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5 essential for traveling with a baby tips

Traveling with an infant, is not simple. But it's wonderful!For those who followed us during our round the world from 2008 to 2010, you have probably noticed that we trimbalions not baby with us. It was also the opportunity to visit so-called 'dangerous' countries, sleeping anywhere, move at any time of the day or night, etc. And fortunately we took advantage! Because today ' today, it is quite different. The arrival of our daughter Aly, let's face it, changed our lightness of movement. But it is not tomorrow the day before that we will stop travelling, nor to write. So humbly, here 5 essential tips for traveling with an infant, peace of mind and without breaking the Bank.

Formatting context
The baby's age: 9 weeks (in the language of parents), i.e. about 2 months.
Travel time: 0.33 months.

1. Choose a destination appropriate - the main criteria to be considered are the quality and accessibility of health care, the absence of tropical diseases, the climate and the route of vol. already, it eliminates many places. Also, use direct flights to facilitate the travel, although this is not essential. In our case, we made a stop in Newark with re-registration of the luggage search of Nad and baby, smell of swing, and it was not the end of the world. Among the remaining destinations, try to opt for a location that you are interested in, because the baby, he will not recall! We chose San Francisco, but we could visit London, Istanbul, Havana or Honolulu, for example!

2 Travel slowly - traveling with an infant, is not easy, but possible. First, it takes time. Should not be able to see and any visit, because the infernal cycle of the baby (hunger, digestion, caca, dodo) is infinite and he asked almost all of the attention. We chose the city of San Francisco because she has a lot to offer and, despite everything, we went out that 3 to 6 hours per day. This allowed us to rest and not to overload the baby. We also decided to visit only one city to minimize displacement energy.

3 Choose suitable accommodation - Without baby, a bed in a dorm would probably been our first choice for budgetary reasons. On the other hand, with the little ogre, we wanted a more quiet than a youth hostel, while being conveniently located, and above all, we wanted to have access to a kitchen. It is, according to us, a must since it allows not having to go out for every meal and saves on restaurants.  Our choice was arrested on a room to two steps from the beach, in a house private, I found thanks to AirBnB. Here are the criteria that have guided our research:
-the price (cheaper than a room in a hostel); - access to the kitchen; - the location - proximity to public transit; - the reputation of the host.For longer stays, check if it is possible to use the laundry.
Waiting for the bus (note the carrier)4. Kitted out smartly - it may seem obvious to some, but still a list of items that we have been helpful during our trip:

-a stroller in which the baby may be to lie (for siester everywhere). Also, ideally, the car seat there is integrated for cars transport - carrier for the queues at airports, public transport crowded, rugged hiking (ex: the Coastal Trail), etc.;-a small cushion portable to put on the ground for changing baby anywhere, even in the lousy bathroom of a restaurant in Chinatown; - a mattress of soil (style camping, rigid enough) to accommodate a cot in a jiffy. Enough so that the baby doesn't move too much; - a first aid kit containing a fly baby, a pipette and a thermometer. Remember that it is still possible to buy what you are missing stand still, no need to carry any pharmacy; - a cap universal to transform the lavatory in tub for baby; - a computer/tablet, movies and books because the evenings are quiet...5. Be flexible and ready for the unexpected - It is not mentira between us, it is certain that everything will happen as planned. In this regard, Aly busted a cold just before departure. Also, the heating of the Chamber was not enough powerful to keep a comfortable temperature for the baby, or even for us. So, to solve the problem, we heat water that we versions in a gourd and we place it in two bottom of wool, then in blankets of Aly. According to our experience in Tierra del Fuego, a well wrapped up liter bottle can generate heat for a good 6 hours.

I hope that this article will help some of you. If you travel with an infant, stuff or experience destination ideas to share, please leave a comment! We're here to learn.

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