Tuesday, 28 May 2013

And if you were going to make a trek to the Nepal?

Looking for a different style of travel? Travel by families in the capitals of the countries provide you more as fun than before?
I propose in this article an any kind of journey that will appeal to all people who love the sport, but also travel. I advise you to make a trek to the Nepal, for example. Indeed, a trek is a way to go on an adventure, a trip to the nature where there is far from civilization and all human constructs. You can do this in the mountains, forests, deserts, and other places where few people go.
It is a kind of survival, you must walk for several days and you must feed you on your own. Although this may seem a bit dangerous, it is any other way of visiting a place. You can tell your trip by having another more in-depth vision of the landscape of a country known. In Nepal, contrary to what one may think, you will have no trouble to do the tracking. I think that's really an experience to live, you are in direct communication with nature from another country, it is a way to be closer to the country you are visiting. On the other hand, I do not advise it you if you're afraid of wild beasts or even that you don't want to sleep in beds of hotels when travelling. Because in this kind of stay, you will not really have comfort and you can enter many wild beasts that you have never imagined to be able to meet one day outside a zoo.

Personally, I think that I could do this just to be able to see things that nobody has seen. Take pictures of the magical places that can be found by doing a trek, this is something unique. For example, I would like to do a trek in the mountains. Certainly is a bit dangerous, because can fall or get hurt and not being able to call relief, but I think that the views of all the surroundings can really make this trekking is a unique stay in the country of our choice. I love to travel, but I really had the opportunity to travel with all the comforts, i.e. hotel and power dining in fine restaurants and others. But I would really like to see another vision of my favorite countries.

You can also make trekking in France if you want. How about you? Think you can be able to do a trek in a country such as nopal or another if you want? If you be, do not hesitate, this is a great way to travel.

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