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Around the world - FAQ

Why not a frequently asked questions, history to continue to travel a bit!

I therefore invite to ask your questions in the comments and we will respond.

If it again, referiez it you in the same way?

With regard to the planning of the trip: Yes. That is by buying a first ticket one way and then total improvisation. Or even better, for those who leave from Europe to Asia/Africa, buy a bus/train ticket one-way!

At the level of the route, we should have complete South America by Santiago - Indonesia rather than Buenos Aires-Africa South-Indonesia. Error of course... and it would have set foot on a continent more in bonus!

And if I had to redo, why not take a year more and do so without aircraft, touch, Antarctica, Oceania and sub-Saharan Africa!

In which countries crossed it told you to learn more about you, without interest in your wallet?


and definitely not:

-South of Peru
Bali/Lombok in Indonesia

In which country did you feel the desire to stop time and stay put?

-Nepal in the mountains.
-Easter Island camping at the edge of the ocean and the Moais.
-Islands of Thailand (in the quieter corners of the Islands)
-Beaches of Colombia to sleep under the stars in a hammock (national park of Tayrona)
-Oasis Garmeh in Iran under the date palms and thousands of stars.
-In kind in Patagonia (it was cold, rainy, boring, but I would start tomorrow morning!)

Among others.

What country have you most enjoyed?

This question is definitely the most popular and unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult. We enjoyed all countries, but particularly the Nepal, the India, Myanmar, the Colombia and the Iran.

Where did you get the best culinary experiences?

Thailand +
+ Syria
Mexico +

Your next destination is already planned?
In fact, as I write these words (6 months after the return of the world tour), we returned from a small bike trip in Western Cuba (2 weeks).

But at the level of the greatest travel, Eastern Africa is enticing, even as Central Asia, or the Philippines, Sri Lanka, the Yemen, and I could go.

You repartiriez already visited somewhere?

If the opportunity arises, it is certain that we would like again to most of the country. Especially in Asia, in countries having a lot to offer such as the India or the Nepal, but also the many islands of Indonesia. In South America, the Colombia would probably be our first choice.

In your experience, is it crazy to visit Patagonia in April? Is it worth even at this time of the year?

We visited it in March and it was, of course, often cold and rainy, but all in all nice. In March, is it crazy? I think not, but you have to be prepared to inhospitable temperatures (including rain, snow and wind). Camping nights will not pleasant if you are not well equipped (which was our case) and it may be that some treks are inaccessible - I think here to, for example, the "great loop" in Torres del Paine, whose passage is sometimes blocked by the snow.

East - this complicated enter Myanmar and what have you liked most out there?

Not especially. We have the visa application in Bangkok, which is to be a very pleasant town where wait! You should know that it is not possible to enter Myanmar by road (except a point border North of the Thailand but this is access restricted and limited to a few days). For longer stays, therefore necessarily fly to Rangoon. For more information, please see the Myanmar section in Info by country.

Is the cost of living really expensive in the Chile, Argentina and the Brazil? What is the most expensive in these countries?

The cost of living is not particularly high, apart from transportation which are very expensive compared to other countries of South America. What I mean is that there are always way to save. For example, hitchhiked a relatively popular way to travel in Argentina and Chile, but less to the Brazil. In the latter, only the most intrepid will tend their thumbs. At the level of the food, it's pretty easy to get away for a few dollars and it is often possible to have access to a kitchen. More details in the info by country.

At the level of accommodation, a tent is very popular backpackers on the dime.

Is it easy to obtain - for Canadians - a visa for the Brazil?

Yes. A few days just in Buenos Aires in our case, but available across the continent. For example, we could have done in Leticia in Colombia (to join the Brazil by boat on the Amazon River - something we have not done since we went to the Peru).

That you have the most popular on the island of Borneo in Malaysia and the less popular?

The most: the seabed.
Least: the line of tourists (and their number), ecotourism missed, the cities and the rest.

Have you experienced periods of boredom or desire to return to Quebec?

Yes of course. Have a family and friends remain the most important element of life. Travel is good, but it always say goodbye.

After this world tour, did you have the idea to leave Quebec to settle in one of the countries visited?
A little, but not both. Although it would be interesting, Quebec really is a beautiful place to live.

Any other questions?

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