature.

I think if you want to change in your travels abroad, this is exactly what you should do. But you can also do trekking in France, just find places to make. Sleeping under the stars and really the best way, I think, to spend the holidays with friends and even lovers. You can also do not do trekking all the time. Indeed there is civilization also to the Peru, so you can make a break in your hiking and go enjoy the magnificent scenery of cities. You can also taste to the traditions of the country. You will be amazed at the beauty of landscapes, but also in the taste of regional products of the country. About trekking, you can easily see the beauty of the surroundings. With trekking, you can also access and be able to enjoy a famous and very beautiful place which is Machu Picchu. This place really is the place to see once in a lifetime, I find. It is a truly magical place, if you go to the Peru, you really do have to miss this place. In the places to see also out there, there are for example: Lima, the beautiful capital of the Peru, make a small walk on Lake Titicaca, or even the lines of Nazca and Trujillo and the ruins of Chan Chan, located north of the country.

I really advise you to go to the Peru if you want to do trekking and return home with stars in their eyes, landscapes are really extraordinary and there are really a lot of things to see, visit and discover. Come and discover the Peru, you will not be disappointed, I can assure you. You will come back at you with eyes full memories, full bag and full of things to tell your friends.

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5 walks outside Manhattan

New York, it of course is Times Square, the statue of liberty and the Empire State Building! But New York is above all a city of a thousand facets that deserve to be discovered! In my blog curiosities and trivia in NY, I walk at the New York choice of my outings and here I propose some walks to discover a New York and less touristy surroundings.

The disused industrial area of Bushwick is becoming the Mecca of Street Art and the most renowned artists come to speak! What are the surroundings of Morgan and Jefferson stations on the L line (at 15 Union Square) you will need to explore on a priority basis. Here you will find an overview!

This small neighborhood in Brooklyn which is located south of Carroll Gardens is not easily accessible and is allowing it to keep its charm! However, the weekend, shuttle Ikea which leaves Financial District you y take for free. Red Hook animation focuses on the docks and Van Brunt Street. Good ride!

I am often asked how do I support the noise and the bustle of New York. It's easy, on weekends, I am quiet places, away from the crowd of Manhattan. And what's better than a graveyard to find calm? Green-wood is really very nice and enjoyed in addition to stunning views of Manhattan.

An hour's train is only needed to arrive in Beacon, charming small village on the banks of the Hudson River. This is also where you will find a large centre of contemporary art, DIA: Beacon, installed in a former printing plant. The expedition is really worth a visit!

You are in New York City in the summer and in sweltering visits have exhausted you? Why not enjoy a beautiful beach away from the concrete of Manhattan day? You have deserved it well! Fire Island, a small strip of land south of Long Island is my favourite destination. I chose the very wild Watch Hill, plan the picnic!

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Barcelona, unique city, unique hotel

Barcelona is a city that radiates all over the world because of its climate, its heritage and its football team, legendary Barca.
Is left on a trip, whatever ' purpose, is the assurance of spend a moment both festive and cultural, entertaining and magical. To top it all, the nicer is to give sentencing to find an original hotel in Barcelona. To do this, there are many ways out of the beaten paths of large hotel chains. You can do like me and browse at your leisure travellers blogs that do not hesitate to share their discoveries. Using Internet, the comparators of hotels are also of very good means of identifying places at your disposal then you use customer feedback to detect most original hotel or that will be best for the design that you you make a few days in Barcelona.

I have to say that tourism in Barcelona is a sacred program both the city, which is world-class already since the universal exhibition in 1929, offers of places to discover. On-site, you can start with the Sagrada Familia, a huge Basilica to the completely unique architectural style. It is the most visited place of Spain, ahead even of the Prado Museum.
The Cathedral Sainte-Eulalie, a Gothic Cathedral, is equally impressive and is the most significant monument of the Barri Gothic quarter, the neighborhood of Gothic architecture of the city and no doubt one that I prefer. Las Ramblas is the most appreciated instead of walk of the city. Shops lining, as well as the Boqueria market and the tourists are numerous. Avenue leads to the old Port of the city where you can also find the Columbus column. Barcelona, is also the mix of genres with this incredible Torre Agbar, a tower composed of 4 400 Windows and covered by a dense network of LED to unique illuminations. This structure runs for example the Parc Güell which is inscribed in the world heritage of Unesco. Another temple of renowned international in Barcelona, Camp Nou. Football fans will understand.

Barcelona is therefore a fascinating city to discover both it reflects faces. She deserves that you take the time to search through the comparators of the most original hotels to complete your trip.

Useful link: Consulate of France in Barcelona.

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Around the world of the Poker tables!

Play online poker not enough more? Do you dream of doing a tour of the world of casinos to breathe the incredible atmosphere of the finest game rooms and attend the most prestigious tournaments of poker of the planet? Here are eight tourist destinations to enjoy your passion for the game and circumnavigate the world while enjoying playing poker:

Our poker world tour begins at the start of the Principality of Monaco. Mythical place for enthusiasts of poker history, the famous and luxurious Casino de Monte Carlo every year hosts the final of the European Poker Tour.

Second stage of your tour of the world of casinos, Barcelona offers a mixture of culture, good kitchen, Sun and poker. Indeed, El Casino de Barcelona welcomes each year EFA and offers a superb choice of tables of poker and other card games.

Known as the Las Vegas of the East, Atlantic City is the first U.S. stage of your tour of the world of poker. Located just two hours from New York, the city is famous for its beaches, its nightlife and many parts of poker that are organized every day. But before go you on these famous tables, train online you on partypoker, a must-see games.

Las Vegas is no doubt step lighthouse from a trip around the world on the topic of poker. With more than 32 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and many other establishments in the surrounding streets, Sin City remains the undisputed capital of gambling.

