Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Visit Florence in Italy, the "Museum city".

If I tell you that I left on vacation in Italy, you will tell me that there's nothing more romantic than Venice or more timeless than Rome. And you'll have reason, except that my heart balance rather on the side of Florence.
Florence, it is the city of the Medicis, the city of the Italian Renaissance, of a past is steeped in history. Starting in Florence, it's kinda make a trip in time. However, no need to be poured into the history books to appreciate the flavor and no need to practice the Catholic religion to enter one of the many churches in the city. The Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, beautifully surmounted by a dome and flanked by a Bell Tower, is one of the icons of the city. At the health Croce Basilica are nothing less than Michelangelo, Machiavelli o even Galileo. These churches and many others are all to discover from the outside than from the inside. The Gallery of Offices, the largest museum in the city, houses a masterpiece as the Annunciation of Leonardo da Vinci or the tables of Botticelli and Titian. The passion for beautiful stones and beautiful paintings has widely enough to satisfy their curiosity in this town that was at the time the cultural capital of the world.

Let's say that regardless of how to visit Florence, it will not escape its history. It is not possible to not in the city centre, class 10, Unesco World Heritage, without seeing a perfectly preserved historic building. Florence is also a town built around the River Arno, river that runs through the city as a share.  Therefore, many bridges traverse the city and the most famous is probably the Ponte Vecchio. Like the Rialto in Venice, it is both bridge, pedestrian and shopping for silversmiths of luxury. Linking the two parts of the city in its heart, it is a must-see.

Florence is a city that has few equals in Europe and offers to those who visit a panorama of European culture. However, if you want to enjoy, choose get there preferably in the spring. You will avoid the heat and the endless rows of tourist. Consider including book, via internet, the «firenzacard», a free access to all pass the molted city and with priority entry. A last trick for the road if you visit Florence with children. Try the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci. Younger guests can try to manipulate re-enactments of Da Vinci experience. Playful and informative.

Florence, this is therefore, a city that a perpetual tribute to the most beautiful moments of artistic creation in Europe.

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