Tuesday, 28 May 2013

At the end of the road, travel blog by Jean Philippe

My name is Jean-Philippe and I love the road. Not cars, mine does well its ten years, its 200,000 km, but the road with a large R. This Ariadne's thread of our travels, which gives us a great feeling of freedom, even if it is strange, this is a strip of bitumen from a few metres wide. But I love roll, see scroll landscapes, leave early, arrive late, take les chemins de traverse, rutted roads and see what's at the end of the road. From work at 10 p.m. Sunday and see the sunrise on Venice Monday morning. This is what I like.

Starting from this principle, with my half Delphine, we started to travel. Afford escapades in Italy, the Iceland tour, go at the end of the road in Quebec and across the United States. Camera around his neck, book in one hand and camera in the other. Stitches in time, we started to post our photos and then blogging on

The purpose of our blog, put the finger on both iconic places and unusual things, go to the meeting of animals, open spaces and cities. Getting married in Las Vegas, eating the alligator in Florida, afford a classy meal on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, go closer to the whales at Mingan, Northern Quebec, discover a cave in Iceland... Small experiences that we capsized (or not) and you want to share, practical advice to support.

Cave in Iceland

We caught the virus in the United States. A crazy love. A country where the road is at the center of everything. A religion. In 2008, we discovered the East Coast, Montreal (Quebec) in Key West. In 2011, Cape on the SouthWest with California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. In 2012, we made the bet to cross the country in 30 days, Seattle, Northwest, in Miami to the Southeast. And in 2013 we will travel the roads of South, of San Diego, California, to Savannah, Georgia. With these roadtrips, we also want to show that there is something other than reducing triptych New York-Miami-Los Angeles, that the United States is not only buildings and burgers, the image of this country and continent is biased. They are multiple and different, that one can also marvel in South Dakota, Wyoming or Kentucky, the nature and animals here have a prominent place.

Then, did not hesitate to visit us a little, to ask for some advice. As to ensure the road to an end, it also needs a start. See you soon.

Long Beach at night

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