Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mauritius, a multi cultural destination where everyone can find his happiness!

First of all, one of the first reasons for choosing Mauritius for its holiday is likely to be the white sand of its beaches and turquoise water of lagoons. Everyone has already seen these postcards images combining, white sandy beach, Sun, turquoise waters and coconut! A large majority of these beaches are sheltered by a coral reef offering quietness and a multitude of tropical to admire with masks fish and snorkel! Ideal to take advantage of all this is the villa Mauritius rental directly on the beach, scenery!
But the side relaxation is not the only feature of this island paradise.Its mountains, although less steep than those of its sister Reunion Island, offer exceptional views such as le Morne and piton de la Rivière Noire. Hiking, horseback riding or quad, climbing and canyoning, everyone finds his account!Sports destination also thanks its many prestigious golf courses, the island can be proud of this golf label that places in a good position in the ranking of destinations for golfers. Here too of accommodation options are possible including the luxury Mauritius villa rental in area with a golf course. Tourists benefit from a green-Fee per day and per person!Nature lovers will not be disappointed by the fauna and flora, exceptional. Often referred to as the island of the Dodo bird disappeared since the 18th century, the island of Mauritius also has many endemic species like the straw in a ponytail or the gecko. Tropical gardens will give ideas to some, as well as the multitude of as original flowers by their color and their shape.This island, melting pot of cultures and populations, offers a cultural diversity that are found rarely. Having experienced several waves of immigration, French, British, Dutch, Chinese and Indian, co-education is found both in the language as in the music or the kitchen. Each tour market is a little tour of the world of smells and spices! Discover many tourist circuits by choosing rental villas Mauritius Island!Finally the reputation of Mauritians is more to do: friendly and helpful, they take care of tourists and share with pleasure their knowledge and their knowledge. Renting villa Mauritius is a way to discover the island in depth and to rub elbows with locals every day.To discover Mauritius in depth and have an unforgettable stay made confidence, agencies specialized in holiday island Maurice present on-site.

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm

Part of this monument can be invaded by vegetation, but that can be the saving grace of Ta Prohm. This temple is one of the most popular for visitors to the site of Angkor, because it is one of the most evocative of the lot: location in the first Tomb Raider film.

Ta Prohm was built by King Jayavarman VII for his mother. As a whole, the complex is composed of several low buildings surrounded by a wall (or that remains) encompassing an area 1.959 by 3.281 m wide. After its consecration in 1186, Ta Prohm has become a Buddhist monastery active and the University: an inscription in sanskrit on the site has approximately 12,640 people as residents of the complex, including 13 high priests, 2,740 civil servants, 2,232 assistants, and 615 dancers.

When conservation efforts began in the early 20th century, it was decided that the trees and vegetation are largely left in place. Today, the trees have grown in (and in some cases, replace) the superstructure of stone of the temple, visitors to the shade as they walk through the ruins of a large learning centre.

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Friday, 28 June 2013

Banteay Kdei

Banteay Kdei

Many tourists could miss a visit to the temple of Banteay Kdei. Their loss: a land spacious and shady Temple, little frequented by tourists, so make of Banteay Kdei an ideal place for your time visits in order to benefit to the maximum from the atmosphere.

Banteay Kdei is located southeast of Ta Prohm, a complex semi-ruines of four speakers with the largest measuring 297 m by 1640 the prolific Mr. King Jayavarman VII completed Banteay Kdei in the early 13th century. Two different Angkor-Bayon - artistic styles are evident in the design of the temple.

The temple itself is in a State of rather advanced disrepair: its soft sandstone structure has collapsed in some places, and the outer wall was rebuilt with reused stones. And because changes made by the Hindu Kings later, Banteay Kdei doesn't have the symmetry of the most popular temples such as Angkor Wat.

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Annecy, the Savoyard Venice

A landscape breathtaking, a whole range of natural, historic and religious decor, everything is Annecy, also known as 'Savoyard Venice. This name comes from the presence of many canals which have become arteries of the city. Annecy is located in the southeast of France, built at the edge of a lake that bears the same name and surrounded by a mountain range.Annecy is a city that has been able to develop over time, without still leave aside its history and its cultures. Discover - la through its sights that constantly attract a good number of tourists each year. It should be noted that even a whole book is not sufficient to quote all the tourist attractions of Annecy, but that does not preclude listing some below:

Legacies of its history or fruit of modernity, Annecy has a lot of buildings that open their doors to visitors. The image of the Annecy Castle which houses a Museum of contemporary art and regional, the palais de l'Isle, or one can learn on Annecy architecture, and the Château de Novel and its garden. Among the religious monuments, visit the Church Saint-François-de-Sales, the Basilica of the Visitation and the Saint-Pierre Cathedral. Don't miss - admire the Lake, along which you can easily find a hotel during your holidays in Annecy. A tour of the old town is also recommended to help you rub shoulders with Annecy as well as admire the canals and fountains that beautify the city. Don't forget to take a ride on the bridge of love over the canal of the Vasse. And finally, don't forget to take a stroll in the gardens of Europe and le Pâquier.
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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Travel in the Pacific Islands

Today you are invited to discover remarkable destinations in Oceania. That you are looking for adventure or relaxation, they will know that delight you.

Do you like the great outdoors, sports and thrills? So take a trip to New Zealand and let explode your craving for adventure. For many this country is that of nature. Who would believe it not with the large expanses of mountains, fjords, lakes and rivers, ice picks, white sandy beaches, but also the volcanic formations still active. Sure, the adventure is at the venue:
If you are looking to take on water, you will have the opportunity to challenge several types of waves in surf, put sailing or water skiing, but also to descend the rapids in a canoe or kayak for more sensations. Here, canyoning is also a widespread activity, add to this the opportunity to explore many caves in raft and you will be the "master of waters".
Hiking is also part of the more activities in New Zealand. Thousands of miles of trails and an extensive network of refuges welcome you. In addition, with its national parks scattered on nearly 5 million hectares, about one third of the country is protected and waits for you.
Bora Bora Island is one of the most beautiful in French Polynesia with Tahiti. It is famous for its towering peaks of volcano, its luxuriant vegetation, its many motu where the beaches are amongst the most beautiful and finest, but it especially for its large and beautiful lagoon, with clear waters and a turquoise blue that travellers appreciate both this destination. In fact, Bora Bora has one of the most incredible and most famous lagoons in the world. With both clear and warm water, diving in the lagoon are known to be among the most exciting. Furthermore, here the fish and other marine animals do not fear the presence of the man.
Bora Bora is also a place of dreams for the lovebirds. Here each hotel welcomes couples honeymoon in splendid "love nests".
If you are tempted by a trip to Bora Bora, many activities will put you away from boredom. Do jet - skiing, sailing, go fishing, skydive, go hiking or cruises aboard catamarans... And if you love stories, you are advised to visit archaeological sites and remains of the second world war. Some propose other even more beautiful activities like swimming with dolphins.
If you like diving, Bora Bora cannot displease you because you are professional or amateur, it is possible to dive equipping you only a mask. The colorful fish and other creatures are waiting for you! It is sometimes also possible to rent a video camera underwater to the reception of some hotels if you want to share your experiences with your friends and loved ones.

This article was written by Aro

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Whether you stay in Barcelona as a tourist or for professional reasons, ShBarcelona provides you the guarantee of a pleasant stay.

Whatever the reasons that bring you to Barcelona, it is imperative for a successful stay, the choice of quality accommodation. ShBarcelona is a site specializing in the offer of various forms of stay in apartments for rent in Barcelona. Rentals are for the day, weekend or week, but the site also offers rentals medium-term and long-term, as well as a range of sales in particular for persons making frequent stays in the city.
When you plan to spend vacation in Barcelona, aspire to a lodging offering the best comfort is a legitimate requirement. The tourist rentals formula meets all criteria of comfort and security that one is entitled to expect during a stay abroad. offers a wide range of holiday apartments. Tourists of all stripes will not fail to find that meet their expectations. The site offers a selection of quality among duplex apartments, lofts, studios and many other types of accommodation. The rent is invariably established the day, weekend or week, what has the significant advantage of avoid you unforeseen expenses.
For the sake of economy, les locations rentals average or long prove to constitute the ideal solution among all. Site offers many possibilities for monthly rentals in Barcelona, at an extremely attractive rate. Thus, it is quite open to opt for an apartment from 20 to more than 90 m 2, equipped with one or several rooms, fully equipped and furnished/semi-furnished... Annual rentals, up to 5 years, are also quite possible. The site offers further flexible contracts, in order to best meet your requirements.
Selection catalogue is available on the Web site, it is also possible to access it via a search engine, you are thereby free to insert your personal criteria such as the selection of the District of residence, the price range, the framework, or even the number of pieces. Once your choice stopped, proceed immediately to online booking, and discover the charms of Barcelona the serene spirit. Don't wait any longer, fill as early as now the online booking form, and go discover or rediscover the charms of Barcelona under the best conditions
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

A stay 'luxury' to Reunion and Mauritius

The island of Réunion and Mauritius are both very tourist islands with many hotels. They both have beautiful surroundings and luxury hotels are increasingly numerous.

These two charming Islands have many activities and visits to make you discover. The wonderful landscapes and the presence of luxury hotels are that these destinations can offer you a true luxury between nature, culture and azure lagoon stay.

Mauritius is an island renowned for its culture and beautiful landscapes. This authentic island has a multitude of luxury hotel. All located in an idyllic setting, they offer a remarkable service. Luxury in Mauritius is constantly seeking excellence. You will find in most of these hotels and spas to relax and pamper yourself. If you want more privacy, rent beautiful villas of luxury on the island.

Mauritius is known to be the paradise of golfers. Golf, still remains a relatively luxurious activity. This very noble sport is within the reach of high society. You will then find, often at the foot of Lairg, magnificent courses with 18 holes. Golf is a little extra luxury on the island of Mauritius. This island should be to all lovers of luxury and those that leave couples especially.

