Monday, 3 June 2013

After the visits, rest and relaxation are de rigueur

A country that has thousands of kilometres of coastline as the Greece is obviously full of beautiful beaches: If Mani is no exception, however, terrain, the peninsula has hindered development of the bathing areas... and it is not you who you pity!

Dark blue areas on the coast indicate the most beautiful corners, sometimes almost deserted (even in summer), but Shh... don't tell not!

A dozen kilometers of Areopolis, the splendid Bay of Kotronas welcomes a small very nice sandy beach... A good address!

In addition to the privilege to be there almost alone, you swim with delight among small fish...

The site of the caves of Diros offers two beautiful creeks where moisten small fishing vessels.

Resist the turquoise waters after have touched them during the visit by boat?

To the South of the peninsula, the Bay of Marmaris welcomes the bold who came far...

At this latitude, you are at the South mainland end of the European Union!

As this small wonder, I wish you to enjoy romantic...

I won't tell you where it is located... perhaps you have the opportunity to discover random walks!

Good bathing waters approaching sometimes 30 ° C in summer, and in places that many would envy you...

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