Friday, 7 June 2013

Auction ebookers: you Miami beaches

After Madrid, it's Miami that is in the spotlight at in June, with the new bid of travel ebookers. Ebookers travel auction principle is simple: you determine the price of your holiday. You set the amount you're willing to pay, and you can choose among bids for all holidays or individual auctions as auction hotel or flight. The starting price of the city for two stays and plane tickets is fixed to a franc only. Auction extend over seven days and the highest bidder wins at the end of this period.
June 3 at 3 p.m. June 10, 2013, you can bet for 2 tickets with US Airways for Miami.

To give you want to participate in this auction or you fly off to Miami with US-Airways this spring, here are some suggestions for a seaside stay in Miami.

We often forget that there are two distinct and very different cities: Miami Beach is Miami Downtown. If you are looking for hotels from beach and tourist attractions, it is in Miami Beach that you must live. For a more cultural stay and Latin American ambience, it is in Miami Downtown that you first set your suitcases. This post focuses on the most famous attraction of Miami: beaches. Don't forget that Miami, is not only the luxury, the beaches and evenings freaky, it is also a cultural center, with of many theatres, museums, parks and zoos, not to mention the Hispanic culture (see links at the end of article)

South Beach, it is the Miami Beach historic postcards and the television series. It is also a popular beach for surfers. Bountiful in beachfront cafes and then jump into the water.
A short walk north to Miami Beach, the 12 th Street and Ocean Drive, you will find the gay beach. If that is what you are looking for, you can see Beach naturists Haulover, another popular LGBT place.
Further to the North, the 79 th Street and Collins Avenue, is the North Shore Open Space Park a free beach which is just steps away from restaurants and cafes. There are free concerts that are held on the historic range of the kiosk to music of North Beach. This beach has long been regarded as the best beach in Miami for its greenery and open spaces.
Highest venue on Collins and you will find Sunny Isles Beach and Pier, built in 1936, the only traditional pillar of the region for fishing and walking. It is quieter here and also picturesque.
Don't forget sunscreen or insect repellent, you need great on the beaches and in national parks you won't miss to visit Florida was swampy at the start, there are a few traces!Beware of sunburn. The beaches are beautiful, enjoy walking early in the morning on the white sand. When the Sun is at the zenith, you take a NAP.In Florida, it is hot all year round. In summer, temperatures can be sweltering. Remember to book a hotel with pool, a good kinda cool bath can be taken at any time!Beware of scams, tourists are easy prey for who wants to make a little money easily: selling bottles of water at the same price as the champagne, cash money to supposedly keep your car while you're at the beach, in unguarded parking, keep your business on the sand while you bathe. Open the eye!Work from now your Spanish! Miami has a double culture, we speak Spanish almost everywhere, even on billboards. This will be very useful to visit Little Havana and go shopping in this Cuban area.Do not leave valuables (passport, money, jewelry, smartphones, Tablet, laptop, etc.) in your bag unattended while you are in the water.Carry bottled water to go to the beach and drink water in large quantities. Dehydration can really happen quickly without you noticing account.Rent a car. It is at the wheel, we take the measure of the American Way of Life!

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