The island of Réunion, it, is not the first destination luxury to which we believe. However, in recent years, the meeting has made huge progress and attracts more and more celebrities. Best known for hiking in its splendid landscapes, the meeting becomes a luxury destination with a refined universe and very welcoming hotels. There are more in addition to 5-star hotels like the LUX * meeting located on the most beautiful beach of the island in Saint Gilles. Nearly 7 hectares there are equipped for the comfort of residents.

Many excursions allow you to visit some corners of the island. However all is not accessible on foot. In this case, do you offer an overview private of the meeting by helicopter for a magical feeling.

The island of La Réunion, Mauritius and Rodrigues are all three part of the Mascarene Islands. Close, they are still very different. Their proximity allows you, however, to make a combined meeting-Maurice or Mauritius-Rodrigues and thus discover the wealth of each of them.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Vacations and Guadeloupe travel guide

For a few years now, Guadeloupe has become the favorite destination for French tourists. Whether summer or winter, holiday tourism in theGuadeloupe archipelago is increasing constantly...

Guadeloupe, known as the "island of beautiful waters" Karukera is actually 2 Islands (La Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre) forming the famous "Butterfly".
With the Saintes, la Désirade, Marie Galante, these islands form the Guadeloupe archipelago, a paradise on Earth located in the small French Caribbean.

The site, guadeloupe - is a complete guide on tourism and culture Guadeloupe.
Here you will find all the information about the cities, their stories and the places to visit during your stay. Whether the beautiful beach of Grande Anse Deshaies passing by of the Capesterre-Belle-eau Carbet falls, or the famous Pointe des Châteaux at Saint-François, where you can admire a fantastic on the island of la Désirade but also on Guadeloupe view...
Prepare your trip to Guadeloupe at best.

The pole 'Cultural wealth' will set the tone on all the Creole traditions. Caribbean cuisine, traditional music, the artists Guadeloupe, Caribbean architecture, costumes of time and of course all the events with the 'creole agenda' page.

All the months, guadeloupe - focuses on a Guadeloupe artist, be it a painter, a writer, a musician, or even a poet, you'll discover his route, his biography. All illustrated by beautiful photographs.

The 'your stay' pole as she, will offer valuable information for your stay in the Guadeloupe archipelago.
Guadeloupe - is used to offer a selection of hotels, rental of bungalow, cottages, tourist residence who trusted them. So, take your time on the site to choose your holiday in Guadeloupe.

For the Wolverines, guadeloupe - has created a topic restaurants, you can enjoy the cuisine of the world, gourmet cuisine, or rather 'eat local' with the Caribbean restaurants ?
The team offers a chain restaurant in Guadeloupe.

We invite make you on their site, you will find yet full of surprises including less car in Guadeloupe rentals

Venue so on guadeloupe -!

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Friday, 21 June 2013

10 Exciting things to do and see in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Many travelers want to come to Cambodia only to visit the temples of Angkor Wat, one of the most popular attractions in Southeast Asia, but there are many other interesting things to do in Siem Reap. More than a million tourists per year pass through Siem Reap, which makes the place more strong growth in Cambodia out of Phnom Penh, the capital.

With history dating all the way back to the year 802, the visit of Siem Reap is a no-brainer for many people traveling through Southeast Asia.

1 Angkor Wat

Despite so many other things to do in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat world heritage site is still the main draw for tourists. The temples of Angkor Wat, built in the 12th century by the khmer people, must be seen to be believed. Dozens of temples - some restored and some even invaded by vines - are Angkor Wat, which is about four miles north of Siem Reap. The scale of Angkor Wat is overwhelming; a three-day pass ($40 US) is necessary to appreciate even a fraction of the carved reliefs and ruins outside the site of the main temple.

2 Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary

The sanctuary of Prek Toal bird became one of the most important breeding grounds for the birds endangered by water in Southeast Asia. Located in the marshes of the Tonle Sap Lake, this bird sanctuary offers a chance to do the boat tour and see rare birds outside captivity.

You can make arrangements to visit sanctuary of Prek Toal bird through your guest house or rent a boat from Phnom Krom dockside Chong Khneas (35 US $-$45 for round trip). You will be dropped off at Prek Toal Environmental Research (entrance fee $5) station, where you can pick up information about the fauna of the region and the flora, or book an excursion by boat on the Sanctuary ($15-25).

3 Ball on Angkor Wat Tower

Just to the West of Angkor Wat, a tourism company offers an exciting - and different way to enjoy the ruins without fighting the hordes of tourists and touts. See the site of 600 m in the air gives a new perspective on how solid the temple complex really is.

Travel balloon from $35US and prices rise for long trips. You will find the ball on the road from the airport to Angkor Wat, a short distance from the gates of Angkor Wat. Call + 85 12 520810 for more information.

4 Museum of land mines

The Khmer Rouge in 1975 and the Vietnamese occupation in 1979 helped tumultuous past, Siem Reap war-torn. Siem Reap has not begun to stabilize and become safe enough for tourists to visit before the 1990s.

Unfortunately, millions of landmines and unexploded ordnance have been left by decades of conflict. Many beggars without legs of the city are a living testimony to the way in which these dangerous objects are still nowadays.

The Cambodia Museum minefield was founded by a former soldier of the child whose parents have been killed by the Khmer Rouge and is composed by the victims and orphans of the mines. Although disappointing, the Museum of landmines is a real piece of Cambodia away from the glam of tourism.

5 Military Shooting Range

Watched too many action movies and want to give it a try? Approximately three quarter hours from Siem Reap, tourists can try an arsenal of automatic weapons in a former military shooting range. Prices are not cheap - 1 shot US $ and more - but where you will have the opportunity to shoot an AK-47 or to throw a live grenade?

Soldiers retired to supervise the beach and you harass always to try the latest and the greatest firepower, including belt-fed machineguns. Those who have enough money and the guts are even invited to shoot an old Soviet-made rocket! The beach is located along Highway 67 to Banteay Srey (see their location on Google Maps).

6 Aqua pool

During the months of March, April and may, temperatures can reach over 100 degrees in Siem Reap. A great way to escape the Sun and oppressive, jungle humidity is at the head of Aqua - a wholly owned Australian bar and a restaurant located around a giant, public swimming pool.

Let not the outside appearance fool you, Aqua provides an ideal environment to refresh and to meet people at the same time. For 2 per day US $, you can relax by the pool with a drink in hand.

7 Angkor national museum

The Angkor national museum is a magnificent monument which houses thousands of objects recovered from the ruins of Angkor Wat and the surrounding areas in an impressive building. Works of Art, statues, and presentations by well planned videos make this museum worth a visit and the entry is bien12 $ US.

Visit the national museum before Angkor Angkor Wat will give an overview of the history of the Khmer civilization and will enhance your visit to the ruins of the temple.A walk through the Museum takes about two hours.

8 Cello Concert at the children's Hospital

Dr. Beat Richner of Switzerland helps the children of Cambodia since 1992 and has even starred in films.Every Saturday night around 7 pm Dr. Richner gives a performance of free cello at the children Hospital of Jayavarman VII to anyone wishing to see - and help - its efforts for giving to the region's children a better future. Donations accepted.

9 Kampong Phluk

Approximately 13 miles from Siem Reap, Kampong Phluk is a fishing village built on stilts in the marshes around the Tonle Sap, the largest lake of Cambodia.

Only a handful of tourists make the trip by boat or by bus in Kampong Phluk, which helped the village retains much of its authenticity. This is the place to go to see the life daily Khmer away from the influence of heavy tourism.

10 Wat Thmei

Siem Reap suffered horribly in the Khmer Rouge, and victims of the region are commemorated today in this monastery. A stupa at the walls of glass on the premises holds a mass of bones belonging to the victims of the massacre. Like his counterpart Tuol Sleng in Phnom Penh, Wat Thmei provides a brutal reminder of the madness that ruled Cambodia in the 1970s.

This is not all bones and death here, even if the great monastery here houses many monks and orphans in their care. (Wat Thmei does not part of Siem Reap tourist circuit of the hapless orphanage - to learn more about why you should not go to orphanages in the region, read this: orphanages in Cambodia are not tourist attractions.)

Wat Thmei is approximately 540 meters west of Angkor Wat, on the left fork on the road.

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Angkor travel guide

Site: Angkor
Location: Cambodia
Year of designation in UNESCO world cultural heritage: 1992
Category: cultural
Criteria: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

Reason for designation: the ancient capitals of the khmer Empire are architectural and artistic achievements of the ancient world's most remarkable.

Hidden behind the forests of the province Siem Reap of Cambodia, elegant monuments of an ancient city stone fly off into the sky above the sprawling complex of Angkor Archaeological Park.


The different capitals of the khmer Empire flourished here from the 9th to the 15th century, while their leaders presided over an empire that stretched from Myanmar (Burma) to the Viet Nam. Including wooded areas and "suburbs" newly discovered Angkor spans more than 400 square miles (1,000 square kilometers), an area much larger than five boroughs of New York City.

Although one of the hundreds of temples and the surviving structures, the massive Angkor Wat is the most famous of all the temples of Cambodia, it appears on the flag nation and he is revered for a good reason. The "temple mountain" in 12th century was built like a spiritual of the Hindu God Vishnu. The temple is an architectural triumph of artistic treasures as the galleries of the reliefs that surround many walls and sustainable stories in the history of Cambodia and the legend.

In other parts of Angkor of the fabulous scenes of everyday life are serious, offering researchers a valuable window on the past.

The archives of Angkor did not say, however, is why the leaders of the city have abandoned the site and relocated near the current Phnom Penh. Theories are penchees to defeats in battle and moving religious observances, (because the Khmer Hinduism was gradually replaced by Theravada Buddhism in the 13th and 14th centuries), but the mystery has puzzled scientists for centuries.

