Thursday, 30 May 2013

Travel to two New York

Two trips are often what there is richer in a relationship and that is why we decided since the launch of the blog to tell you about our experiences, but also the experience of other couples travelling together.

And it must be said that by dint of travel and compare prices with liligo, trying to find places that will please us but who could also give you the idea to travel to two.

For this we decided to focus this time on the USA and especially New York.

Although the United States include 50 States, it must be said that we already had our little preference if the opportunity arises to travel to the USA. No doubt, this would be New York and Florida.

Why? Quite simply because we have known charm of New York through several shows including: Sex and the city, Gossip girl, Ugly Betty, the Experts: Manhattan, Friends or even a nanny! Do not tell us that you have not known all these series? Whenever I read an article on New York or a blog post on this subject, I found the episode and the time or is the characters in the picture of the other.

A flight to New York would be really conducive to discover everything that one might see on television including the different areas of Brooklyn or manhattan, Times Square, the Empire State Building & Top Of the Rock, Central Park, SOHO, the Statue of liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, etc.

Although we would like to travel to the United States and first in New York, you should know that New York is not the only city that will appeal to lovers, it seems that Chicago (with the Lake Michigan or Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park) and Florida (Miami Beach, Orlando) are also what make the difference or the Bahamas...

If you know more about these different States, don't hesitate to share them in the comments, because it is what you would have heard of our friends about.

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