Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The for lovers of hiking blog

Looking for information on hikes to do in France, I came across the blog of Philippe. A wealth of information for hikers. After exchanging a few emails, he explains the purpose of his site and invites you to discover it on

Philip: "the purpose of my blog is to know of beautiful places in France without using the car (I have not!)." Therefore I propose many walking in various regions with photos that I realized during the journey. I indicates how to get there, the difficulties when there are and the farm to spend the night. I also make suggestions for sites to visit always without a car during a stay of a few days in Saint-Jean de Luz, Nice, Chamonix or Avignon. My blog lives and therefore for new hikes will be added to those already listed."

I wanted to make you discover his site which deserves to be known. The information presented are clear and relevant with photos, which makes it more enjoyable reading.

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