Angkor is as much water as it is on the stone site enjoys a huge system of artificial canals, dikes and reservoirs, including the largest (West Baray) is 5 miles (8 km) long and 1.5 miles (2.4 km) in width. These incredible feats of engineering are an integral part of the overall design of a site which remains faithful to the religious symbolism. The moat, for example, are images representative oceans surrounding Mount Meru, the home of the Hindu gods.

But these massive works have also served a practical purpose by skillfully to exploit the river and rain water to quench the thirst of some 750,000 inhabitants the largest pre-industrial city in the world. This water also irrigated is producing wealth of crops such as rice, which served the Khmer as currency.

Some researchers believe that the fall of this elaborate water system leads at the end of Angkor. A series of weak monsoon and / or the collapse of water works because of environmental problems such as deforestation, which has led floods destructive and muffled the sediment system, could tip the movement of power to Phnom Penh.

Even after his glory days were past, Angkor remained popular with the Buddhist pilgrims who traveled through Southeast Asia and beyond. Today, the site also attracts secular travellers, nearly one million per year.

When Angkor was named site of world heritage in 1992, it has also been added to the list of world heritage in danger, the incomparable site was threatened by looting, plagued by illegal excavations, and even dotted with land mines. In 1993, UNESCO has launched a major campaign of restoration and safeguarding of Angkor. Thanks to a textbook case of the Angkor international cooperation have rebounded dramatically that it has withdrawn from the list of world heritage in danger in 2004.

UNESCO continues to be part of the future of Angkor, in collaboration with the Cambodian authorities to ensure that access to and the development of tourism do not compromise this great cultural wealth.

How to get there

The nearby town of Siem Reap may be achieved by good roads of Phnom Penh and buses and taxis make the trip regularly. Those who prefer to travel by boat can also make the journey from Phnom Penh to some five or six hours, or about the same time of course as by road. The Siem Reap airport has a service in Phnom Penh and regular flights abroad for the Thailand, Singapore, the Viet Nam and Laos.

How to visit

Growing city! Siem Reap is the gateway to Angkor and is filled with hotels, restaurants and Offices of tourism and souvenirs for all budgets. Coaches are available for those whose routes correspond to what is proposed in general of the visits of the main sites of Angkor. Those interested in exploring the more remote structures and off-the-beaten track can rent cars or motorcycles with drivers and / or guides that are also able to suggest itineraries. Balloon rides offer a unique aerial perspective from which you can see the grand design of the Angkor complex.

When to visit

The high tourist season at Angkor is December and January, when rainfall is less likely and the climate is very kind. Temperatures can climb soared in the spring and peak in April generally prior to the season of the monsoon by May / June. The trip during the monsoon season can be uncomfortable. Post-mousson rainy season continues until October, but the rains are sporadic and should not deter the well-prepared, although some isolated roads can wash at the end of the rainy season.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

London, Mythic City and cultural centre of England

City Motley, London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Always present on the front of the stage, it constantly provides innovation in tourist attractions.The change of scenery to a few hours of the FranceLondon sets the tone of travel eventful two hours 15 minutes by train departing from Paris Gare du Nord. Even livelier than its French counterpart, the English capital is a true hybrid creature, having reached the 21st century by offering a full facelift. Arrival at St Pancras station, the architectural landscape dazzles. The station, a neo-Gothic building's size is a cultural heritage itself. From here, the shuttles swarm leading to a constantly bustling city centre. No traveller can resist the appeal of the banks of the River Thames where collide eccentric buildings and the old impeccably preserved mansions. The Millennium Bridge, a crowd of curious crosses the imposing gateway linking the lofty St Paul's Cathedral at the monument of the Tate Modern aluminum. Facing this enormous building, on the East Bank of the River Thames, the Globe Theater is no less successful. From here, the maze of a paved lane lead to the masterful Tower Bridge surrounded by old warehouses converted into craft shops.A trip to London under the theme of art and cultureMuse of the artistic circuits in London, Westminster district is known for its Cathedral and its Parliament, but less for its string of extraordinary museums worth seeing for each trip. Around the clock tower where the travelers easily find a hotel in London, the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern, the Natural History Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the National Gallery and the British Museum are among the sights to visit without apprehension in this emblematic neighbourhood.
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Monday, 17 June 2013

The most beautiful honeymoon

After much often a year, or even two, for the preparation of your wedding, you'll certainly want a breather and spend few weeks lovers travel wedding.
It is not always easy to choose the destination of his honeymoon, it must appeal to the two newlyweds, remain in an often limited budget and your travel dates must match a pleasant season in the country of your choice. The paradise islands are the most popular destinations by the bride and groom, but for a honeymoon, he is also sympathetic to dare destinations original like the Mongolia or the Peru or in a smaller budget from simply travelling in a romantic corner of Europe, for example, Tuscany.
To help you finance your Moon of honey, you can think of wedding lists specialising in wedding travel or ask guests to donate for your trip you if they wish to get a gift!
If you are still in the preparation of your wedding, consider to look at sites that offer collections of wedding dresses online, a true asset to choose your favorite brands and then select a few dresses that you can try in-store. The tati marriage 2013 collection for example is impressive by its tiny price, there are even several dresses, new of course, less than €100. This is enough to make savings to keep a bit of budget for accessories beauty or anything else that would make you happy for your wedding!
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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Go to the Sydney Sun

Imagine a city skyline sparkling skies surveyed by workers in flip-flops. A city where surfers take the wave to the rhythm of the Didgeridoo. A city which combines relaxation and dynamism and connects the ocean and the desert.

Sydney is a young city. It is yet still breathes the spirit of frontier from an area little affected by the economic crisis. The outback is only a few kilometres. Aboriginal art galleries alongside an exciting Chinatown. Ocean enters the city into the most remote suburbs. There are many other Australians to take the wave before going to work.

The District of Newtown is an atypical place. Punks and hippies intersect in the middle of restaurants for foodies and surprising stores. The regulars at Camden in London will meet. We recommend the Gould's Books bookseller, which is an institution. Piles of books for sale rise precariously toward the ceiling. For an experience more bobo, heading you Glebe Point Road and its many small restaurants bios. It is also a good area to book a hotel.

Clubbers will go to buttoned around King Cross. In the past, the district was a dirty reputation. Today things have improved, but it is still a place for lovers of strong emotions...

But of course the beaches of Sydney which made his reputation. At any Lord any honour, your first visit will be to Bondi Beach. The market (approximately two hours) to Coogee Beach is magnificent. You can sometimes see the whales off the coast! For beaches, we recommend to take a ferry from Circular Quay to Watson Bay, less known to tourists. If you venture to the edge of the mouth, you will eventually fall on a naturist beach. Nothing beats a bath in clothes of Adam in Sydney Harbour with views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Recommended by for an unforgettable holiday!

Lovers of classical music will visit the opera. In was taking in advance, can find concert tickets at moderate prices. And it's really worth the peek! The interior architecture is also crazy than the facade suggests.

Finally, Sydney wouldn't Sydney without surfing. Bondi of course, but it's even better to Manly Beach, North of the city. From the Center, you will need to take a ferry (in about half an hour). No need to lug your Board, many landlords will be happy to learn the first gestures on their hardware. For more information, take a ride on

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Banteay Srei, "jewel of khmer art".

Banteay Srei

For many tourists, Banteay Srei is the most beautiful temple of Angkor, the "jewel of khmer art". In a beautiful departure from other structures of Angkor, Banteay Srei is faced with pink sandstone finely carved with sculptures beautifully detailed, some of them depict scenes from the Hindu epics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The name of Banteay Srei, which translates into "Temple of women", can be attributed to a relatively small scale of the temple and the finesse of the artwork.

Visitors will be able to cross a ditch to get into the temple, and are allowed to enter to the extent that the first enclosure surrounding, but must go further than the path that surrounds the temple itself. This prevents Banteay Srei to be overwhelmed by visitors. It is a good thing, also: tourists would never otherwise, have stunning views of the temple even if it also means that you will never consider very well closely detailed sculptures.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Tricks and super tips for Cambodia

Of all the countries I have visited in South-East Asia, Cambodia is the best.It is the country with cultural sites and beaches as well as the friendliest people. Even if the trip to Cambodia can be difficult if you are not prepared. Former Democratic Kampuchea is a country in transition - a paradise of travel back and forth that is still recovering from Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge terror reign it some 30 years ago.

The basic services for tourists in the country remain away from levels of countries in the same region as the Viet Nam, Thailand, and many regions still suffer great difficulties, which in sparse you would do well not having seriously ill... Meanwhile, the country has its fair share of companies and unscrupulous individuals seeking to rip off unwary tourists.

All this, however, means that you will have just to be a little more cautious - as you would in any foreign country. In addition to the obvious travel tips - do the trick if you do not want to be deceived - here are a few tips travel to Cambodia to help you on your way.

Lonely Planet will probably warn against the idea of seeing Angkor in a single day, but it can be done - and it'll save you a bunch of money in the stays in Cambodia

You can easily fill a week exploring the Archaeological Park of Angkor in Siem Reap, passing through the stunning remains of the different capitals of the khmer Empire dating from the 9th to the 15th century, or, if you are on a strict budget, you can visit the main attractions in the Park in one day and save you up to US $20 per day.

Start your day at Angkor Wat, catch the sun rising over the famous temple, before exploring the ancient city of Angkor Thom, which includes the temple of the mysterious Bayon, the Baphuon and Ta Prohm. Finish watching the sunset on Angkor from Phnom Bakheng - or you can even do it the day before a day at Angkor tickets allow you to access the Park from 5 pm the previous day.

A swimming pool and Pub street in Siem Reap

Bothered by strong heat in Siem Reap? Then, go see Aqua, a bar and a swimming pool just to 1.2 km of Psar Chaa. The water is warm and the atmosphere is cool, the entrance to the large swimming pool costs $2.50.

