Thursday, 27 June 2013

Annecy, the Savoyard Venice

A landscape breathtaking, a whole range of natural, historic and religious decor, everything is Annecy, also known as 'Savoyard Venice. This name comes from the presence of many canals which have become arteries of the city. Annecy is located in the southeast of France, built at the edge of a lake that bears the same name and surrounded by a mountain range.Annecy is a city that has been able to develop over time, without still leave aside its history and its cultures. Discover - la through its sights that constantly attract a good number of tourists each year. It should be noted that even a whole book is not sufficient to quote all the tourist attractions of Annecy, but that does not preclude listing some below:

Legacies of its history or fruit of modernity, Annecy has a lot of buildings that open their doors to visitors. The image of the Annecy Castle which houses a Museum of contemporary art and regional, the palais de l'Isle, or one can learn on Annecy architecture, and the Château de Novel and its garden. Among the religious monuments, visit the Church Saint-François-de-Sales, the Basilica of the Visitation and the Saint-Pierre Cathedral. Don't miss - admire the Lake, along which you can easily find a hotel during your holidays in Annecy. A tour of the old town is also recommended to help you rub shoulders with Annecy as well as admire the canals and fountains that beautify the city. Don't forget to take a ride on the bridge of love over the canal of the Vasse. And finally, don't forget to take a stroll in the gardens of Europe and le Pâquier.

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