Friday, 31 May 2013

What to do in Croatia in love?

We are a young couple and we wish to spend a memorable holiday in love. After many research, our destination focused on Croatia - a country in southern Europe - and particularly its capital Zagreb located to the Northwest of the country.

Our trip to Croatia is idyllic, worthy of a honeymoon. This is why our choice is oriented on Zagreb, a romantic city wish. Divided into three areas - the upper town, the lower town and the new town - it offers to the tourists of the heterogeneous attractions.

In addition to its majestic monuments such as the Gothic Cathedral, the Franciscan church Gothic Saint-François with a single nave, the Romanesque-Gothic church of St. mark, the emblematic Lotrscak Tower, the Palace of the Croatian Academy of sciences and arts, the capital is also the happiness of art lovers thanks to its museums presenting the rich historical heritage of the city and works of art from around the world.

To make our stay perfect, we developed a program to fade the most fervent supporters of romanticism.

First of all, we opted for the hotel five star Esplanade Regent (rated the best Internet users) with styling years 20, rooms spacious and nicely furnished, its Mediterranean and dishes in Californian style, its cocktails and snacks so that its sauna, fitness centre, spa, wellness centre and its whirlpool. Nothing that to see the photographs of the hotel, this gives already very fancy... What do you think?


All two enthusiasts of culture, history, art and architecture, our trip to lovers will begin with a walk at night in the heart of the old Zagreb, in the magic of the upper town, perched on a hill, Gorjni Grad: a Montmartre to the tunes of Prague with the tranquillity of a village.

Although we prefer stories that last and the "happy ends", we then want to visit the atypical and unique Museum of hearts breezes exposing memories and testimonies of love stories of the world.

Our next step is located in the southwestern part of the city where two lakes formed by the Sava River so-called Jarun having five islands connected by bridges and are surrounded by 2500 meters of sunny beaches.

Worshiping both animals, I believe that we will be to the angels in this heavenly haven of peace. Indeed, this place is home to hundreds of species of birds and fish, aquatic animals and insects: there was not more to our happiness. Those wishing to also have the opportunity to swim, to canoeing and kayaking or rowing, knowing that lifeguards shall constantly on bathers.

The Catholic Cathedral St. Stephen built in the eleventh century and located in the upper town, in the heart of the District of Kaptol, will be our next destination. We love to discover the architecture of places of worship. Probably we also visit different churches in Zagreb.


Art is also one of our chemistry, our choice for the rest of the adventure naturally fell on the Museum of Art naive comprising more than 1500 works, the exhibition presenting the masters of naïve art from Croatia and the world such as Ivan Generalic, Adriana Fejes and Ivan Rabuzin.

To keep a part of mystery, we prefer to improvise on the spot in relation to our other discoveries... Will they be - no doubt - also delicious that the succulent don't we reserve the hotel of our hearts...

If like us you're going to trip, we wish you unforgettable moments...

"Stay, it does exist: but travelling is live. '' Gustave Nadaud

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