Ancient milestone of the Latin American Poker Tour, San Jose is a must-see destination for globetrotters passionate poker. Indeed, the capital of Costa Rica welcomes the majority of casinos in the country.

Our tour of the world of poker rooms continues in Melbourne. Welcoming each year the Aussie Millions, the largest festival of poker of Australia, Melbourne's Crown Casino boasts the largest room of the planet game after Las Vegas.

Often nicknamed 'the hell of the game', Macao is the Asian - and the more exotic - your tour of the world of poker. Its casinos and game rooms attract many stars of poker venues worldwide, including on the occasion of the Asian Pacific Poker Tour.

Our poker rooms world tour ends in Europe, in San Remo. As one of the steps of the EFA, the Italian resort offers everything a poker enthusiast needs for a dream vacation: sea, Sun and a superb casino.

And you, what tables you would please the most to reconcile travel and poker?

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Council tour of the year: China

I'm a fan of Asian culture, so I wanted to take a ride in my favorite Asian country. Since a little while I decided to make me a 'Asian Trip' but I didn't have the time or money to do so.
At the moment, I am on vacation, and I managed to raise enough money to make me this little tour of Asia. First, I'll make a small trip to China. China is a great country and therefore, the monuments to visit are many. I wanted, first of all visit the famous wall of China which is known all over the world, because many of the scenes in the world of cinema has used this place. Which gave me want to visit this wall, that is the beauty of the landscape and of course to be in a place where many movies have been filmed.
It is always a pleasure to be there where famous people have made their appearance. I've been wanting to visit the forbidden city, it is an imperial palace which is really worth to be visited. Many of my friends who have had the chance to make a short stay in China have advised me this place. I also want to see the great Buddha of Leshan and the summer palace that me look really beautiful. I could also not miss Hong Kong which is a city that everyone knows. I really want to be able to do some shopping in a city as nice. I have friends everywhere in the world and therefore also in China. Trip there will allow me to be able to visit them. So it's interesting, because I could improve my English with them. Also, a friend advised me to try Tai chi.

You can easily practise in parks throughout the country. There is so much to see that it is almost impossible for any quote them in a single article. Going to China, I want to be able to taste the real Asian food. Of course, can be found in France in Chinese restaurants, but it's always better when on the outside frame that goes with. I would also like to see how the people of this country live on a daily basis. It is really different from us according to what I understand, that is why it puzzles me.

I therefore wish to go one day in China, because you can be sure that disorient you and you will have great difficulty to go home. It is really an extraordinary place. Do not hesitate, if you have the opportunity, go to China, you won't regret it.

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Visit Santander in Spain

I take this bridge of Ascension to write this article about the city of Santander in Spain. I had the opportunity to visit the region of Cantabria last year and the time I was missing for detailing you my stay.

Located on the Cantabrian coast north of the land of the Spain, Santander I was pleasantly surprised by its charm and its Bay ranked among the most beautiful bays of the world.

Built in 1912 the Palace was intended for the royal couple Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eurgenia. Today it serves as the palais des Congrès and is open to the public. Access is completely free, which is quite rare for a royal domain. Also, we enjoyed this visit to discover the 28 hectare park which adjoins the Magdalena Palace and houses a small zoo (seals, swans, penguins, ducks..). A trip not to be missed!

This church with its particular style Gothic has been rebuilt many times during its history but remains a magnificent book. It can be visited free of charge every day and (also free) guided tours are offered throughout the summer at 10: 00.

Located a short walk from my hotel (that I also found on this site), this building is the hub of the city. The Porticada square includes shops, cafés, restaurants and of course the Town Hall. There are also all bus lines.

For lovers of games of chance, don't miss the casino of Santander. It is located on the beach "del Sardinero" and accessible all days for adults. Personally I'm not a big fan of casinos, but I must recognize that the architecture of "Gran Casino del Sardinero" and its geographical location makes it unavoidable.

As you may realize, Santander is still unknown and is full of interesting places. We also appreciated its gastronomy and the famous Queso Picón (blue cheese from goats of the peaks of Europe). So if you have a few days of available you can go in one of the most beautiful bays of the world and at a lower cost!

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Travel while having fun during the dead time

To go on a trip to family, it is sometimes complicated, especially for children who are bored during the duration of the trip. Indeed, when taking the plane for several hours, children sometimes forget that they are in a plane and this disturbs other passengers. I found you several ideas in order to occupy a child during the duration of the trip.
Firstly, the electronic video games. You can give your kids to games such as a ds, a psp or others yet. This occupied him during his trip. If you have a smartphone, you can also lend him so he plays for applications. Indeed, there are some games that are all the rage at the moment with the children such as Temple Run 2. It's a game to be completely omnibule by the phone and so he will not speak. It's a good way for they do not make noise during the duration of a flight for example. You can also read a book. Nowadays, few children enjoy reading, although it is an opportunity to make her understand that read is very good for him and for his imagination. A child in need of much imagination to grow properly. A little stimulated child will be more evil in his future. Then, there's the music.
A lot of child now have ipods to listen to music. He will speak so not, and listen to his music in silence. Otherwise, the simplest so he is not bored I think, is to have fun with him, while remaining discreet enough to not annoy other passengers. On a train, happening yet, but if you are in a plane, those present will like not too bothered. For example, there is an application that I play me even with my little sister when she comes at me where when we see, it is Talking Tom Cat 2. It is a small cat that speaks and you can also have fun with him. It is a small virtual cat very endearing to children. Personally, my little sister love playing with him. There are also other ways to deal with your child.

