Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Wanderings of a GlobeTrotter in Europe

After having discovered the site of Céline Globetrekkeuse, it is paid to the game to make us discover a course of days in Eastern Europe...
After long months ago around the world, from the steppes of Patagonia to the high plateaus of the Himalayas, Corsican roads trails Inca I decided to resume the paths, shod this time in answering a question by a friend: "always you partes at the other end of the world. Do you know appreciate less exotic destinations? »
Curious to find the answer to this mystery, I file at the SNCF desk get a Pass InterRail... and go for a expedition of 20 days in several European cities.
I annoy me? Will I turn back after a few days and run away to a distant destination? I know appreciate the high places of my story? Were can I find the authenticity, wonder, surprise, essential to the success of my trips?
Despite my apprehensions and the absence of marked trails on my journey, I must confess that this journey was able to surprise me and charmed me. No, Europe, our good old continent, is not boring or devoid of mystery and unusual places for the one who takes the trouble to get lost and to look beyond the obvious.
+ Enjoy the happy animation of Marienplatz and Viktualienmarket,
+ Swim in the Olympic pool for the Olympics in 1972,
+ Enjoy a Paulaner in a beer garden (or attend Oktoberfest in September).
Marienplatz of Munich

+ Enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the Eiffel Tower (Rohzledna)
+ Wandering along the Vltava River and the bridge Saint-Charles at dawn,
+ Laugh at puppet theatre,
+ Remember the John Lennon wall.
+ Search for many unusual statues,
+ Sail on the Danube, Devín Castle,
+ Photographing the colorful streetcars.

+ Share the life of Mozart and Sissi,
+ Admire St. Charles Church,
+ Bathe in the Danube (arranged Bank).
+ Enjoy breathtaking views over the Danube,
+ Climb to the captivating fishermen's bastion
+ Chatting in the thermal baths,
+ Remember the Soviet past of the country to the Park of statues.
Thermal baths of Budapest

+ Reproduce the roof of St Mark's Church,
+ Walk between sculptures and fountains,
+ Read and link knowledge to the terraces of the cafés.
National Theatre
+ Walking along the Ljubljanica.

Practical info:
2 to 3 days on-site is the ideal time to visit each of the mentioned cities.
Transport:Global Pass valid InterRail in Europe without reservation, reliable schedules displayed in stations and on the site German
Formulas and rates change regularly: refer to the interRail site
Accommodation: Hostels Youth Hostel (not mixed) or more user-friendly local hostels.
Average budget (excluding transport): 50 euros/day (accommodation, meals, recreation).
Thanks to Céline "Globetrekkeuse"

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