Friday, 31 May 2013

Martinique for lovers

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It is said that in general, a single article is not enough then why not you give more details in a second article on this subject? Especially since it was an article to spark your interest, but it would seem that it has not received the expected result.

It is for this reason that said us that we will try to give a little more detail in this article this time.

Among it, diving, walking by the sea, but also the culinary specialties that dépaysent really what there used to eat here in France. Or the two volcanic massifs of the island Mount Pelée and Carbet bluff!

If you remember so much the better, otherwise it's time to find out!

That is what might say you other? Visit the St. Louis Cathedral and the Schoelcher library, this may seem annoying, but there is what to do!

Then drive the track that runs through the rainforest or the garden of Balada, of course it is better to go through a car to visit the island from one end to the other then if you have the opportunity to go through the rental car, you can always take a look on or by calling a local who may be able to offer its services.

After all this, why not just go on the beaches that lie more in the South of the island? This will be the opportunity for you to go to the Pointe du Diable for surfing, practicing and feel the waves with the wind or to take some surfing lessons?

Finally, do not miss the beaches of les Salines, known to be the most beautiful beach of the island, she seduces by its clear waters, its expanse of white sand and coconut trees.

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