Friday, 31 May 2013

A weekend romantic in Manchester

A romantic weekend in Manchester, English culture of the 1980s, here we are!

Today we welcome a guest article written by Finn.

Leaving lovers in Manchester? You may say that this is surely not the most idyllic destination in the world and England... One would expect instead to discover Brighton two beachfront, the cry of gulls, blue sky... or well yet London which is a beautiful town with a charm and a crazy romantic. But breaking the clichés and leave to the discovery of Manchester for a weekend. I tested it for you and I came back enchanted!

For those of you who don't know much about Britain and its inevitable or through the football teams only, be aware that Manchester is a charming cultural town situated in the North-West of England. It is also a partner city of the ESL France, séjours linguistiques specialist body.

During the industrial revolution, Manchester sees his territory marked by the development of many factories, especially textile, and its highly charged image "dark and industrial city.

Today, capital of an agglomeration that has more than two million and a half inhabitants, of whom 450,000 established in Manchester, it is a very attractive city! Entrepreneurs like tourists are attracted by the revival of its planning, its rich culture... and nights animated, making this city the third most visited city in England.


Far from being fans football, but absolutely crazy music New wave sounding well 80's, my lover and I decided to browse the city of our idols The Smiths and Joy Division to find this "so british" atmosphere and this musical culture dark that we like so much. Time for a weekend, so we went to visit Manchester.

We had previously booked a hotel on Portland Street, the major axis which descends the street of the Picadilly station where we arrived. For less than £80 night with breakfast included, you will be positioned in the heart of the city, close to the gay area and Chinatown.

One of the best ways to discover Manchester is to walk the streets on foot. The centre is not very large, which allows all access without using the tram or bus.

Visit to Manchester:

This pretty town is full of museums in any kind, I will only remember the Museum of science and industry if you have a good half-day before you. It is a free museum that extends over several hangars and fascinating exhibitions (first aircraft, evolution of computing, industrial evolution of the city of Manchester, the steam engines, etc...).


From there, you will not be far from the John Rylands Library, which is a magnificent neo-Gothic library established in the town since the end of the 19th century. The architecture is to fall, it looks like at Hogwarts with Harry Potter not far... Not to be missed under any circumstances!

You can then visit the Cathedral in Manchester located in the medieval quarter of the city. It is surrounded by narrow streets filled with pubs and typical shops of the corner.

Finally, for lovers of fashion, you will find two major malls ' Trafford centre ' and " Arndale Centre ". With more than 500 stores, you will not know where to give head! However, if you are looking something a little more 'unique' to bring his stay in Manchester, forget under any circumstances the famous Afflecks Palace, a kind of underground labyrinth on several floors where intermingle in vintage shops, barbers fashionable punks tattooists, dinner at the American and deco urban Wizmo.

For aficionados of Camden Town in London, you will not be familiar! Big favorite for this place!

But unlike the three quarters of tourists, we had not come there for the " Old Trafford ", stadium of the famous Manchester United team. Non. We have come to follow in the footsteps of Ian Curtis and his band legendary Joy Division, as well as to snapping our heels (especially mine) on the cobbled streets that have views born Group The Smiths.

We therefore visited monuments cults of culture New Wave, including the Factory, first label of Joy Division and first place where they played, and the Salford lads Club found on the sleeve of the album The Queen is dead by The Smiths.

Come to Manchester for music so, we finished our evening at the bend of a jazz bar where a group of Jazz Manouche played wonderfully well.

Manchester City, which is perhaps not idyllic at first, turns quickly into a good memory when you leave. We approached a culture weekend time, a language, a past charge in history. A curious weekend I keep in mind and that lulls me every day.

This city is full of wealth and is also ideal for learning English. Being a student city, many foreigners are everywhere and it is a major asset to chat in English and learn other languages in order to open up to the world. Then without hesitation, you can go to Manchester with eyes closed in order to make a nice language travel in England in love or just the time a small romantic weekend.

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