Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Testimony of a trip to Italy part 3

Continued in part 2 and part 1.

Before speak you of Rome that I visited during the same stay, must be that I'm talking about a few moments of the Genoese side that you browse night to see, from the top of the mountains, the coastal towns glow and reflected in the sea.

I should tell you about Verona also where you will see the most famous balcony of Shakespearean literature. Florence, the city of the Medicis, deserves a trip alone. Pisa... Finally, let's go back to this journey that has led me to Rome, and first at the Vatican.

No need to be Catholic, or another, to enter and visit this enclave. You are greeted by a colonnade immense and beautiful place where the faithful gather. St. Peter's Basilica shows this as the time of the Italian Renaissance, at the time of arts and the omnipotence of these large families, most magnificent product. The fresco of the last judgement, the dome, the magnificence of the Vatican Library, each millimetre is worked, decorated, to highlight the achievements of Italian art. Much more than a place of worship, you will not go to St Pierre to pray or collect you, you will see the extraordinary tribute which the Church makes to his belief. To be honest, you have almost the impression of a museum as a church, so feel free to discover that she be your faith or your lack of belief.

Here, unlike Venice, better is worth to predict its promenade in Rome in advance because it is a big city. These seven hills offer spaces of greenery and tranquility while the rest, it is a great city which includes cars and horns.
A city, to the image of Paris, which did not escape its history.  Thus, you can visit Rome in different ways. Let's say you you you give one day per period. The first day, it is the ancient Rome, that of Jules César, which will hold your attention with the Roman forum. The centre of the world at this time (I'm exaggerating a bit!) focused one and the same place with temples, galleries, administrative buildings as the Senate. Today only remaining pieces of its infrastructure but there is impressed by this sensation of eternity that emerges from the old place of two millennia. You will leave your feet also lead you to the terms Dioteclicien and Caracalla but it is especially the Colosseum, the stage of the era, which will impress you by the Gigantism of its structure whose every inch is worked.

The day, or days, you spend them in the Rome of the Renaissance with the Castle St Ange, the place of Spain. Your journey would end otherwise than by the Trevi Fountain where, as is the tradition, you go throw a coin over your shoulder to see your wish to return to Rome to perform. A custom which is generalized to many fountain and that still reports a million euro per year, allocated to the social works of the city.  Of Italy, Rome, Venice, Florence, there are many things to tell yet, see. Especially for all those who like seeing the traces that history to leave in our daily lives. Hopefully with these few lines have given you an idea of what it feels like to visit this country, and you have encouraged to start preparing your luggage.

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