Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The India and the United States: charming destinations

For the sake of better travel and where relaxation and the idleness will be at the rendezvous, tour operators offer destinations that make dream: Istanbul, the Australia, the Thailand or Mauritius. But on the India and the United States, what are the tourist attractions of these lighthouses destinations? Discover them!

Gastronomic tourism in India for

What can you eat in India? Indian dishes are classified according to religions, social classes and regions. And Indian culinary art is based on the vegetarian and non-vegetarian. For a circuit in India, and knowing that it is a country with many regions and flavors, gastronomic routes vary from one region to another. The mets of Rajasthan are varied but the most famous are the Keema, a dish of meat chopped and cooked with various spices, and the Raita, a mixture of raw with yogurt, vegetables or fruit. A taste! Otherwise, in addition to its tea plantations, a gourmet stay in Kerala will exceptionally discover the secrets of the keralan table which, at base, is fine, spicy and affordable cuisine with a varied menu. For dishes vegetarian, there are, for example, the Kappa Puttu which is served hot with a fish or chicken curry, Theeyal which is a dish based on coconut and very spicy, Kootttu curry being a side dish made from vegetable and lens that is served with rice-based dishes. And for dishes not vegetarian, most popular remains the Malabar mutton Biriyani which is a flat fine mutton-based. For the gourmets, the pleasure of the Indian table will amaze you in its tastes and scents!

A very brief overview of the United States

The United States is a planet full where wonder will go with its natural wonders like the canyons, its buildings of great height as the Empire State Building, its mythical such as Las Vegas or Los Angeles cities. For green tourism or urban tourism, a circuit United States will allow you to discover the sights of this great country from North to South and from West to East. But the most visited cities are New York City or "the cosmopolitan city", Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Hollywood. In the cosmopolitan city, go to the discovery of the Brooklyn Bridge for photo sessions and to have breathtaking views over Manhattan, visit museums ranging from the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art located on Broadway at the Museum of Modern Art located in the Midtown Manhattan district, immense green area of Manhattan being the sanctuary for birds migratory and to discover the Lakes artificial.  "The magic city is Los Angeles or city contrast will delight you by its majestic neighborhoods like Beverly Hills or Bel Air, by these museums as" The Getty Center "to attend openings of painting to the decorative arts or that of The Getty Villa" to discover a selection of ancient art, by its leisure parks like the famous Disneyland located in Anaheim for the joy of children and adults.  There's so much to see in the United States, the country of great spaces!

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