Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Balance of 92 days in the Middle East.

Yazd, Iran, may 2010.

Balance sheet by country here.

92 days in seven countries who each have their characteristics. Quantities of Dubai through the wonders of Egypt, Petra in Jordan, the warmth of the Syria and the Iran and European ambiance of Istanbul.

The Iran and the Syria are two countries not to be missed.

Final itinerary.

The route was influenced by a single factor: the Iran (and indirectly, Pakistan). To attend the Iran of the India (if Pakistan is 'dangerous' at this time and that your girlfriend does not want to go there!), you can fly with Air Arabia (lowcost) to Shiraz (South of the Iran) via Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, which relieves you of landing at Tehran if you are not interested in this city.

In our case, at the time we were ready to go to Iran, the country was faced with major events. We have therefore forked to the Egypt. The original plan, that I recommend, is to fly from the India in Shiraz, and then by the road reach Istanbul, along the South coast of Turkey until Syria, then Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Cairo, it is easy and very cheap to fly everywhere in Europe and in the world. On the other hand, you end up with the worst. Or again, of Egypt, if you are not tired of sand, crossing the Libya (check for the visa can be complicated) until Tunisia and take a ferry to the Italy.

Here is our final itinerary. Note that the flight in Shiraz - Istanbul is in my opinion, too.

Display around the world 2 years - in a larger map

A very important factor in this region of the world is the visa process and costs related. In our case (Canadians pay often more expensive), the sum related to the visa is 359 CAD per person.

Daily expenditure including any:

Budget daily life:

And here is the 'big' spending table:

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