Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Costa Rica - Between nature and mass tourism

My name is Vincent Varenne, I am the author of the Green Costa Rica blog. To introduce you to Costa Rica in a few words, know that this is first and foremost a nature destination with a flora and beautiful to discover at least once in his life.

I like to describe this country by its diversity, with its large volcanic chain that crosses the territory and its 116 volcanoes, of which 5 still in activity as the Poas Volcano. But it is also a very dense tropical rainforest, large beaches of black sand, many national parks distributed throughout the country... A priceless treasure for lovers of nature!

Still need to choose the right season to come and visit this beautiful country, as tourism develops in more recent years. Costa Rica welcomes more than 2 million visitors per year, largely American, Canadian and European. Everything is done for tourism here, it has even become the first source of income for the country before the coffee and bananas. So, how to enjoy the charms of the Costa Rica without the inconvenience of the tourist flow?

Well, it's pretty simple, and this will avoid much disappointment and you will make savings, believe me. Because in high season, i.e. from December 15 to April 15, the prices double almost over the off-season, either for business or for hotels. I advise you therefore to come either late April - early may, in November or early December: these are the best two periods in my opinion because it is in low season and in parallel, or just before or after the rainy season.


But even if you come during the rainy season, contrary to everything that can be said, it will enjoy a true and beautiful vegetation of a bright green and bright, beautiful, and not land extremely dry. I personally find much prettier nature like this. And during the rainy season, it's very nice in the morning, so you can benefit fully from 5 o'clock in the morning at 13 or 14 hours under a bright sun.

With passion and objectivity, I share every day my experience of the country with many readers, whether they are passenger or that they wish to settle in Costa Rica, and as if I gave advice to a friend. Then, if it makes you want, come join me in this incredible adventure of Costa Rica, directly on the Green Costa Rica blog. I will help you to organize your trip with pleasure!

Costa Rica is a destination I discovered 2 years ago, after a romantic encounter with Melissa, a Costa Rican with whom I am now married. I am very happy to live in the Sun even if, as in any country, there are drawbacks here, too. But life remains very nice and my adventure gave birth to my new book: happy in the Sun - the guide practice to succeed its installation in Costa Rica. To discover!

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