Looking for an evening at Siem Reap? Then, look for Pub Street, where you will find a street filled with restaurants and bars. Drink and food, here is a little more expensive than in restaurants and local bars, but it's far from expensive.
Looking for an affordable meal in Siem Reap? Then, go to the food market in the open air at the bottom of Pub Street, where you will find a band animated restaurants Cambodian street-style filled with hungry backpackers. The food is cheap and delicious, just like beer.

Check the invoice

Are the Cambodian restaurateurs and dishonest servers - or are they just really, really bad in mathematics?

I'd like to think the education system of the country is to blame for the fact that half of the restaurants I've eaten in Cambodia tried to overcharge me mysteriously putting the price upwards, or by charging me for things that neither ordered nor received.

Whenever he would also, the server or the waitress would have confused gaze for a second or two and then say: "Oh, I see what the problem is present. You ordered a sandwich and a small bottle of water, not a lobster and a large bottle of Dom Perignon "."Keep in mind this travel advice in Cambodia and check the invoice before you pay.

Do not miss the centre S-21 or of Cambodia killing fields

S-21 is the former maximum-security prison for the enemies of the Khmer Rouge, which is now the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, and the killing fields of Choeung Ek where most of them were put to death. The two are simply essential when in Phnom Penh.

From 1975 until 1979, nearly two million Cambodians were killed in the purge a madness of leader of the Khmer rouges Pol Pot of a Communist agrarian society. Both sites offer a glimpse into scary in this reign of terror - bones protrude from the Earth at Choeung Ek and on display at S - 21 are the portraits of most of more - than 17,000 victims of prison (all but about 20 or more have been tortured and killed).

You will leave in a State of shock and bitter, but to understand the horrors of what poor people of Cambodia crossed might be the only way to prevent something similar from happening ever.

Retrieve in Sihanoukville

After recalling the atrocities committed by Pol Pot and the Khmer red you will need a bit of recovery time - and there's no better place than beautiful Sihanoukville.

Best city of the seaside resort of Cambodia is only three or four hours from Phnom Penh by bus. Surrounded on three sides by the Thailand Bay, this paradise chilled-out beachfront has much to recommend it: beautiful beaches, good restaurants and bars, nightlife and, above all, barbecues on the beach cheap and delicious.

Every night along the Beach Serendipity - popular tourist drag where I recommend you base - you'll be able to get a plate of grilled beef, chicken or seafood with potatoes and salad for only 3US. Add a beer to the mix during happy hour and you can't really do much better anywhere in the world.

Buy your bartenders a beer

Cambodians are really a friendly group - and when I found myself having a conversation with the guy behind the bar in Sihanoukville, I could not help him a beer. I learned more on Cambodia of a conversation with himself chosen each-name-I-do-spell that I have traveling across the country. In retrospect now, it is probably one of my memories favorite of my time traveling in Cambodia.

I mean, how many times have you the opportunity to take a beer with a local in Cambodia?

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ba Be Lake: a new travel destination

A circuit to the Viet Nam is often marked by the visit of the famous Bay of Halong. This time, we will change course to the North of Hanoi, region where Lake Ba Be.

BA Be in French means the Lake of three bays. It is located in the region where a small tribute called "Tay". The region is composed of a large Valley adorned by oak high mountains dotted with a large forest, surrounded by several waterfalls of rivers.
Part of the region where the Lakes is at an altitude of 145 m taking reference of the sea level. In addition to this altitude, the region is formed by very high mountain peaks which makes its access to a true hiking course. The means of the most popular travel and also the most practical is the horse. It is also possible to rent Chair carrier, but this last way is more practiced by women and children.
BA Be is formed mainly by three lakes which are connected between them. The Lake runs on a length of 7 km with a span of 400 m. nearby stand a large tropical forest inhabited by many animal species such as bears, many varieties of birds, and many other insect species, most are endemic to the region. It is worth noting that the area is preserved by UNESCO so hunting is prohibited.

Puong cave on the Lake is the part not to be missed in the region. At its height of 30 meters through the mountainous region at more than a distance of three hundred meters. Thrill fans will have the great joy of up its river under ground in kayak.

This Vietnamese Northern region is advisable for travellers who are tired luxury trips offer during a stay in India or trips to tropical islands...

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What to do in the United States

Partir go on vacation in the United States, often means visit the gigantic New York City, which is unavoidable. The Statue of liberty, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Central Park are the most famous places of the city.

After the stay in New York, Washington DC, the administrative capital, is worth one or two days of visit for its many monuments in the Mall, the oldest federal Park. Indeed, it is possible to find in every corner a remarkable old building in historical and architectural terms.

After the cultural discovery in large cities of the federal State, passing through national parks such as the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone is strongly recommended. The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural formations of North America with the Niagara falls. It is the domain of hikers and adventurers looking for superb panorama.

Yellowstone is one of the largest reserves of the country, it is home to many species of wildlife such as bison, Grizzly bears, moose, coyotes, wolves, jackals, beavers, pelicans and eagles. It also has one-third of the geysers of the blue planet with more than 300 jets.

A tour of US museums would enrich his knowledge about the culture of the first world power during his vacation in the United States. These institutions have many collections of classical, modern and contemporary works.

On the other hand, in bars, cafés or pubs, it is possible to attend a small concert of rock, country or jazz. However, to completely soak the musical atmosphere of the USA, do not miss the concerts or theatres.

For partygoers, baseball games and Thanksgiving which takes place the 3rd Thursday of the month of November are the best times to enjoy the American festive atmosphere during his trip to the United States. January 6, New Orleans celebrates the day of Epiphany to Shrove Tuesday. Finally, towards the end of August, Nevada hosts the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock desert.

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Linguistic stay in the United States

The United States, country of excess and the 'anything is possible', has always arouse the dream, and coveting worldwide. This vast country and attracts every year, millions of visitors from the four corners of the globe, eager to travel this country world, either decided to do business, to try their luck in the film industry, Art or fashion, determined to attend to is earn internationally recognized diploma or even, to a course to learn or to improve his English.

First world economic power and richest country, the United States are renowned worldwide for the excellence of its universities, for his role as major areas of research, development and innovation, for the great creativity of intellectuals, researchers and artists, for its dazzling success, for his pioneering companies in many areas and for its stunning scenery.
This country brings together indeed, on one and the same territory, landscapes of an extraordinary variety and beauty breathtaking. Impressive canyons of the American West to the region of the Great Lakes of North of United States, passing through the mountains of Alaska, Appalachian or Hawaii volcanoes... the USA offer a variety of landscapes and attractions. Whether it's Los Angeles, city of cinema and stars, San Francisco, the city of tolerance and the hippie movement, Las Vegas, the game MVP, New York City, in the heart bubbling that never sleeps, Boston, the famous Cité universitaire European, or even Miami, destination connected and sulphurous latino-cubain face, resembling there for all tastes.

It is without a shadow of a doubt, the ideal destination for a linguistic journey, combining learning English and discovery of a fabulous country which advocates positivism and freedom of action. If you also want to discover the land of Uncle Sam and the American Dream, it is high time to cross the Atlantic to make a language stay in the USA, and an unforgettable experience combining the pleasure of discovery to learning the English language!

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Stay in Paris without breaking the Bank

The end of the studies, it is a page that turns. And a new chapter begins. To mark the event with a white stone, I decided to celebrate it appropriately. With five friends, we thought that the best way to make memorable memories of this event, it would leave a few days, according to the good old tradition of graduation trip.
Our choice fell unanimously on Paris. Whether you are amateur Festival, culture and history, gastronomy, shopping or that there just want to stroll along the boulevards or get lost in the maze of the picturesque alleys of the city of light, everyone finds his account. On the other hand, Paris accommodation, as in any other European capital, it is another pair of sleeves. Certainly, the offer does not fail, but we have not yet made our entry into the world of work, and for students that we were still up, afford a hotel room was a luxury that our meagre resources did not allow us.
The proposed prices are often prohibitive. On the advice of a friend whose father made frequent trips to Paris in the context of his professional activity, I have consulted the apartment District site, a comparer online best offers for apartment rentals in Paris. Eureka! It was exactly what needed us! The ideal solution and within reach of our exchanges. Not only, rent an apartment in Paris is the least expensive solution for hosting, but, in addition, it allowed us to share the flat six, rather than having to be divided between two hotel rooms. Apartment offer also the advantage, and this is not trivial, organise the stay at our convenience: possibility of cooking and eating hours that we want to invite friends to spend... More difficult, in the end, was to agree on the status of the apartment, because in this area offer lacks little.
Travel us will finally met beyond our expectations, and the choice of the accommodation was for many. No doubt, it is a determining factor when deciding to stay in Paris, without so far offloaded a small fortune. I cannot therefore recommend the apartment District site, for the rental of an apartment. The site is clear and well designed, catalogue of apartments for rent available is very extensive, and the booking takes only a few minutes. A few minutes for a successful stay, the equation is winning, right?
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Military memorabilia and photo of the islands of Frioul in Marseille

The islands of the Frioul archipelago,

off the coast of Marseille

time served

military bases,

both their location is strategic

Thus, theisland of Ratonneau

a long served basic

quarantine for boats

Venus from abroad

A fort was built.

which one has a breathtaking

on theIsland of the Château D'if...

which served as a prison

View of the Chateau D'if from fort Ratonneau

in the islands of the Frioul archipelago

Photos Marseille Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

Another example of the military role of the iles du Frioul,

We do not delay to fall

on the remains that the army military

has left gentiement if

on-site as a souvenir,

before withdrawing

Military remains that recall my alignments of cross

in cemeteries!

Photos Marseille Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

These ruins are those of the semaphore of Pomègues,

disarmed in... 1999...

It seems to me that the Kyoto Treaty

was already signed by France at that time...

