Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Asia has been the growth of the fastest airline in 2012

Asia has been the most dynamic and most competitive market for air transport last year.

The number of passengers increased by 9 percent year after year, from 724 million in 2011 to 787 million last year, said Amadeus Air Traffic Travel Intelligence.

At the international level, global air transport grew by 5 per cent between 2011 and 2012.

Latin America was the second region with the strongest growth, registering a growth of 6 per cent of passengers. In Europe, growth was 4 percent. In America the North, Middle East and Africa, they all reported growth of 2 per cent of air traffic.

The study also found that 300 "super roads", which are each more one million passengers a year, represent 22 percent of all air travel in the world.

Global air travel is highly concentrated in Asia, where 85 percent of the airline focuses on routes that carry more than 100,000 passengers each year.

The high concentration of air transport in Asia suggests that the region could face a continued growth, there is an opportunity for airlines to develop secondary links beyond the very competitive "super highways".

Asia also has competition from the higher air transport market.

Three quarters of air traffic in the region come from three or more airlines, and 27 percent with more than five airlines. The result is intense competition within the roads of air transport in the region.

Asia statistics contrast starkly with other regions of the world.

In Europe, 45 percent of the air traffic is served by one or two competing airlines.

A reason to understand the environment of highly competitive air transport in Asia could be the high concentration of passengers on a relatively small number of "super highways", on which several airlines compete for dominance.

7 of the 10 busiest air routes in the world by passenger volume lie in Asia.

The Jeju-Seoul South Korea line, which sees no less than 10.2 million passengers who travel on it, lies at the top of list.

Pascal Clément, the Amadeus Travel Intelligence Chief, said: "these data provide good news for the airline industry, showing that air passenger traffic has increased in all regions of the world between the years 2011 and 2012.

"As in 2011, this growth has been driven upwards by Asia. However, the data show many opportunities in the region, where the majority of traffic is located on a small number of busy lines.

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