Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Go to the South of france: Corsica

Leave in Corsica during summer holidays is a lighthouse for the French loving going on family vacations. For those who have modest incomes, Corsica is really a place to go at least once. Even for those who have incomes higher, Corsica is the place to be.

I could go there some time ago with my friends, and I was able to visit places such as beaches or even small villages Corsican with lots of charm. There are lots of things to see in Corsica. You can go there with friends and sunbathe in the Sun on the Corsican beaches or even make a small trip to lovers to enjoy beautiful landscapes and everything that one can find the bottom. For example, you can taste the gastronomy of the region. There are plenty of products to try Corsican. If you go there by lovers, this is the right opportunity to a small romantic dinner in head to head and followed by a stroll along the beaches.  If you're rather cultural you can also visit all the museums that can be found in Corsica. It is best to choose in advance the museums that you want to see because there are many. You can find lists on the internet if you wish.
Then you can also go see, the most touristic places around. There are for example: the cliffs of Bonifacio, the gorges de la Restonica or even the famous calanques. I was able to go there with my half, had taken a small charming hotel room not very far from a beach. This allowed us to be able to rely on the beach at night. I had the impression of a fairy with my half account. It was really good holiday. Then there was visit the Corsican villages that my uncle had advised me to go and see. It was really cute. Then, I have bask me in the Sun on the beaches. If I can give you an advice, please feel free to go there during a summer vacation.

It is still much more enjoyable to go there when there is sunlight. Feel free to go on a trip to Corsica. There is no need to go to the other side of the world for very good holiday with his friends or his half.

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