That said, these remains

are worth the look

and are surprising because

they are in the shape of cross,

as a symbol of the abandonment

the Frioul Islands by the military,

who had them occcupees

If long

View on the castle of yew and our Daue of the Garda

from the island of Ratonneau in the Frioul archipelago

Photos Marseille Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

That said, I can assure you,

all this has changed

because these Islands,

are now a haven of peace,

oriented exclusively tourist

The cars are also prohibited


-do a little tourism in the Drome and Provence

-To see the alignments of the American cemetery cross

-Approndissez the visit photos and discovering:

-What do the gulls auction!

-changes of the water like marseille, marseille like water (OM)

-the Zebra of Marseille

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

England, the ideal country to learn English

I have a little plan that could satisfy many people. There are a lot of people in France who dream to travel, but who cannot because of the language. I therefore propose to combine the two.
Learning the international language is English and go make a small trip to England. This is possible if you decide to register for language stays in England. I had the opportunity to make a living like this in Spain and more specifically in Córdoba. What is with this kind of stay is that you can do everything like tourists.
That is to visit the tourist places, visit the places you want to see, go shopping, because Yes, when you go to London, for example, should absolutely not miss stores like Top shop or Primark, and much more. The small more of this kind of stays, it is that you learn the language of the country is already on the spot, you can so you lead more easily to make even faster progress in English.

Indeed in 'England', by reading just the menus of restaurants or even tourist guides, you can learn much more quickly than going underway in France. I find that it's really the right plan to go on vacation and learn, because everything is included. When I was in Spain for example, I was able to visit all the places that I liked and I could also exercise my Spanish. You can linguistic stays for all prices so it a good plan to learn easily at low cost while traveling. You will return home having learnt some notions of English and with many memories in your head and in your suitcase at the same time.
When I was in London, I wanted to just visit, but unfortunately I did not have the time. It's really a beautiful place, we really see that one is in another country. People are different I found, and it's really nice. You will also have the opportunity to see how the English drive on the left instead of right. It's really a completely different world I find. If you have the opportunity to go to London to be able to improve your English, do. I advise you, because I find that it is easier to learn something when it is bathed in. You will feel obliged to make progress and so you will progress faster. Therefore, do not hesitate, become anglophone. This is really handy if you want to visit other countries subsequently. It is always an asset to know speak English.

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Where and how to organize her holiday in France?

IdeoGuide, specialised in the organisation of tourist routes in France, now offers nearly 70,000 recreational activities to visitors.

With a hearing in constant progression, IdeoGuide seems to become a must-see site in the offer of tourist recreation in France.

What answer the wildest she passions that either the destination or destinations chosen by Internet users!

Ideal for organizing its weekends or holidays with friends, family or lovers.

Want to rock climbing, horseback riding, cultural walks in museums and castles, escape in the nature, campsites in Ardèche or campsites in the Pyrénées Orientales... IdeoGuide knows answering all our desires.

I choose my leisure activities corresponding to my passion or my centers of interest. They can be added in a basket called "tourist route". They appear together on a map, allowing to the geotag.I also choose my accommodation (camping, hotels,...) around my activities selected, or I first choose my then leisure activities to achieve around these accommodation accommodation.I decide the order of implementation of the activities that I have selected visually on a geographic map, and I display or I print the matching route.
call via the telephone number provided to send a request for information or reservationd' go to the owner's site

With IdeoGuide, everyone will find his happiness to spend a pleasant holiday in France!

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Unusual Morocco: looking for snakes, scorpions and other small animals

A trip to the Morocco, reminds me of beaches, the riads in Marrakech and the delights of its cuisine. That, that was until I read the adventures of my friend Pierre-Yves! The universe of naturalists, lovers of reptiles and amphibians was completely unknown to me. I discovered it by following a link on a Facebook site Batrachians and reptiles of the world, its forum and the magnificent photos of Pierre-Yves Vaucher, Geneva naturalist and herpetologist. I wanted to know more and asked him a few questions to which he has kindly respond.

Hello Pierre-Yves,

First of all, Hello! I was born in October 1956 in Geneva, Switzerland. My Herpetological memories date back to 1966. At that time, my father went twice per year in Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) for his passion of naturalist. One day, he brought an Adder (Bitis arietans) housed in a binoculars case in his suitcase. the worst thing is that the suitcase is lost in London before arriving in Geneva. The poor beast has finished in alcohol at the Geneva Museum... Shortly after, I asked frequently my father to take me on Sunday looking for snakes, vipers, toads, frogs.

Years passed, and I récoltai here, and there, a few reptiles and amphibians for my pleasure. Note that I have also chased butterflies to 17 years old, I am interested in "exotic" terraria: I had up to 150 poisonous snakes of any kind (rattlesnakes, cobras, vipers), some amphibians that were all housed in a room on the first floor of the family home, as well as in my room.

To 20 years, my interest is porta to music and I had little time to take care of my animals; I then decided to part. Now I devote my time to the observation of reptiles in nature. Note that, not only the reptiles, but everything is in the realm of the living!

I imagine that this travel itinerary is specially chosen to have a maximum of chances of encountering the species that you wanted to photograph: a route based on your experience in the field or are there "circuits" for naturalists?

This route was chosen based on my experience, that of others as well as a reality of field time and meteorology. There is no "naturalistic circuit". There is a network of people who trust and share, or not, of information. This map summarizes points large and however known to everyone. This itinerary includes choices of naturalistic observations, including mammals, plants, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Route journey to the Morocco - click to enlarge

Need special equipment for surveying the desert and photograph these animals to be dangerous?

No, we must above all of knowledge, field, biotopes, weather, species, behaviors, detect individual character differences (concerning the approach of certain venomous snakes). Then Yes, basic specific equipment are taken into account: hooks, gloves, tweezers, boxes. After, it is field-related equipment.

Moroccan Cobra, Naja haje legionis

Is there a risk of being bitten by one of these snakes or bitten by a scorpion? Do you have a special emergency kit in case of problems?

Yes, there is always a risk and just caution is our best Advisor... The antivenom are fragile, require a cold chain permanent which is impossible to ensure travel and local hospitals do not have the equipment or knowledge. However, we know the attitudes to adopt in case of concern. Scorpions are neither aggressive nor dangerous if it does not seek to harm them. They are like all animals and snakes which one speaks here and elsewhere, they are fleeing, seek to protect themselves and defend themselves as nature has given them the means.

Bitis arietans female

As tourist in these regions, we risk a "bad encounter"? Be nose-to-nose with a cobra, stepping inadvertently on a scorpion, or then these animals fear rather men and one can walk in the vicinity of the oasis safe?

The risk of encountering a snake venomous or not is almost nil, unless extraordinary coincidence, tourists see nothing in general because the fauna is quite discreet and fearful. In principle the foreign tourist has good shoes. The only recommendation I can do it is to never walk barefoot at night, wherever you are. Scorpions are mainly nocturnal and come out to hunt as soon as it starts getting hot. Scorpioniques envenomations are very common in the Morocco as children and adults roam in sandals and bare feet in the ground. Hikers know the precautions of use. yellow, little dangerous Scorpion Buthus sp.

You have visited the Tiout oasis where you took photos. Who lives there? Are they frequented by tourists?

Tiout, nobody lives there, from what I've seen, the villagers are in the village! There are a few people who come to visit, there is a large pool where people come to relax, chat and do some laundry. However the entire surface of the oasis is used for agriculture and the cultivation of aromatic plants such as verbena, mint and every family has its plot. Wild boar also enjoy crops, but villagers less


A Board, an address for those who might be tempted by the adventure?Marrakech is a destination very well served from Geneva, particularly with lowcost companies. Marrakech is the central point to visit the cities of the North such as Fez, Meknes and Beni Mellal, the cities of the South as Agadir, not very interesting in itself because completely rebuilt since the devastating earthquake of 1960.

We reserve the right to modify or remove comments containing advertising.

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Prepare starting today your summer weekend in London

London in summer, it is a certainly unforgettable moment! Exciting new musicals program, excursions still further beyond the boundaries of fun, moments culturally very strong! The scent of the flowers from Regent's Park, the eloquent aroma of Gladioli, contrasts bluish sky, the brightness of the Thames, the Sun's rays: you certainly here in London during the summer.

Don't worry, after fees, windy, cold and rainy months, June, July and August are months of Sun and colour: the wind is quieter and its light air will caress your skin gently showing even very refreshing. Yes, it is time of falling love with out between buddy girlfriends, laugh, fun, panic, live, and share in this beautiful city!

To move, no problem: the most used transport with bus is of course as we in Paris, the metro. This safe and fast transportation mode can easily take you from one place to another with ease and pleasure. The routes are well designed and well explained to enable visitors to find their destinations without confusion no or discomfort.

Finally the summer and this is the time to be in London

The charm of London in summer will delight you visually and culturally. Open your heart and smile: London you certainly attracted to the bridge of 15 August, is a getaway over 4 days with only its Friday!  At that time, the France travellers make their bags to leave their homes and come to London, to enjoy the passion of the human spirit, find out if different English culture, explore a rich and explosive history and a warm night life.

During the summer weekends, there are many multicultural events that are celebrated and cherished by the addicts in London. For example the Love Box festival from 19 to 21 July to discover the last international talent 3 days completely crazy festivals! Discover our package weekend London theme!

Visitors can feel light by climbing up to 280 metres in height from the top of the Shard, the new Tower of London. For an even more charming tour, an extra flavor is added to your unforgettable visit by booking a romantic weekend in Mini Cooper in London that will allow you to live a moment out of the ordinary in London aboard a classic mini!

After a visit of the city and its many monuments such as the London Eye, St Paul and the Parliament's Cathedral, made a tour to Picadilly Circus and the Museum ' Ripley Believe it or Not "which proposes only discover unusual things! Spread over 5 floors, you can easily discover spectacular, amazing and surely absurd things!
A visit to London is complete without going to see a musical! The city is full of spectacle in this matter! The program for example you can discover the famous piece "We Will Rock You" at the Dominion Theatre where imagination knows no limit. The spectacle is grandiose, artistic, rich and exciting. A real attraction which will lead you into the world of art, colors, music, costumes and dance etc... The performance at the Dominion Theatre leave stunned visitors!

