Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Peru, a country that changed europe

The Peru is a destination that is not all, and this is still a pity, because this country has all the qualities required to enjoy a great holiday.
I love the exotic countries, which allow to see something other than what we can see in places like New York, Los Angeles or even Tokyo. I love to see other civilizations. If you like the thrill and make voyages other than ordinary trips I advise you to get a small trekking to the Peru.
There are plenty of places to do trekking in this wonderful place. You do not know what is trekking? It is in fact a kind hiking in a mountainous region. It's a way to be more closely and be in contact with nature.

I think if you want to change in your travels abroad, this is exactly what you should do. But you can also do trekking in France, just find places to make. Sleeping under the stars and really the best way, I think, to spend the holidays with friends and even lovers. You can also do not do trekking all the time. Indeed there is civilization also to the Peru, so you can make a break in your hiking and go enjoy the magnificent scenery of cities. You can also taste to the traditions of the country. You will be amazed at the beauty of landscapes, but also in the taste of regional products of the country. About trekking, you can easily see the beauty of the surroundings. With trekking, you can also access and be able to enjoy a famous and very beautiful place which is Machu Picchu. This place really is the place to see once in a lifetime, I find. It is a truly magical place, if you go to the Peru, you really do have to miss this place. In the places to see also out there, there are for example: Lima, the beautiful capital of the Peru, make a small walk on Lake Titicaca, or even the lines of Nazca and Trujillo and the ruins of Chan Chan, located north of the country.

I really advise you to go to the Peru if you want to do trekking and return home with stars in their eyes, landscapes are really extraordinary and there are really a lot of things to see, visit and discover. Come and discover the Peru, you will not be disappointed, I can assure you. You will come back at you with eyes full memories, full bag and full of things to tell your friends.

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