Sunday, 26 May 2013

At the meeting of the Australia

Meet Aboriginal people, observe kangaroos or koalas? who has not dreamed one day discover the Australia? One has all images in mind on this destination at odds with the France, but what lies behind this country?

The Australia is a huge country which will surprise you the range of activities: diving, of course, but also jump in parachute, bivouac in the desert, lazing at the beach or hiking in the wilderness: there is something for everyone and you'll be spoiled for choice.

A trip to Australia certainly rhymes with adventure: the country, cut across a continent surrounded by water, will be up to your expectations... The beautiful spaces just waiting you to be conquered! Forests, cliffs or aquatic environments, you choose. You'll no doubt like the Australia centre, spaces consisting of Bush, Red Earth, rocks and dry trees. You can visit Uluru monolith of sandstone, more large rock in the world and sacred mountain. You'll love the East Coast and the Great barrier reef , ranked eighth wonder of the world by Australians, and which would be moving from Europe alone!

These unique ecosystems in beautiful preserved natural ecrins welcome wildlife out of the ordinary, with endogenous species you may encounter anywhere else. For example, do you know what is a cassowary? You have a good chance to cross this bird during your travel in Australia !

And of course, how to talk to the Australia without mentioning the aborigines? This indigenous population, first occupant of the country, grown even today of the us and customs very different from Westerners.

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