Thursday, 30 May 2013

Deauville: City of elegance and chic

If one were to cite that one city that is the true representative of the chic in France, it would be Deauville. Activity center of fashion, art, history and riding in almost all its forms, this city is part of the Calvados, in Normandy.

Indeed, our very famous and envied revolutionary Coco Chanel opened one of its first stores in Deauville, this city where exhibitions, equestrian events, and concerts occur (almost) as fast as lightning and not alike! You can stay in one of the hotels in Deauville, to take full advantage of the activities available for a few days of relaxation. But you might want some more details?

Deauville has long attracted many creators in all genres, including fashion designers, with top list our famous Coco Chanel, who opened his second store in 1913, at Deauville, whose sign was at the time Gabrielle Chanel, and, thanks to the good works of his British lover, Boy Capel (there them still a utility to these men...!)
Then, to do homage to all those spirits flowing ideas unique and inimitable, the city of Deauville organizes a few Saturdays in the year guided tours on some of these creators.

Deauville is particularly active at the level of events, exhibitions, festivals, etc.
To cite just two examples, one can speak of the Easter Festival, which begins April 27, the most famous in Europe one of the festivals of Chamber music; or the American Film Festival, from 30 August to 8 September, whose purpose is to promote independent films American in Europe, festival that exists all the same since 1975, and annually presents about 100 films, in the presence of stars and directors! It is as in Cannes, the climate in less...
According connoisseurs, it is an art also, so I have to mention also the 55th edition of the World Festival... the Bridge!

Deauville and its region are obviously known for their proximity with the unfortunately famous d-day beaches, but there are many other points of attraction than these morbid and respectable remnants of the second world war which cost us both.
For example, the Villa Strassburger, characteristic villa Belle Epoque originally command of baron Rothschild, erected in 1907, at the location of the hill farm, formerly owned by the writer Gustave Flaubert.

City of horses

Well Yes, in this city it is almost literally breathes the chic and class, horses, these animals of perfect beauty and the infinite goodness we wear and pretend to obey us according to our whims, have a prominent place. Can be accessed in many competitions of jumping, dressage, aerobatic or polo matches at auctions (where it is quite normal to sell a foal of a year more expensive than your salary of 10 years... What do you want, the luxury is not deemed to be cheap!), not to mention the very famous horseracing DeauvilleAll renowned for its horses only for its... hats! Moreover, Pole horse International, Deauville will be part of the reception area of the next World Equestrian Games in 2014.

City of regime... or not

In fact, it depends on what you call plan. In the strict sense of the term, a diet is not necessarily low-calorie, so we can talk about the Norman regime... which, by dint of creams and butters, is anything but Dietetics, believe me (and for the beach is better)!

Here for a course more than brief introduction the comprehensive inventory of the possibilities at Deauville taking pages just for the next six months. You'll find what to do in this city, certainly luxurious, but charming non...? In any case, you will come back lighter... Finally, especially your wallet! But you only live once, is not it?

About the author:Amélie Michel is passionate about since his childhood by horses, and it was quite natural for her to make her career. Today, it is parts of the organizing teams of the Hippodrome de Deauville.

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