Sunday, 2 June 2013

Around the world in 80 rooms

The importance of the concept of comfort is proportional to the budget that is willing to give. For example, for about $ 10 at per person, in Beirut, you sleep on the roof of the cheapest hotel in the city. In Laos, in return for $ 3 a head, you have a spotless room, free bananas and drinking water!During our tour of the world, we moved more than 185 times. At each stop, or during the journey, we had to find a place to sleep for cheap. Our lean budget often offered us double rooms not so worse that we were paying on average $ 6-$ 15. We have also stayed many times for free, or for some peanuts (bungalow to $ 1.50 in Laos), to cushion the most expensive places like Rio de Janeiro ($ 27 per head for a dormitory). This mode of bourlingue has enabled us to experience a maximum of places to spend the night: trains, buses, boats, dorm rooms, bungalow, hotel on stilts, bed and breakfast, hammocks, read chips, campsite, roof building, monastery, airports, truck and so on.Here are 10 pictures of a selection of 80, available on our page Facebook.a 4000 meters above sea level to the Nepal bedroom luxurious $ 40 the night in Bangkok to celebrate our 3 years of torque
An airport, air-conditioned and free night!
On the roof of a cheap hotel of Beirut

Operation drying in Dahab in Egypt
Our room at El Panchan after a flood

Camping in Torres del Paine national park
Room just large enough so the door just big enough, to Penang, Malaysia

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