Give pens and white sheets to drawings, or even if you have a touch pad you can now do so draw on without felt and leaves, although I find it less stimulating for the child than a good white sheet. If you do not stuff, you can just as well discuss with him during the trip. It won't feel forsake and he will be happy to talk to you about his school or of its activities. There are lots of way to occupy a child during a trip, feel free to use your imagination.

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Go to Djerba

At the moment, it is across the Mediterranean Sea to go to find a bit of Sun. The "molar" of Africa, the island of Djerba, attracts tourists since the 1960s. Indeed, this island which is located 500 km from Tunis, capital of Tunisia, has the form of a molar with three roots. These three roots are the Bine El Oudiane, Ras Terbella and Ajim peninsulas. Here are a few sites not to be missed if you decide to spend your holidays in Djerba, but I will lower a small precision that seems important on holiday in Tunisia.

El Borj El Kebir is a fortress which was built at the end of the 16th century. You can walk on the promontory and admire the view over Cap Mahdia.

El Bordj El Rouss or more commonly called "Tower of skulls" was erected in 1560 with skulls of Spanish soldiers defeated to remind Christian enemies what awaited them if they were considering the reconquest of the island. The old structure was changed by a memorial stone so that the bones and skulls of the Christian soldiers can be buried...

RAS Rmel, also called Larache Beach, consists of sand dunes that are perpetually moving towards the sea. You will also find the island for flamingos: fishermen from the port of Houmt Souk have used to take tourists visit the island aboard their boats. It is also possible to get there by pirates Galleon, release organized by many hotels, with a more or less questionable taste. But beware, don't expect to see flamingos pink year-round, they are there the winter during their migration.

The Roman catacombs of El-Fahmine together 2 cellars dug into the limestone. They date from the 4th century AD. In the first cave, one can see 9 tombs and in the second at least seven.

Meeting tanning by sea to return with a few colors to work!

It is the latter I recommend you also to give priority to Djerba. Tunisia, in contrast to the Morocco, is not very attractive in cultural terms. However the beaches of fine white sand are beautiful, it is hot most of the time (Djerba is South of the Tunisia). I found interesting offers on the site, but you can also ask your usual branch if she can nothing suggest. There is quite a lot of promo on Tunisia in recent years, making the destination very cheap.

It's time to pack your bags and go taste the pleasures of the Sun at lower cost, because at the moment in France, the climate is not the fixed beautiful...

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

At the end of the road, travel blog by Jean Philippe

My name is Jean-Philippe and I love the road. Not cars, mine does well its ten years, its 200,000 km, but the road with a large R. This Ariadne's thread of our travels, which gives us a great feeling of freedom, even if it is strange, this is a strip of bitumen from a few metres wide. But I love roll, see scroll landscapes, leave early, arrive late, take les chemins de traverse, rutted roads and see what's at the end of the road. From work at 10 p.m. Sunday and see the sunrise on Venice Monday morning. This is what I like.

Starting from this principle, with my half Delphine, we started to travel. Afford escapades in Italy, the Iceland tour, go at the end of the road in Quebec and across the United States. Camera around his neck, book in one hand and camera in the other. Stitches in time, we started to post our photos and then blogging on

The purpose of our blog, put the finger on both iconic places and unusual things, go to the meeting of animals, open spaces and cities. Getting married in Las Vegas, eating the alligator in Florida, afford a classy meal on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, go closer to the whales at Mingan, Northern Quebec, discover a cave in Iceland... Small experiences that we capsized (or not) and you want to share, practical advice to support.

Cave in Iceland

We caught the virus in the United States. A crazy love. A country where the road is at the center of everything. A religion. In 2008, we discovered the East Coast, Montreal (Quebec) in Key West. In 2011, Cape on the SouthWest with California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. In 2012, we made the bet to cross the country in 30 days, Seattle, Northwest, in Miami to the Southeast. And in 2013 we will travel the roads of South, of San Diego, California, to Savannah, Georgia. With these roadtrips, we also want to show that there is something other than reducing triptych New York-Miami-Los Angeles, that the United States is not only buildings and burgers, the image of this country and continent is biased. They are multiple and different, that one can also marvel in South Dakota, Wyoming or Kentucky, the nature and animals here have a prominent place.

Then, did not hesitate to visit us a little, to ask for some advice. As to ensure the road to an end, it also needs a start. See you soon.

Long Beach at night
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Holidays in Prague

Since my arrival in Prague, dimmed by the curiosity and emotion, I hobbled to combat the fatigue of travel, or at least to postpone it for a few hours, to begin my excursions.
I had often heard from Charles Bridge and I decided to go there. On the docks, the promenade was extremely pleasant and, apparently, a crowd of passers-by and tourists shared my feeling. Here and there, musicians and other artists from the streets attracted the attention of onlookers. At the end of the bridge, it told stairs with a charming to visit square and a small friendly Park where I made a short stop. I thus shambled a few hours the time that my mind starts to land smoothly and achieve the magnificent landscapes that were available to him.
On this momentum, I couldn't resign myself to already seek shelter for the night. I wanted too much to live one of these famous night evenings in Prague. After a small cruise one hour approximately, on the River, departing from the Charles Bridge, I me attablai in the first restaurant that I met. Then, I had only the embarrassment of the choice facing the wide range of bars and lively pubs. I noticed in passing that the Prague are extremely warm and welcoming to strangers.

For the remainder of my stay, I couldn't avoid the inevitable: the famous Prague Castle with its typical guards statement. I then spent the rest of the day to wander between the old town and the Jewish quarter.  It is a responsible area of an extremely rich history, dating back to the middle ages. I visited the old Jewish cemetery, the various synagogues. I could also climb to the top of the Tower of the Town Hall.