The cultural vastness spreads across this ancient city, artistic and you will certainly spend a comfortable and soft, always active and fun trip!

How to go to London this summer?

Welondres, stays in London specialist offers departures from Paris to London by Eurostar, including hotel train. The goal: provide chic offers in the centre of London at the best prices. And as we live and love London, we regularly go there for find you good plans and attractions that will make your weekend in London unique and very enjoyable!

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Visit Strasbourg and its market

I have not forgotten this wonderful weekend in Strasbourg for its famous Christmas market... It is simply the arrival of the Sun that comes to me is thinking!  After 9 months of winter, we finally arrived in the summer! Spring will even not spent see us!

Strasbourg is a beautiful city. Not to mention that it is home to only the European Parliament and the European Court of human rights, this Alsatian old guard in it an undisputed cultural heritage classified at the UNESCO.
This Christmas, called market market of Saint Nicolas in the middle age, is one of the oldest in France. Established since 1570 at the foot of the Notre Dame Cathedral, it opens each year in December. This period of the year attracts a lot of tourists from the 4 corners of the France. So you say that in order to stay it is complicated. Last year we found a hotel in Strasbourg on the Venere site. Remember to take you soon enough!

European Parliament

Today the city has 12 steps:

the on-site Brogliesur the place of the garesur square of the Castle... but also in all the districts of Strasbourg!

But in Strasbourg, there are not only the must-see Christmas market, otherwise also beautiful monuments like Notre Dame Cathedral of 1876, palais du Rhin, University Palace, national library, ancient Commanderie St-Jean, from Strasbourg train station, the old customs, place Kléber (with the famous Christmas tree), the palais de Rohan, Opéra National du Rhin and its typical half-timbered houses that can be seen in the famous area of the small France.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Of course, it goes to say that he should not leave Strasbourg without having taste local specialities such as baeckeoffe, flammekueche, fleischschnackas, sürkrüt (Alsatian sauerkraut) or fillets and steaks of fried carp of the Sundgau. And for dessert a kugelhopf, a Kaeskueche (cheese pie) or wine cakes...


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Friday, 7 June 2013

Provençal architecture of the houses of the village of Savasse in Drôme

The village of Savasse,

adjacent to the town of Montélimar,.

is proclaimed as she

"At the gates of Provence"

It is the view of some architectural details

that this geographical position

is support

This article offers to return

on some of these architectural details

To begin, at the level of the vegetation,

everything is decidedly Mediterranean,

with especially Florence Cypress,

the iris including blue contrast

with the stones of the walls of the houses,

or even roses

that are already starting to bloom in the month of April

The dark blue color of the iris stands out on the grey of the stone and the Green dark cypresses

Photos Drôme - Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

Other plants and flowers typical of the Mediterranean climate at Savasse

Photos Drôme - Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

At the level of thearchitecture

some details also reveal

theMediterranean atmosphere

the old village of Savasse

This is the case of doors and Gates ,

or even of the cats...

... who bask in the Sun tranquillent!

Cats, carved portal and flap purple or mauve.

for a mood decidedly Mediterranean in Savasse

Photos Drôme - Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

Savasse doors participate in the Provençal atmosphere of the place

Photos Drôme - Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

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How to travel in time of crisis?

Is the crisis! We often hear this phrase in the media or even in discussions between friends. However when I'm looking for info on travel or even when I am abroad I did really not this feeling. You can still see so many travellers and tourists. The truth is that, today, we travel but differently. We spend much more time to prepare his trip to compare prices to minimize budget spending.

In this article I will reveal a few tips to find good plans. I always travel as much despite 'crisis' but I adapt. I'm looking for destinations on the basis of prices and available time periods.

I also often look offers to travel at the last minute. It's kinda the lottery to fall on destinations that we like but the prices are attractive. The only downside is that there are often the same countries (North Africa, Crete, Iberian Peninsula, Turkey...). It is a good opportunity to pick up some Sun when the rain and cold are recalcitrant as at this time.

Lagoon of Balos in Crete

I also use much American Express, the credit card system allows me especially to have discounts on airline tickets. Is cumulated points when purchases (virtually all purchases excluding petrol), allowing faster exiting holiday! Note that the card is free if you spend more of €8000 in the year in your home. I did not understand why the owners of Amex always proposed to advance costs during group activities...

All travel must be prepared in advance. In organizing and finding hotels, Golf Tours, transportation, limiting spending and you save time. Besides the fact of travel less expensive in preparing his stay in advance, we begin to discover the country of in either and it is magical.

This Council is not necessarily obvious to everyone. Should dare to take contact with the hotels. I happened to find a double room in Barcelona via a website of online booking and then call the hotel and ask them the best rate for a room over the same period. What a surprise to get 20% cheaper compared to platforms are saying best price! This trick does not work every time but deserves to be tested for long stays.

Areia Branca in the Portugal

This non-exhaustive list is already a few tracks to bring down the price of his journey and continue from in times of crisis. And above all keep in mind that travel is also to enrich ;)

And you, what technique do you use to find good plans?

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GeoGuessR: A game to explore the world virtually

Do you like to travel, play and cultivate you? This new game from Google is for you: GeoGuessR.
From a panoramic image of a place any in the world, you can earn points by guessing at what location the photo was taken. More your answer is closer, more you earn points.
In some photos, it has elements to guess more easily, as in the image above I have easily identified as being taken in Korea. But for photos of landscape, it is much more difficult!

The site offers to find the place where a panoramic picture 360 ° in a given place (end of google Maps / Google Street View). Once the image is displayed, trying to locate on a map of the world and closer you are, the more you earn points. Zoom in on maps are needed to read the name of the specific location. At the end of a series, you can of course share his results with his friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other social networks. Warning: you'll so you have fun that an addiction is not excluded!
What did we win? Nothing, it's just for fun, have fun! ‘
We reserve the right to modify or remove comments containing advertising.
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The rides of funambul (in) e in New York

In my list of blogs that I read regularly, e (in) funambul figures prominently. The beautiful Lausanne Mania the verb as well as humor and his photography skills are not forgotten! I have discovered a series of articles on New York's most interesting. His blog (content and photos) being licensed under Creative Commons, it is possible to resume here articles and photos. Many thanks to funambul (in) e for his generosity!

Photo: funambul e (in) - Creative Commons by-nc-sa

After thinking about how to present you my favorite corners of New York, it seems to me that the solution the less painful to read / more convenient to use is to make a ticket "stroll". It is like that I'm enjoying this city, 1/2 day by district, to articulate with each other depending on the mood, the weather and the desire to walk. With this post (where I'll come linker 6 following tickets by area), it will be 9 tickets on NY. (Sorry for those who don't care, I manage every time on the contents of the ticket is understandable in the intro, in order not to waste your time.) I return to cinema tickets and varnish very soon.)

Begin by what I won't talk to you. As I have said in my practical intro on NY, I will not dwell on Staten Island, on the Bronx or Queens. Firstly because I know nothing, then because the weeks before you, Manhattan and a bit of Brooklyn unless it's already huge to cover.

Photo: funambul e (in) - Creative Commons by-nc-sa

I will not speak of Harlem, but it's a nice area, quite different from what one can see elsewhere in Manhattan, absolutely charming (if you are not located, it's above Central Park). I remember for example, one Sunday morning, having crossed a huge woman, which took a gaggle of children by the hand and who asked with a huge voice that should be used in a gospel choir, to greet me, and then hear these mini Good Morning Maam, it was absolutely delicious. I do simply not enough walked in the neighborhood to pretend to be good advice. If this area tempts you, here is a ride with lots of good addresses.

I will not speak of Tribeca district recognized mainly for its nightlife, restaurants which everybody talks about and its film festival (which takes place late April). But you can spend there after the Chelsea-Meatpacking District ride, and here is full of suggestions. Soho is a nice area to look for a restaurant without envy says at the top, there are all cuisines of the world along two or three streets, but other than that no big thing. I leave you with recommendations of the Timeout of Tribeca film festival, be careful, the addresses change quickly...

Chinatown and Little Italy don't inspire me either. It is exotic to walk there, but apart some addresses scattered here and there I can not find these particularly pleasant across districts and it does not quite want to stroll. If you spend, here are a few addresses. As the Lower East Side, it is also a great area for going out in the evening, and it is also a place where the addresses change very quickly, here are some ideas.By elimination, there is therefore 6 "quartiers", or areas, of which I will tell you more in detail. They have all 6 ambience and a very different rhythm, geographies and the inhabitants who are not the same. This is what makes the charm of this city.

The following tickets will speak: the Financial District: Battery Park, Staten Island Ferry, the memorial for the World Trade Center, the Bourse, the sublime and high skyscrapers that form the famous skyline (and the best burger in the city) Brooklyn: Dumbo and his art centre, the majestic Brooklyn Bridge and its surroundings, Brooklyn Heights, Brighton Beach and Coney Islandde Chelsea and Meatpacking District for its art galleries and the beautiful High Linedu inflation District and its surroundings : the Empire State building, Madison Square, Union Square, Gramercy, Greenwich, East Villagede Midtown, the heart of the city with Time Square, Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler building, MoMA, Rockefeller Center, the madness of shopping, the Roosevelt Island Tramwayet Central Park and the two neighbourhoods surrounding Upper East Side and Upper West Side, where, among other, puts it, the Guggenheim and the AMNH

The "walks" that I'll suggest follow no specific route, or then only during a few streets. It will be above all the cues and points of the ideas of what you will find in particular in these different areas and some places not to be missed. Each of his walks can be made in a few hours, I count in half a day. Is extended if you like the atmosphere of the place or it shortens when it
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Rotten spring: where to find the Sun?

