Friday, 31 May 2013

The risks of the journey

Being passionate about travel is not without risk

Travel at the end of his dreams and worship places are part of the passions of many who would not like to travel without work or even travel throughout his life without worrying about the rest?

Almost everything the world and yet travel is not always without risk, indeed when travelling should always pay attention to the places or one realises and pay attention to its business, because it is really hard to trust a stranger in this way when we know not the city.


I still remember when I had traveled in Germany, a young market before me with his coffee in full gear and wanting to work around this issue, he has still managed to spill coffee on my jacket on my arrival at Berlin airport.

It was then proposed to wipe me the jacket, I then accepted.

At the moment or I removed my jacket, another young arrived at full-speed for take me my small suitcase and run with, wanting the caught up with the young who was on hand my jacket made me a crooked leg and vanished with my jacket.

Fortunately for me, my passport, my phone and my wallet were in my pockets, but when a girl, this is not necessarily obvious to put it all in his pockets.

Fortunately I still had my phone, it allowed me to find my hotel in Berlin.

I would, therefore, that this experience brings you something and it allows you to beware of everything in the future when you will travel.

You should know that there is no such thing as zero risk, so it is important when travelling to be always next to its business and to have a look on our steps.

Because without his small reflexes, whether you're passionate about travel, it will be difficult to travel safely and keep good memories.

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