There, the view is breathtaking. What hit especially, is the architecture of the houses. I stopped lunch in a small restaurant, although the prices around the old town are particularly high, especially for tourists. The next day, I turned around Charles Bridge which I had been able to overcome the first day of my stay, to discover, not far, street Mostecká, at the end of which is the Church of St. Nicholas. Admission is charged, but the visit is worth the detour. The Interior of the Church is truly splendid. Other visitors explained that Mozart would have played the organ in this church. The last day of my stay was not without a certain emotion. I spent it in the Nové Mesto district, which means 'new city '. I was very intrigued by a small museum located on the street Na Prikope and tracing the history of Czechoslovak Communism from 1921 to 1989.
I then walked in the direction of Narodni Street, offering a show of beautiful modern sculptures. I continued my visit to the national theatre, at the end of the street. I still had time, leaving the street, crossing dock Masarykovo, to see the famous Ginger and Fred building with its only original architecture and its appearance "dancing."

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Visits to Barcelona

With a few days during the bridges of the month of may, I decided to leave the greyness of the Lyon region to return to Barcelona an umpteenth time. I'm starting to well know the Catalan capital but we view each time new places to see. In this article I will list 4 other activities / places to discover in outgoing Barcelona a little traditional such as the Sagrada Familia, Parc de la Ciutadella, Parc Güell...

This trip to Spain, will also make the full of products that is not as good as in France as the chorizo, olive oil or el lomo. These 2 days in Barcelona will allow us to make the following activities:

This Park is located on a hill overlooking the city of Barcelona. There is also the Church of the sacred heart with its statue like 2 drops of water resembling the Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro. Access to the Park is either by car or by tram or funicular still. Views of Barcelona is splendid and the amusement park we will be having a good time.

This means of transport to get to Montjuïc is often confused with the funicular. However are 2 very different things. The cable car takes on the Barceloneta and connects the San Sebastia tower with the World Trade Center Jaume Tower and finally the Miramar (Montjuïc). There is thus a view on la Barceloneta and the parc de la Ciutadella.

The visit to the Museum is coupled with that of the impressive Stadium of FC Barcelona. The visit is a bit expensive (€25) but for the football fans we do not count.

This visit of the aquarium is provided in case of bad weather on Barcelona. This is a great area with more than 11,000 fish and 35 aquariums including the famous underwater tunnel. Thus, it runs through the middle of sharks, stingrays and other sea creatures.

This small cheap stay must be organized taking into account the weather (replace the Tibidabo Park by the aquarium) and also the football stage matches.

These visits change that could make so far in Barcelona but we are always happy to visit this city and enjoy the Catalan gastronomy.

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And if you were going to make a trek to the Nepal?

Looking for a different style of travel? Travel by families in the capitals of the countries provide you more as fun than before?
I propose in this article an any kind of journey that will appeal to all people who love the sport, but also travel. I advise you to make a trek to the Nepal, for example. Indeed, a trek is a way to go on an adventure, a trip to the nature where there is far from civilization and all human constructs. You can do this in the mountains, forests, deserts, and other places where few people go.
It is a kind of survival, you must walk for several days and you must feed you on your own. Although this may seem a bit dangerous, it is any other way of visiting a place. You can tell your trip by having another more in-depth vision of the landscape of a country known. In Nepal, contrary to what one may think, you will have no trouble to do the tracking. I think that's really an experience to live, you are in direct communication with nature from another country, it is a way to be closer to the country you are visiting. On the other hand, I do not advise it you if you're afraid of wild beasts or even that you don't want to sleep in beds of hotels when travelling. Because in this kind of stay, you will not really have comfort and you can enter many wild beasts that you have never imagined to be able to meet one day outside a zoo.

Personally, I think that I could do this just to be able to see things that nobody has seen. Take pictures of the magical places that can be found by doing a trek, this is something unique. For example, I would like to do a trek in the mountains. Certainly is a bit dangerous, because can fall or get hurt and not being able to call relief, but I think that the views of all the surroundings can really make this trekking is a unique stay in the country of our choice. I love to travel, but I really had the opportunity to travel with all the comforts, i.e. hotel and power dining in fine restaurants and others. But I would really like to see another vision of my favorite countries.

You can also make trekking in France if you want. How about you? Think you can be able to do a trek in a country such as nopal or another if you want? If you be, do not hesitate, this is a great way to travel.

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Wanderings of a GlobeTrotter in Europe

After having discovered the site of Céline Globetrekkeuse, it is paid to the game to make us discover a course of days in Eastern Europe...
After long months ago around the world, from the steppes of Patagonia to the high plateaus of the Himalayas, Corsican roads trails Inca I decided to resume the paths, shod this time in answering a question by a friend: "always you partes at the other end of the world. Do you know appreciate less exotic destinations? »
Curious to find the answer to this mystery, I file at the SNCF desk get a Pass InterRail... and go for a expedition of 20 days in several European cities.
I annoy me? Will I turn back after a few days and run away to a distant destination? I know appreciate the high places of my story? Were can I find the authenticity, wonder, surprise, essential to the success of my trips?
Despite my apprehensions and the absence of marked trails on my journey, I must confess that this journey was able to surprise me and charmed me. No, Europe, our good old continent, is not boring or devoid of mystery and unusual places for the one who takes the trouble to get lost and to look beyond the obvious.
+ Enjoy the happy animation of Marienplatz and Viktualienmarket,
+ Swim in the Olympic pool for the Olympics in 1972,
+ Enjoy a Paulaner in a beer garden (or attend Oktoberfest in September).
Marienplatz of Munich

+ Enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the Eiffel Tower (Rohzledna)
+ Wandering along the Vltava River and the bridge Saint-Charles at dawn,
+ Laugh at puppet theatre,
+ Remember the John Lennon wall.
+ Search for many unusual statues,
+ Sail on the Danube, Devín Castle,
+ Photographing the colorful streetcars.