Before, it was simple: the beautiful first days, when a craving for Sun took me, I was jumping in my car, towards the South. To me the warmth of Provence, raw cherries, the picnics in the garrigue smells of thyme and the first shots on a beach of the Côte d'Azur. Certainly need some time to show imagination to fight against the wind and prevent the sand to invade the pages of my book! But overall I spent all long weekends of May to bask me in the Sun of Chin in Sète, I think of visiting all the tourist places!

Yes but now, for a few years, just changed, the lovely month of may beats records of rainfall. It would come to doubt the "global warming"! In 2013, bother to swallow kilometres of road, to find a bit of Sun and start to Tan. Weather maps follow each other and are similar, to find a bit of sunshine, will go a little further.

Here are some suggestions of destination in pictures, history of make you dream a little. And if you found the sun somewhere, share your comments or on the Facebook page of ebookers Switzerland destinations.

The Greece is one of the favorite destinations of the Swiss this spring, according to the Tribune de Genève! I understand why! Try adventure, choose your island, your hotel and your flight and not forget the sunscreen! My dream island? Santorini! How about you?

After visiting Istanbul, why not test the beaches of Turkey? Antalya, pretty tourist town on the Mediterranean Sea, the Turkish Riviera awaits you. And you can even go there directly from Geneva with Turkish Airways.

Located in the West of Turkey, on the shores of the sea Egeea 95 Km from Izmir. Kusadasi, or island of birds, once small fishing village, has become one of the most famous resorts of the Turkey. Great place to perk you up! You can find flights to Izmir from Geneva.

If the Sun and the sea are not the unique attractions of the Tunisia, this account about so much in the choice of this destination! Bare feet in the sand, let yourself warm by the Sun and lulled by the waves. A sun lounger, umbrella, towel, flip flops, a little music in your iPod, it is not beautiful life?

Before the heat of summer, a tour in the South of Morocco, history to discover a few lush oasis in the middle of the sand dunes. A real change of scenery to a few hours of flights!

I have a weakness for this island in the spring. You can stroll in cycling, hiking along ridges, brief sports vacation in the great outdoors, unless the trip is too long and above all without breaking the Bank!

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Auction ebookers: you Miami beaches

After Madrid, it's Miami that is in the spotlight at in June, with the new bid of travel ebookers. Ebookers travel auction principle is simple: you determine the price of your holiday. You set the amount you're willing to pay, and you can choose among bids for all holidays or individual auctions as auction hotel or flight. The starting price of the city for two stays and plane tickets is fixed to a franc only. Auction extend over seven days and the highest bidder wins at the end of this period.
June 3 at 3 p.m. June 10, 2013, you can bet for 2 tickets with US Airways for Miami.

To give you want to participate in this auction or you fly off to Miami with US-Airways this spring, here are some suggestions for a seaside stay in Miami.

We often forget that there are two distinct and very different cities: Miami Beach is Miami Downtown. If you are looking for hotels from beach and tourist attractions, it is in Miami Beach that you must live. For a more cultural stay and Latin American ambience, it is in Miami Downtown that you first set your suitcases. This post focuses on the most famous attraction of Miami: beaches. Don't forget that Miami, is not only the luxury, the beaches and evenings freaky, it is also a cultural center, with of many theatres, museums, parks and zoos, not to mention the Hispanic culture (see links at the end of article)

South Beach, it is the Miami Beach historic postcards and the television series. It is also a popular beach for surfers. Bountiful in beachfront cafes and then jump into the water.
A short walk north to Miami Beach, the 12 th Street and Ocean Drive, you will find the gay beach. If that is what you are looking for, you can see Beach naturists Haulover, another popular LGBT place.
Further to the North, the 79 th Street and Collins Avenue, is the North Shore Open Space Park a free beach which is just steps away from restaurants and cafes. There are free concerts that are held on the historic range of the kiosk to music of North Beach. This beach has long been regarded as the best beach in Miami for its greenery and open spaces.
Highest venue on Collins and you will find Sunny Isles Beach and Pier, built in 1936, the only traditional pillar of the region for fishing and walking. It is quieter here and also picturesque.
Don't forget sunscreen or insect repellent, you need great on the beaches and in national parks you won't miss to visit Florida was swampy at the start, there are a few traces!Beware of sunburn. The beaches are beautiful, enjoy walking early in the morning on the white sand. When the Sun is at the zenith, you take a NAP.In Florida, it is hot all year round. In summer, temperatures can be sweltering. Remember to book a hotel with pool, a good kinda cool bath can be taken at any time!Beware of scams, tourists are easy prey for who wants to make a little money easily: selling bottles of water at the same price as the champagne, cash money to supposedly keep your car while you're at the beach, in unguarded parking, keep your business on the sand while you bathe. Open the eye!Work from now your Spanish! Miami has a double culture, we speak Spanish almost everywhere, even on billboards. This will be very useful to visit Little Havana and go shopping in this Cuban area.Do not leave valuables (passport, money, jewelry, smartphones, Tablet, laptop, etc.) in your bag unattended while you are in the water.Carry bottled water to go to the beach and drink water in large quantities. Dehydration can really happen quickly without you noticing account.Rent a car. It is at the wheel, we take the measure of the American Way of Life!

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Nice - Côte d'Azur: the charm of the perched villages

Ebookers currently offers a super contest to her fans on Facebook, through which you can win a stay of two nights in a double room overlooking the sea, at the AC Hotel Marriott of Nice Côte d'Azur!

Suddenly, I started to dream in this beautiful region where I like go, especially in May - June before the arrival of the crowds of summer. I remembered the beautiful walks that can be in the hinterland, where the heat has not yet invaded groves.

Here is a small program that you could follow if the urge takes you to spend a few days in the region, or if by happiness, you win the contest!

Sunrise at the aubePetit breakfast on the terrace of the hotel, facing the merBalade on the beach and swim if time permetVers 10.00, plug the GPS in your car and departure for backcountry. Do not forget your walking shoes, trails can be treacherous!Visit a village Perchepic nic to the soleilRetour to 16 h 00, swim and ride on plage19 hours: shower and apero20 hours 30: dinner in a good small restaurant23 hours: sunset or output in a box? It will depend on your program of the next day!

I encourage you to visit some villages in the vicinity of Nice, you won't regret it! The view is magnificent and extraordinary scents, a real change of scenery at the end of the winter.

Without a doubt the most touristic village! If you can, avoid going there on weekends, the streets are crowded!

View of the exotic garden, picture of wit Bill Tyne.

View from Eze village, photo by keith.bellvay

Eze, picture of dalem Dale Musselman

Village of Falicon, picture by ib.aarmo

Baou la Gaude, photo by rzelazko Rafal Zelazko

Aspremont, b.four Bernard Fourmond photo

Coaraze, cercamon photo

Coaraze, famous for its sundials

Sundial, Coaraze, picture d

e chagaz Chloe
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Tunis: It was not only the sea and the Sun

Tight plan, we see demonstrators fidgeting in an urban setting. One has the impression of a compact mass. If the cameraman somewhat broadened its plan, is aware that it is a small group, quite comparable to those protesting at the same time - in other latitudes - front factories Renault to denounce redundancies or on a Parisian sidewalk to oppose gay marriage.

It's like this: media do not have their like this to serve as a Magnifier and disseminate the deaf and irrational fear of insecurity. Of course, the part - as Egypt - made Tunisia of those countries booming policy. But in either case, the holidaymaker should really look agitation to be confronted in a territory as large and welcoming. The smarter choose precisely those periods to fully enjoy sites miraculously - alas, not for Aboriginal people who live - freed from the usual tourist hordes. Ah, the Nile without shorts and shirts with flowers on the photo!... Ah, Sousse, Hammamet or Djerba without having to compete for his piece of fine sand! Not to mention, as a bonus, unbeatable rates. Just brought from the country where was born the Arab spring, the following images demonstrate the unalterable sweetness of the destination:

No problem to book the hotel via ebookers referring to the wide range of proposals adapted to all budgets.

A typical picture of the friendly Tunisian accommodation.

Jamel Batten, current Minister of tourism, wants to restore confidence: "when the attendance will be back to normal, we will seek to offer higher prices, of course with much more sophisticated products. We will commit a plan of modernization and diversification, including highlighting our heritage".

I just want to leave to the discovery of that one, without waiting for the realization of these beautiful projects. Direction: the medina of Tunis, registered since 1979 in the world heritage of the UNESCO. An immersion in this colorful maze would justify it only a trip to Tunisia! As well, we need his Ariadne's thread in this maze, I carefully note the name of the access lane.

Lack of luck: it's a dead end!

Fortunately, the sellers here are always ready to show you the right direction, without forcing the purchase. One of them advised me to visit the Zitouna mosque (or mosque of the olive tree), the principal of the medina. There again, it will be to avoid any confusion between the 9 entries available! I Marvel 184 antique columns from the sanctuary, mainly from the neighbouring site of Carthage. Emerging from this spectacular place, I think it would make an amazing film set, as the surrounding neighborhood.

My laptop reports a SMS: "Think spice!" Oops, I would have forgotten, and their sponsor probably wanted me. It's time to move to an exercise for which I am very gifted, but whose economy would disappoint no doubt dealer: haggling. For the price of a bag of curry and another of cumin, it will offer me a little coriander.

At midday, I do stop at the restaurant Dar El Jeld, in the enchanting setting of ancient Palace. I feel like veggies, just guides recommend that backpackers avoid, under penalty of tourista. Experience however proved to me that it is not likely much to the good addresses. That one was placed in the forefront of settlements Tunis. And how can you resist the Oriental pastries offered across the nozzles to sugar?

Flavors of dates and perfume of anise...

In my opinion, no Tunis getaway should save the cost of a visit to Sidi Bou Said, which is the capital that Gruyères is the Romandie: a jewel, all white and blue (characteristic color imposed by patron baron D'erlanger, which can browse the charming residence). Do not neglect the interest of Arab and Mediterranean Music Centre!

