Friday, 31 May 2013

Travel to Mongolia with Nomad Planet

Now it's done! You chose to go to Mongolia! But then how? With Nomad Planet, incoming Agency in Mongolia, we explain what you can expect.

First of all it is important to know that making such a trip requires some preparations. The Mongolia is indeed a country in full development. Rigid between the Russia and China, output from the Communist grip since the 1990s, the Mongolia opens gradually in the world. Including tourist facilities are few in this vast country where natural landscapes are dominant. Make a trip to Mongolia so it make a trip off the beaten path. This is travel from natural sites in natural sites and exploring of a country legendary history and where still continues the nomadic way of life. This is what we have pleasure to make you discover Nomad Planet.

Share unforgettable moments with the nomads

Nomad Planet, we want to make you discover the essence of the Mongolia, i.e. its nomadic people that we consider to be one of the greatest wealth of the country. Sleeping families of farmers and having the opportunity to share their daily lives, it is an entire ancestral culture that is offered to you. Trade with them will help you understand the beauty and simplicity of this ancestral lifestyle. As an actor of sustainable tourism, we have created a network of families partners has which we donate a portion of the revenues of tourism to contribute to the preservation of the nomadic way of life.

A team of field professionals to assist you in your journey

The Mongolia is in full development. Thus, road, health and tourism infrastructure are few. Travelled tracks mostly unsealed, Jeep trips are preferred. A stay in Mongol lands cannot be improvised so and requires the presence of a driver with solid knowledge of tracks to take and the mechanics of his vehicle. Another essential partner is the interpreter to understand encountered local populations and thus fully benefit from these exchanges. So, the Nomad Planet team is there to assist you in this great adventure: drivers and guides have knowledge deep and personal of Mongolian culture, particularly for being mobile themselves.

The breathtaking landscapes

The main images of the Mongolia in general, are the Green steppe, yurts and these horses grazing nearby. But the country has much more to offer. Desert sand, short of water, waterfall, cliffs, caves, mountains to the snow-capped mountains... West to East are kilometres getaways and nature reserves which follow, with your eyes still preserved traces of human nature. Our different tours allow you to make this discovery of sites all different and choose for yourself those you want to see by making us your ideal trip in Mongolia.

In summary, we give you the guarantee of a journey to the deepest of the Mongolia and its culture, meet nomadic families who will show you their lifestyle so special and to discover the most beautiful Mongolian natural sites. Then skip the step and discover the Mongolia closer to his people with Nomad Planet.

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