+ Share the life of Mozart and Sissi,
+ Admire St. Charles Church,
+ Bathe in the Danube (arranged Bank).
+ Enjoy breathtaking views over the Danube,
+ Climb to the captivating fishermen's bastion
+ Chatting in the thermal baths,
+ Remember the Soviet past of the country to the Park of statues.
Thermal baths of Budapest

+ Reproduce the roof of St Mark's Church,
+ Walk between sculptures and fountains,
+ Read and link knowledge to the terraces of the cafés.
National Theatre
+ Walking along the Ljubljanica.

Practical info:
2 to 3 days on-site is the ideal time to visit each of the mentioned cities.
Transport:Global Pass valid InterRail in Europe without reservation, reliable schedules displayed in stations and on the site German
Formulas and rates change regularly: refer to the interRail site
Accommodation: Hostels Youth Hostel (not mixed) or more user-friendly local hostels.
Average budget (excluding transport): 50 euros/day (accommodation, meals, recreation).
Thanks to Céline "Globetrekkeuse"
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Testimony of a trip to Italy part 3

Continued in part 2 and part 1.

Before speak you of Rome that I visited during the same stay, must be that I'm talking about a few moments of the Genoese side that you browse night to see, from the top of the mountains, the coastal towns glow and reflected in the sea.

I should tell you about Verona also where you will see the most famous balcony of Shakespearean literature. Florence, the city of the Medicis, deserves a trip alone. Pisa... Finally, let's go back to this journey that has led me to Rome, and first at the Vatican.

No need to be Catholic, or another, to enter and visit this enclave. You are greeted by a colonnade immense and beautiful place where the faithful gather. St. Peter's Basilica shows this as the time of the Italian Renaissance, at the time of arts and the omnipotence of these large families, most magnificent product. The fresco of the last judgement, the dome, the magnificence of the Vatican Library, each millimetre is worked, decorated, to highlight the achievements of Italian art. Much more than a place of worship, you will not go to St Pierre to pray or collect you, you will see the extraordinary tribute which the Church makes to his belief. To be honest, you have almost the impression of a museum as a church, so feel free to discover that she be your faith or your lack of belief.

Here, unlike Venice, better is worth to predict its promenade in Rome in advance because it is a big city. These seven hills offer spaces of greenery and tranquility while the rest, it is a great city which includes cars and horns.
A city, to the image of Paris, which did not escape its history.  Thus, you can visit Rome in different ways. Let's say you you you give one day per period. The first day, it is the ancient Rome, that of Jules César, which will hold your attention with the Roman forum. The centre of the world at this time (I'm exaggerating a bit!) focused one and the same place with temples, galleries, administrative buildings as the Senate. Today only remaining pieces of its infrastructure but there is impressed by this sensation of eternity that emerges from the old place of two millennia. You will leave your feet also lead you to the terms Dioteclicien and Caracalla but it is especially the Colosseum, the stage of the era, which will impress you by the Gigantism of its structure whose every inch is worked.

The day, or days, you spend them in the Rome of the Renaissance with the Castle St Ange, the place of Spain. Your journey would end otherwise than by the Trevi Fountain where, as is the tradition, you go throw a coin over your shoulder to see your wish to return to Rome to perform. A custom which is generalized to many fountain and that still reports a million euro per year, allocated to the social works of the city.  Of Italy, Rome, Venice, Florence, there are many things to tell yet, see. Especially for all those who like seeing the traces that history to leave in our daily lives. Hopefully with these few lines have given you an idea of what it feels like to visit this country, and you have encouraged to start preparing your luggage.

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The for lovers of hiking blog

Looking for information on hikes to do in France, I came across the blog of Philippe. A wealth of information for hikers. After exchanging a few emails, he explains the purpose of his site and invites you to discover it on

Philip: "the purpose of my blog is to know of beautiful places in France without using the car (I have not!)." Therefore I propose many walking in various regions with photos that I realized during the journey. I indicates how to get there, the difficulties when there are and the farm to spend the night. I also make suggestions for sites to visit always without a car during a stay of a few days in Saint-Jean de Luz, Nice, Chamonix or Avignon. My blog lives and therefore for new hikes will be added to those already listed."

I wanted to make you discover his site which deserves to be known. The information presented are clear and relevant with photos, which makes it more enjoyable reading.

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Visit Florence in Italy, the "Museum city".

If I tell you that I left on vacation in Italy, you will tell me that there's nothing more romantic than Venice or more timeless than Rome. And you'll have reason, except that my heart balance rather on the side of Florence.
Florence, it is the city of the Medicis, the city of the Italian Renaissance, of a past is steeped in history. Starting in Florence, it's kinda make a trip in time. However, no need to be poured into the history books to appreciate the flavor and no need to practice the Catholic religion to enter one of the many churches in the city. The Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, beautifully surmounted by a dome and flanked by a Bell Tower, is one of the icons of the city. At the health Croce Basilica are nothing less than Michelangelo, Machiavelli o even Galileo. These churches and many others are all to discover from the outside than from the inside. The Gallery of Offices, the largest museum in the city, houses a masterpiece as the Annunciation of Leonardo da Vinci or the tables of Botticelli and Titian. The passion for beautiful stones and beautiful paintings has widely enough to satisfy their curiosity in this town that was at the time the cultural capital of the world.

Let's say that regardless of how to visit Florence, it will not escape its history. It is not possible to not in the city centre, class 10, Unesco World Heritage, without seeing a perfectly preserved historic building. Florence is also a town built around the River Arno, river that runs through the city as a share.  Therefore, many bridges traverse the city and the most famous is probably the Ponte Vecchio. Like the Rialto in Venice, it is both bridge, pedestrian and shopping for silversmiths of luxury. Linking the two parts of the city in its heart, it is a must-see.

