Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Holidays in Prague

Since my arrival in Prague, dimmed by the curiosity and emotion, I hobbled to combat the fatigue of travel, or at least to postpone it for a few hours, to begin my excursions.
I had often heard from Charles Bridge and I decided to go there. On the docks, the promenade was extremely pleasant and, apparently, a crowd of passers-by and tourists shared my feeling. Here and there, musicians and other artists from the streets attracted the attention of onlookers. At the end of the bridge, it told stairs with a charming to visit square and a small friendly Park where I made a short stop. I thus shambled a few hours the time that my mind starts to land smoothly and achieve the magnificent landscapes that were available to him.
On this momentum, I couldn't resign myself to already seek shelter for the night. I wanted too much to live one of these famous night evenings in Prague. After a small cruise one hour approximately, on the River, departing from the Charles Bridge, I me attablai in the first restaurant that I met. Then, I had only the embarrassment of the choice facing the wide range of bars and lively pubs. I noticed in passing that the Prague are extremely warm and welcoming to strangers.

For the remainder of my stay, I couldn't avoid the inevitable: the famous Prague Castle with its typical guards statement. I then spent the rest of the day to wander between the old town and the Jewish quarter.  It is a responsible area of an extremely rich history, dating back to the middle ages. I visited the old Jewish cemetery, the various synagogues. I could also climb to the top of the Tower of the Town Hall.

There, the view is breathtaking. What hit especially, is the architecture of the houses. I stopped lunch in a small restaurant, although the prices around the old town are particularly high, especially for tourists. The next day, I turned around Charles Bridge which I had been able to overcome the first day of my stay, to discover, not far, street Mostecká, at the end of which is the Church of St. Nicholas. Admission is charged, but the visit is worth the detour. The Interior of the Church is truly splendid. Other visitors explained that Mozart would have played the organ in this church. The last day of my stay was not without a certain emotion. I spent it in the Nové Mesto district, which means 'new city '. I was very intrigued by a small museum located on the street Na Prikope and tracing the history of Czechoslovak Communism from 1921 to 1989.
I then walked in the direction of Narodni Street, offering a show of beautiful modern sculptures. I continued my visit to the national theatre, at the end of the street. I still had time, leaving the street, crossing dock Masarykovo, to see the famous Ginger and Fred building with its only original architecture and its appearance "dancing."

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