Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Travel while having fun during the dead time

To go on a trip to family, it is sometimes complicated, especially for children who are bored during the duration of the trip. Indeed, when taking the plane for several hours, children sometimes forget that they are in a plane and this disturbs other passengers. I found you several ideas in order to occupy a child during the duration of the trip.
Firstly, the electronic video games. You can give your kids to games such as a ds, a psp or others yet. This occupied him during his trip. If you have a smartphone, you can also lend him so he plays for applications. Indeed, there are some games that are all the rage at the moment with the children such as Temple Run 2. It's a game to be completely omnibule by the phone and so he will not speak. It's a good way for they do not make noise during the duration of a flight for example. You can also read a book. Nowadays, few children enjoy reading, although it is an opportunity to make her understand that read is very good for him and for his imagination. A child in need of much imagination to grow properly. A little stimulated child will be more evil in his future. Then, there's the music.
A lot of child now have ipods to listen to music. He will speak so not, and listen to his music in silence. Otherwise, the simplest so he is not bored I think, is to have fun with him, while remaining discreet enough to not annoy other passengers. On a train, happening yet, but if you are in a plane, those present will like not too bothered. For example, there is an application that I play me even with my little sister when she comes at me where when we see, it is Talking Tom Cat 2. It is a small cat that speaks and you can also have fun with him. It is a small virtual cat very endearing to children. Personally, my little sister love playing with him. There are also other ways to deal with your child.

Give pens and white sheets to drawings, or even if you have a touch pad you can now do so draw on without felt and leaves, although I find it less stimulating for the child than a good white sheet. If you do not stuff, you can just as well discuss with him during the trip. It won't feel forsake and he will be happy to talk to you about his school or of its activities. There are lots of way to occupy a child during a trip, feel free to use your imagination.

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