Monday, 27 May 2013

Ride bike in France

Of the Sun begins to point its rays in the middle of the blue sky, many are those who stepped their bikes to go walking to the four corners of the France.

Whether you are a seasoned or casual, biker at the discretion of the time, you too can become a traveller-biker, follow the roads and explore the country freely, at your own pace and away from any stress or pressure.

A feeling of total freedom that only bikers know and that will make you forget your watch and the pace stressful everyday life. Turn after turn, you will see magnificent landscapes and wonderful panoramas that will enhance your memories and your photo album.

Enjoy this getaway in the open air and spend pleasant moments of motorcycle, during which you will have every opportunity to contemplate natural landscapes and visit remarkable sites you've perhaps never heard talk about, because away from the usual tourist routes travelled by cars and buses.

From time to time, you will make a break on the square of a village, on the waterfront of the marines, or the terrace of a café or a hostel... time to talk a bit with the locals, discover their traditions and heritage. A gourmet stopover is required to enjoy the delights of authentic cuisine.

So you want to stretch your... wheels? Want to forget a little about the car and why not give time to your permit? Escape on the roads of France? Want to quest of discovery and conviviality? A ride on a motorbike through the beautiful regions of France is a must! Solo, two or even in a group, you see.

In the various guides for bikers, or on blogs of passionate of motorcycle rides, you will find several itineraries that will penetrate to the heart of the most regions of the France. From North to South and from East to West, you will be always delighted by what you discover: Alsace, the coasts of Brittany, Jura, Pyrenees, Normandy, the Route des Grandes Alpes, the Tower of the Ecrins, the route Napoleon, Corsica, the Camargue, the major passes of Savoy...

This is the kind of adventure that will enchant you and you will speak long around you. A feeling of total freedom is waiting for you. Your only requirement: always have your helmet (specialists of the central site - the - will help you to choose the one that suits you)

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