Florence is a city that has few equals in Europe and offers to those who visit a panorama of European culture. However, if you want to enjoy, choose get there preferably in the spring. You will avoid the heat and the endless rows of tourist. Consider including book, via internet, the «firenzacard», a free access to all pass the molted city and with priority entry. A last trick for the road if you visit Florence with children. Try the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci. Younger guests can try to manipulate re-enactments of Da Vinci experience. Playful and informative.

Florence, this is therefore, a city that a perpetual tribute to the most beautiful moments of artistic creation in Europe.

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The India and the United States: charming destinations

For the sake of better travel and where relaxation and the idleness will be at the rendezvous, tour operators offer destinations that make dream: Istanbul, the Australia, the Thailand or Mauritius. But on the India and the United States, what are the tourist attractions of these lighthouses destinations? Discover them!

Gastronomic tourism in India for

What can you eat in India? Indian dishes are classified according to religions, social classes and regions. And Indian culinary art is based on the vegetarian and non-vegetarian. For a circuit in India, and knowing that it is a country with many regions and flavors, gastronomic routes vary from one region to another. The mets of Rajasthan are varied but the most famous are the Keema, a dish of meat chopped and cooked with various spices, and the Raita, a mixture of raw with yogurt, vegetables or fruit. A taste! Otherwise, in addition to its tea plantations, a gourmet stay in Kerala will exceptionally discover the secrets of the keralan table which, at base, is fine, spicy and affordable cuisine with a varied menu. For dishes vegetarian, there are, for example, the Kappa Puttu which is served hot with a fish or chicken curry, Theeyal which is a dish based on coconut and very spicy, Kootttu curry being a side dish made from vegetable and lens that is served with rice-based dishes. And for dishes not vegetarian, most popular remains the Malabar mutton Biriyani which is a flat fine mutton-based. For the gourmets, the pleasure of the Indian table will amaze you in its tastes and scents!

A very brief overview of the United States

The United States is a planet full where wonder will go with its natural wonders like the canyons, its buildings of great height as the Empire State Building, its mythical such as Las Vegas or Los Angeles cities. For green tourism or urban tourism, a circuit United States will allow you to discover the sights of this great country from North to South and from West to East. But the most visited cities are New York City or "the cosmopolitan city", Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Hollywood. In the cosmopolitan city, go to the discovery of the Brooklyn Bridge for photo sessions and to have breathtaking views over Manhattan, visit museums ranging from the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art located on Broadway at the Museum of Modern Art located in the Midtown Manhattan district, immense green area of Manhattan being the sanctuary for birds migratory and to discover the Lakes artificial.  "The magic city is Los Angeles or city contrast will delight you by its majestic neighborhoods like Beverly Hills or Bel Air, by these museums as" The Getty Center "to attend openings of painting to the decorative arts or that of The Getty Villa" to discover a selection of ancient art, by its leisure parks like the famous Disneyland located in Anaheim for the joy of children and adults.  There's so much to see in the United States, the country of great spaces!

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Bangkok, visit what?

The door real Thai capital of the country to travel to Thailand's entry is no shortage of assets to retain foreign travellers a few days before you let them continue their journey.

Wat Arun

Here lies the most important temple of Thailand both its size and its prestige, the Wat Phra Kaew which houses the famous Buddha d ' Emerald and is adjacent to the Grand Palace, Royal residence which is today more inhabited. A tour of the temples of Bangkok's most interesting goes necessarily through that one plus in general the Wat Pho and its huge reclining Buddha which lies just beside and Wat Arun or temple of the dawn, opposite, on the other side of the Chao Phraya. We recommend also a ride on the Golden Mount or temple of the Golden mountain, which offers a view panoramic city views and Wat Benchamaphobit construction marble which houses a magnificent Buddha. But there are still many others obviously.

Bangkok is sometimes called the "Venice of Asia" as a part of the city is crossed by small channels, the klongs, on which you can stroll in long tail boats, longtail boat. The scenery is assured. You will discover another face of the capital, more rustic, more authentic.

Every weekend is held in Bangkok the largest market in the country and one of the largest in Asia, the Chatuchak Weekend Market near Chatuchak Park accessible by metro (stop Mo Chit or Chatuchak). There are literally everything. Otherwise, there are many floating markets on weekends in Bangkok and its surroundings. The most popular and the most frequent tourists are those ofAmphawa (evening) and Damnoen Saduak (morning). These are generally take you see agencies or taxi drivers offering you the visit of a floating market. There is also a flower market and many other local markets across the capital.

80 Km to the North, this former capital of the Kingdom rich in temples and monuments can be visited in a day departing from Bangkok. The ideal to get there it is to borrow the railway, trains in Thailand are not expensive at all and allow contact with the population as nowhere else.

One can also add the Wimanmek Palace or the House of Jim Thompson to the list. And then, it is easy to stay and visit Bangkok. Find a cheap hotel in Bangkok is very easy in general and at Khao San Road, real neighborhood backpacker of the city in particular.

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Monday, 27 May 2013

North-West Sardinia: an archaeological treasure island!

Sardinia is not only a resort destination! She has also managed to preserve the remains of an original archaeological culture: Nuraghi, tombs of the Giants, houses of the fairies, Wells sacred, not to mention dolmen and menhir...

Northwest of Sardinia is full of sites to see like for example: Santu Antine at Torralba, Palmavera in Alghero, the altar of Monte of Accoddì Sassari, it pozzo sacro Predio Canopoli Perfugas, the necropolis of Sant'Andrea Priu at Bonorva, Anghelu Ruiu in Alghero, or the rock of the elephant in Castelsardo, to name a few

You are a small group of friends with the passion for these cultural discoveries? But

you want to reconcile visits and relax?

