Monday, 27 May 2013

Sri Lanka and Reunion, two nature destinations

The island of Réunion and Sri Lanka are two islands in the Indian ocean, full of surprises. If Sri Lanka is known for its rich cultural heritage, it is also a very nature destination like the meeting that offers wonderful hikes.

The island of Réunion is the must-see island for nature lovers. Many tours and activities are not to be missed on this island but hiking remains the main activity. Sri Lanka, he is best known for its magnificent temples and its rich culture arising therefrom. However, there are also beautiful spaces where nature is breathtaking.

This island at the wonderful scenery is divided into 7 regions: is, West, North, South and the three cirques, Mafate, Ciloas and Salazie. These three circuses offer a multitude of hiking as well for beginners and for more experienced. You can make small and very long walks. In fact, you have the possibility to stay several days in the heart of the circuses of the island of Réunion to enjoy nature. You'll see an impressive flora and fauna. For families, no worries, because numbers of walks are available for children. This destination is ideal for a good puff of fresh air and to find themselves in agreement with nature.

The island of Reunion also features beautiful maritime assets. There are indeed beautiful beaches on the coast with unspoilt nature and amazing surf spots . Between land and sea, the island of Réunion is the natural destination par excellence.

Sri Lanka is an island in the South East of the India. Its cultural heritage associated with its numerous temples and traditions are hallmarks of this island. However, it has also beautiful landscapes to offer. Here you will find a luxuriant nature , either on land or at sea. Indeed, you can enjoy mountains, beaches, parks, natural and the tea fields at the four corners of the island. Wherever you are on the island, the fauna is very rich and preserved. Meet elephants Pinnawela Park or to the dolphins and whales off the coast of the ocean. Feel free to visit the fields, national parks to see impressive flora or Adam's peak, a summit which assures you an exceptional view over the Valley surrounding.

Sri Lanka has also beautiful sandy beaches with water at the incredible purity. Between land and sea, Sri Lanka is a destination that combines nature and culture.

Sri Lanka and the island of Reunion are both very natural destinations. You will then be able to spend a wonderful holiday combining relaxation and visits in full natureafin to you relax and come back with lots of memories.

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