Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ba Be Lake: a new travel destination

A circuit to the Viet Nam is often marked by the visit of the famous Bay of Halong. This time, we will change course to the North of Hanoi, region where Lake Ba Be.

BA Be in French means the Lake of three bays. It is located in the region where a small tribute called "Tay". The region is composed of a large Valley adorned by oak high mountains dotted with a large forest, surrounded by several waterfalls of rivers.
Part of the region where the Lakes is at an altitude of 145 m taking reference of the sea level. In addition to this altitude, the region is formed by very high mountain peaks which makes its access to a true hiking course. The means of the most popular travel and also the most practical is the horse. It is also possible to rent Chair carrier, but this last way is more practiced by women and children.
BA Be is formed mainly by three lakes which are connected between them. The Lake runs on a length of 7 km with a span of 400 m. nearby stand a large tropical forest inhabited by many animal species such as bears, many varieties of birds, and many other insect species, most are endemic to the region. It is worth noting that the area is preserved by UNESCO so hunting is prohibited.

Puong cave on the Lake is the part not to be missed in the region. At its height of 30 meters through the mountainous region at more than a distance of three hundred meters. Thrill fans will have the great joy of up its river under ground in kayak.

This Vietnamese Northern region is advisable for travellers who are tired luxury trips offer during a stay in India or trips to tropical islands...

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