Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Go to Djerba

At the moment, it is across the Mediterranean Sea to go to find a bit of Sun. The "molar" of Africa, the island of Djerba, attracts tourists since the 1960s. Indeed, this island which is located 500 km from Tunis, capital of Tunisia, has the form of a molar with three roots. These three roots are the Bine El Oudiane, Ras Terbella and Ajim peninsulas. Here are a few sites not to be missed if you decide to spend your holidays in Djerba, but I will lower a small precision that seems important on holiday in Tunisia.

El Borj El Kebir is a fortress which was built at the end of the 16th century. You can walk on the promontory and admire the view over Cap Mahdia.

El Bordj El Rouss or more commonly called "Tower of skulls" was erected in 1560 with skulls of Spanish soldiers defeated to remind Christian enemies what awaited them if they were considering the reconquest of the island. The old structure was changed by a memorial stone so that the bones and skulls of the Christian soldiers can be buried...

RAS Rmel, also called Larache Beach, consists of sand dunes that are perpetually moving towards the sea. You will also find the island for flamingos: fishermen from the port of Houmt Souk have used to take tourists visit the island aboard their boats. It is also possible to get there by pirates Galleon, release organized by many hotels, with a more or less questionable taste. But beware, don't expect to see flamingos pink year-round, they are there the winter during their migration.

The Roman catacombs of El-Fahmine together 2 cellars dug into the limestone. They date from the 4th century AD. In the first cave, one can see 9 tombs and in the second at least seven.

Meeting tanning by sea to return with a few colors to work!

It is the latter I recommend you also to give priority to Djerba. Tunisia, in contrast to the Morocco, is not very attractive in cultural terms. However the beaches of fine white sand are beautiful, it is hot most of the time (Djerba is South of the Tunisia). I found interesting offers on the site, but you can also ask your usual branch if she can nothing suggest. There is quite a lot of promo on Tunisia in recent years, making the destination very cheap.

It's time to pack your bags and go taste the pleasures of the Sun at lower cost, because at the moment in France, the climate is not the fixed beautiful...

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