The villa "Casa della meridiana" offers an ideal stay for all those seeking both easy access to the main cultural sites and a haven of peace.

It is ideally located to the Northwest of the island, in Sassari, on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Asinara. This is the point of ideal departure for all excursions.

Age-old olive trees of 6000 m 2 surrounds this villa of independent architect to the decoration. In summer, the shady veranda and swimming pool welcome you. Out of season, you can enjoy the sunny terraces and the panorama which stretches on the sea and the countryside, up to Corsica in clear weather.

Without forgetting the evenings by the pool which will take stock of your discoveries and schedule the successive.

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Discover Cannes in another way

You have no doubt already heard of Cannes, a town of the Riviera which attracts more and more people, that it is nothing to discover or to live. There are many things to see, so many wonders to discover that go on holiday would be a very good idea!

Prestigious fairs, one of the most important events in the world as the festival International du Film, who made the city of stars, this is usually how people know Cannes, but that is not all. Indeed, its magnificent Bay, its prestigious institutions such as the Goldentulip, a hotel of high Standing or the villa annette and all others. But even places such as the la Croisette promenade; the port or the Palais des Festivals, everything is there to give you the opportunity to discover exciting things.

Ofcourse, to visit Cannes, you need to find you suitable accommodation for your stay. Of course, you can make your choice between several options at your disposal. If you are single or a couple, a hotel in cannes will be the most appropriate solution for you. However if you do not like the hotels, you can also opt for a hotel apartment in cannes, and even if you are family, this can also be a good solution. If you want to have a place not far from the city, there are also deposits, quite suitable places to accommodate a whole family.

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Ride bike in France

Of the Sun begins to point its rays in the middle of the blue sky, many are those who stepped their bikes to go walking to the four corners of the France.

Whether you are a seasoned or casual, biker at the discretion of the time, you too can become a traveller-biker, follow the roads and explore the country freely, at your own pace and away from any stress or pressure.

A feeling of total freedom that only bikers know and that will make you forget your watch and the pace stressful everyday life. Turn after turn, you will see magnificent landscapes and wonderful panoramas that will enhance your memories and your photo album.

Enjoy this getaway in the open air and spend pleasant moments of motorcycle, during which you will have every opportunity to contemplate natural landscapes and visit remarkable sites you've perhaps never heard talk about, because away from the usual tourist routes travelled by cars and buses.

From time to time, you will make a break on the square of a village, on the waterfront of the marines, or the terrace of a café or a hostel... time to talk a bit with the locals, discover their traditions and heritage. A gourmet stopover is required to enjoy the delights of authentic cuisine.

So you want to stretch your... wheels? Want to forget a little about the car and why not give time to your permit? Escape on the roads of France? Want to quest of discovery and conviviality? A ride on a motorbike through the beautiful regions of France is a must! Solo, two or even in a group, you see.

In the various guides for bikers, or on blogs of passionate of motorcycle rides, you will find several itineraries that will penetrate to the heart of the most regions of the France. From North to South and from East to West, you will be always delighted by what you discover: Alsace, the coasts of Brittany, Jura, Pyrenees, Normandy, the Route des Grandes Alpes, the Tower of the Ecrins, the route Napoleon, Corsica, the Camargue, the major passes of Savoy...

This is the kind of adventure that will enchant you and you will speak long around you. A feeling of total freedom is waiting for you. Your only requirement: always have your helmet (specialists of the central site - the - will help you to choose the one that suits you)

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Visit the Peru and your dream becomes reality

Experience an unforgettable stay in Peru, a country full of history, the breathtaking scenery and an incomparable richness.

The Peru is full of great sites and pre-Columbian wonders. The most famous is of course Machu Picchu dating from the 15th century, which today is part of the new 7 Wonders of worlds.

If Machu Picchu is today famous for notoriety, a new archaeological site should soon be more popular. It is the site of Caral, located 180 kilometres northwest of Lima. CARAL has the remains of the oldest pre-Columbian city of America known to date!

This city, which was built between 2000 and 2600 BC is now included in the world heritage of the UNESCO. It would therefore housed the first American civilization and seems to be more old town of America or even one of the oldest in the world!
Oldest that Egyptian, Caral civilization does not leave you indifferent!

Trekking in the Cordillera Huayhuash is probably the wildest and closer to nature that it is possible to make in the Huaraz area.

This Cordillera offers grandiose landscapes in a natural setting out of the ordinary. Live a real exchange with nature, explore trails surrounded by peaks higher than 6000 m, 90 km2 of glaciers and dozens of lakes with breathtaking colours.

Between Lakes of altitude at the foot of snow-capped peaks and panoramic views, this trek is a rainbow of natural colors breathtaking!

A tour of the Peru according to his desires!
The Peru is 2.5 times the size of the France! The Andes, the Amazon rainforest, beaches and so many pre-Columbian to discover wonders... Hard to choose! And why steps through Bolivia until the Chile?
Then how to combine it all in an unforgettable trip? Choose the places you want to visit, send us your request via our online form and the Alpa-k team will to prepare your ideal trip!

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Discovery Hanoi electric minibus

On a trip to Viet Nam, Hanoi, a millennial city is an ideal destination not to be missed. Hanoi is well-known with 36 old neighborhoods whose streets are small and narrow. To discover these ancient district, next to the pedicab, the electric minibus is also a widely used transport means.