Already the tea time? Sidi Bou Said, has the choice: shaded terraces, vertiginous balconies on the big blue or local tradition (hookah included!) as the inevitable coffee mats, still haunted by the ghosts of André Gide, Colette, Simone de Beauvoir and other fans of the place.

A mythical place...

I promised to finish by the famous Bardo, which I'd like to revisit the fabulous mosaics. Calves requiring a short break, the journey will not be on foot!

'Taxi! ... is to the Prado Museum, please!"

If this institution seems to me indispensable, if not so much for its reputation of most important archaeological museum of the Maghreb as for its outstanding collections back to the glorious past of the ancient Tunisia: everyday objects, masks and other priceless statues.

A technique used in the service of art.

The Hall of Odysseus is my favorite: small room equipped with a remarkable pavement from Dougga, where the most famous episode of the Odyssey is told. Indeed, the hero asked to be tied to the mast for not succumbing to the siren song of. I tell myself that if the latter were Tunisian, instead of the hero, I would have good and evil do not decide my fasteners...

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Basque country: in the footsteps of the Sun King

How to resist the attraction of a region that claims to have invented des bains de mer? This allegation worthy of a small check, I'm flying to Biarritz. Pity that the direct connection is neglected departing from Geneva: transit through Paris or then arise in Bordeaux and add 2 h 20 from road to reach the seaside once popularized by Napoleon III and Eugénie, in the middle of the 19th century. Because this is, in fact - and under the leadership of these two historical figures - born enthusiasm for sand and salt water. The Biarrotes saw then landed a caste aristos and Eggheads - Théophile Gautier, Stendhal, Victor Hugo - to which the bourgeoisie hastened to follow suit. The place became trend, as it looks today. I choose Sofitel Miramar for its central location and its Thalassotherapy deemed, launched here in its time by the champion cyclist Louison Bobet.

Well-being at the beach...

Fortunately - and this is not the least of their merits - some elected regional representatives took to heart, since the 1990s, to include the city in a protected area of architectural, urban and landscape heritage, safeguarding more than 800 villas and private residences. To discover, I decided to stroll through this sometimes outdated photogenic decor. Follow me to 65 seconds of immersion-video!

"Taste at least our artisan chocolates, since you're Switzerland!" throws me a saleswoman at the storefront of his candy. It is true that some local designers have hoisted the specialty at the top of the greedy charts. But I crack instead for a few macarons, the typical delicacy of the basque country.

This tidbit was founded in 1660 by the Adam home for the King.

Biarritz suffered a reputation as a bit old-fashioned. An impression than the 34% of inhabitants at the age of retirement may leave during the week. But just to wait the weekend for landing of Bordeaux, Landais, Toulouse and other Madrid put fire to the trendy bars of the city, as the old prejudices. Each will tell you: what we like here above all - apart from the ball - it's partying.

Two steps are presented as essential: Pamplona, first of all, and the famous San-Firmin, celebrated by Hemingway in "the Sun also rises". From 6 to 15 July, it is an entire community who drinks, eats, sings and dances each night to recover from the emotions of the release of the bulls through the streets of the city. The first Wednesday of August, Bayonne celebrates King Léon for 5 days: choirs Basque, players of rugby and bullfights galore (for lovers). Plan to dress in white - all white - with a red scarf tied around the neck or waist!

An ideal setting for golf.

As long as to do, why not step push up the neighbouring Luz ? A Council: land before the tourists, at the blessed time where the place is still deserted, except by traders busy to redesign their storefronts, the glaciers to clean their terraces under the cries of seagulls mocking.

A real film set!

Aromas of bakery and first gurgle of coffee percolators. The image corresponds to the postcards exposed at the storefront of the media relay. Share with me these privileged moments... 65 seconds of video to put you in the bath:

Here, too, thalasso lovers are very caring. The Loreamar du Grand Hotel offers spa bonus his surprising decorum, has nothing of clinic!

An atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

If Luz is a must stop on the itinerary of the Pyrénées - Atlantiques, is that it has what flatter all the senses. The eye is seduced by the picturesque of the decor, the nostrils by sea spray, mouth by the flavors of a generous land, fingers by the softness of the Basque fabrics. As to the ear, it asks only to be surprised by a few chords of trikitixa, one of the most popular forms of local folklore, usually a diatonic accordion and tambourine.

Do not forget to make his choice: sneakers are a local speciality!

I am facing the beautiful house in turrets built in 1643 by a wealthy shipowner (today occupied, on the ground, by a bistro named "The Switzerland", though nobody seems to know why). Come sign the Treaty of the Pyrenees 17 years later, the young Louis XIV stayed there a few weeks before marrying in the nearby church the Infanta Maria Theresa of Spain.

A ceremony that marked the history of Saint Jean de Luz.

On the sidelines of its historical wealth and its cultural interest, Luz offers its guests everything that they can expect a trip dedicated to the welfare and well-eat.

Map from made Ocean Restaurant share beautiful products of the sea.

Guestbook Grand Hotel is full of compliments from celebrities or anonymous, delighted to have been able to afford a dream bracket. I crossed some Thalassotherapy Institute, on the beach or the back of a bicycle ride. Their blown mine back to those of the courtiers of the Sun King, no doubt dazzled - at their time already - privileged hangin' in an enchanting setting. Even a small portion of basque cake for the road?

According to some recipes, it is prepared with the cherry jam.

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New: Geneva in direct flight with Air China Beijing

Good news for lovers of China: Air China and Geneva airport announced the opening may 7, 2013, a new direct route between Geneva and Peking (Beijing).

It's a nonstop flight, four days a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday - with an Airbus A330-200 configured in two classes. It will take off from Geneva at 8:25 pm to arrive the next day in Beijing at 12:55. The return flight will depart Beijing at 13:30 to land in Geneva the same day at 18:25. The schedule of arrival in Beijing was designed to offer optimal connections with Air China network, including to join other cities throughout China. On, you can already book your Air China to Beijing for less than CHF 1'000.-in June 2013.

The offer of monuments and places to visit is so great would need you several months to go around! But if you stay a few days in the Chinese capital, here are some suggestions in pictures.

Come to Beijing without visiting the imperial palace from the 15th century is simply unthinkable!

Delve into the mystical China


A few steps will be enough to measure the magnitude of the journey from 8852 miles!

An overview of classic China

China in the 21st century

Narrow streets teeming with quaint restaurants, to visit before they disappear.

Get lost in the temple of shopping

Your kids will love!

Do not leave Beijing without taste a duck lacquered Quianmen Quanjude Roast Duck

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A long weekend in Madrid

In may, Madrid is in the spotlight at, with the auction of travel ebookers. Ebookers travel auction principle is simple: you determine the price of your holiday. You set the amount you're willing to pay, and you can choose among bids for all holidays or individual auctions as auction hotel or flight. The starting price of the city for two stays and plane tickets is fixed to a franc only. Auction extend over seven days and the highest bidder wins at the end of this period.

13-May 20, 2013, you can bet for 2 plane tickets with Iberia Geneva - Madrid + a two nights stay at the hotel Innside Madrid Genova * of 20 August to 14 December 2013.

To make you want to participate in this auction and fly you to Madrid this spring, here are some suggestions for visiting the Spanish capital in a few days.

Madrid is a fantastic destination for art lovers, with the most prestigious museums in the world. Close to the Paseo del Prado, the main boulevard in Madrid, are three of the most prestigious art galleries in the world. Spend at least half a day!

If you visit only one Museum, I recommend the Reina Sofia Museum national Spanish of modern and contemporary art that covers the period from 1900 to the present day. Until September 2, 2013, you can visit an exhibition devoted to Dali: poetic suggestions and the possibilities of plastic. You'll necessarily stop before Guernica, the famous painting by Picasso.

The Prado Museum presents mainly European paintings (Flemish, Spanish, French, Italian and German) of the 14th century at the beginning of the 19th century, collected by the Habsburgs and the Bourbons.
Prepare your visit for you through the Prado Guide to download on your smartphone or tablet.

As the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum contains one of the most important collections of art in the 20th century, dedicated to the European art of 1290 to pop art. It is, essentially, paintings and marble sculptures commissioned by August Thyssen to Auguste Rodin also. In summer 2013, we can admire the works of the Impressionist painter Pissarro.

The Palacio Real, the Royal Palace, perhaps the building to visit absolutely! Admirable and impressive building, you can admire both its facade as its interior. It was the official residence of the Kings of Spain, but the current monarch is not. An audio guide is useful to better appreciate it. Count at least 1½ hours to make the round without too much run!

When heat invades the city, you will enjoy this oasis of freshness that represent the historical Park del Buen Retiro (good retirement) gardens between two visits to museums!

Amateurs of foot in your family? Choose your dates of stay, for a chance to attend a Real Madrid match! Do you take photo in the grandiose stage of Real, you'll be the envy of your friends!

You like to dance? Attend the flamenco España baila flamenco show 2013
given by the Ballet Flamenco de Madrid at Teatro Muñoz Seca, a nice evening in perspective.

Obligatory in at least a bar to tapas, you'll be spoilt for choice! Go to the Cava Baja Street, which is the street of Madrid where the restaurants and bar to tapas. How to choose? Enter in the place that you think is the most welcoming, trust the opinions of consumers on Tripadvisor or see places mentioned by Tapas Talk that can be found on this map.  Pass a bar to another to feel the atmosphere of Madrid, on Saturday night, it is madness!

Madrid is famous worldwide for its night life: theatres, musicals, flamenco tablaos, bars and discotheques where you can dance until the morning. The agenda of concerts and displays of the theaters are so provided that everyone can find a show to his liking.

Fashionable, the terrace over the roofs of hotels, transformed into chill-out Cafe more trends, with city views. What spend good romantic evenings sipping his favourite drink!

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