Minibus tours allow tourists to visit former areas and other attractions around Hoan Kiem Lake: railway station of Hanoi of Culture and friendship Palace, the Hanoi Opera, Hanoi Medical University and the House of the hosts of the Government...Therefore, we can better understand the way of life and values cultural, historical and architectural Hanoi as well as the buildings built between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

These tours last for an average 40 minutes. And you can see almost every corner of this city. Customers can choose between two routes with a good price between 10,000 and 30,000 VND per person. Guides have travellers culture and traditional gastronomy of Hanoi in the past and now travellers and even the Tonkinese are passionate about this tourism model. It manifested their satisfaction to this quiet, non-polluting and cheap vehicle.
During your tour to the Viet Nam, remember Hanoi! And take advantage of this means of transport to discover the charm of this beautiful city. This makes you happy!

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Sri Lanka and Reunion, two nature destinations

The island of Réunion and Sri Lanka are two islands in the Indian ocean, full of surprises. If Sri Lanka is known for its rich cultural heritage, it is also a very nature destination like the meeting that offers wonderful hikes.

The island of Réunion is the must-see island for nature lovers. Many tours and activities are not to be missed on this island but hiking remains the main activity. Sri Lanka, he is best known for its magnificent temples and its rich culture arising therefrom. However, there are also beautiful spaces where nature is breathtaking.

This island at the wonderful scenery is divided into 7 regions: is, West, North, South and the three cirques, Mafate, Ciloas and Salazie. These three circuses offer a multitude of hiking as well for beginners and for more experienced. You can make small and very long walks. In fact, you have the possibility to stay several days in the heart of the circuses of the island of Réunion to enjoy nature. You'll see an impressive flora and fauna. For families, no worries, because numbers of walks are available for children. This destination is ideal for a good puff of fresh air and to find themselves in agreement with nature.

The island of Reunion also features beautiful maritime assets. There are indeed beautiful beaches on the coast with unspoilt nature and amazing surf spots . Between land and sea, the island of Réunion is the natural destination par excellence.

Sri Lanka is an island in the South East of the India. Its cultural heritage associated with its numerous temples and traditions are hallmarks of this island. However, it has also beautiful landscapes to offer. Here you will find a luxuriant nature , either on land or at sea. Indeed, you can enjoy mountains, beaches, parks, natural and the tea fields at the four corners of the island. Wherever you are on the island, the fauna is very rich and preserved. Meet elephants Pinnawela Park or to the dolphins and whales off the coast of the ocean. Feel free to visit the fields, national parks to see impressive flora or Adam's peak, a summit which assures you an exceptional view over the Valley surrounding.

Sri Lanka has also beautiful sandy beaches with water at the incredible purity. Between land and sea, Sri Lanka is a destination that combines nature and culture.

Sri Lanka and the island of Reunion are both very natural destinations. You will then be able to spend a wonderful holiday combining relaxation and visits in full natureafin to you relax and come back with lots of memories.

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

The vast expanses of the Canada

The Canada is a vast country of America North, over 9 million square kilometres, which extends from the Atlantic ocean in the East to the Pacific ocean to the West. Whatever your destination: Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax or Montreal, July and August are the best months and hottest way to discover the country, with temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius. For ski lovers, December/January are the best two months. If you prefer to go out of season, Indian summer will offer you its finest spectacle between mid-September and mid-October.

Why go to the Canada ?
Even if the Canadian cities are attractive for their modernity, their multi bodybuilding, their museums, their picturesque neighbourhoods and their vast green expanses, the Canada is also and especially known for its natural parks. Nature, hikers, fishermen or sports lovers, you will be captivated by the great diversity of landscapes, the Rocky Mountains, the summits crowned with snow. valleys to the canyons, from lakes to rivers, deserts to lush meadows, let you dream to play Indiana Jones of your childhood.

The Canada national parks

At the moment the Canada includes 42 national parks. Among the most popular are the national park of Banff, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and included in the world heritage of UNESCO with its neighbors, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho National parks for their extraordinary mountain scenery including glaciers, waterfalls, limestone caves, lakes, and canyons. If you are lucky you will see famous elk, emblematic animal of the Park, like the deer. Black bears and grizzly bears are to observe from afar.
Another inevitable is the national park Gros Morne, located on the western coast of the island of Newfoundland. It is one of the most visited parks in the Canada and you can browse it forth, between the many hiking trails and campgrounds.

Not to be missed
Observe the northern lights of the Northwest Territory remains a must, to make once in his life, as well as snowmobiling in the hinterland and sledding, huskies, who will pass the Ferrari of... turtles for horses!

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At the meeting of the Australia

Meet Aboriginal people, observe kangaroos or koalas? who has not dreamed one day discover the Australia? One has all images in mind on this destination at odds with the France, but what lies behind this country?

The Australia is a huge country which will surprise you the range of activities: diving, of course, but also jump in parachute, bivouac in the desert, lazing at the beach or hiking in the wilderness: there is something for everyone and you'll be spoiled for choice.

A trip to Australia certainly rhymes with adventure: the country, cut across a continent surrounded by water, will be up to your expectations... The beautiful spaces just waiting you to be conquered! Forests, cliffs or aquatic environments, you choose. You'll no doubt like the Australia centre, spaces consisting of Bush, Red Earth, rocks and dry trees. You can visit Uluru monolith of sandstone, more large rock in the world and sacred mountain. You'll love the East Coast and the Great barrier reef , ranked eighth wonder of the world by Australians, and which would be moving from Europe alone!

These unique ecosystems in beautiful preserved natural ecrins welcome wildlife out of the ordinary, with endogenous species you may encounter anywhere else. For example, do you know what is a cassowary? You have a good chance to cross this bird during your travel in Australia !

And of course, how to talk to the Australia without mentioning the aborigines? This indigenous population, first occupant of the country, grown even today of the us and customs very different from Westerners.

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