Saturday, 1 June 2013


Beirut and Tripoli, Lebanon

As we will have to pay another $ 60 each to return to Syria, as well as our Lebanese detour worth the cost. This is why we decided to visit at least another city in country history to give a better overview. We can not really afford to visit the country long because the cost of living is too high for our budget - uninteresting comments that I should not even write to you.

We therefore found by chance in Tripoli, the second largest city. I say coincidentally because we missed the bus stop that we visions - no matter!

Finally, after Beirut, the difference is great. One feels income in Arab country wandering in the medieval souk in the vicinity of the mosque. Less modern, less luxuriance, dealer Ferrari, the contrast is striking.


Seller of coal in Tripoli

Because actually, Beirut has surprised us by his side "fashionable". I already told you clothing that has nothing to do with neighbouring countries, apart of course the Muslim share of the population (almost 60%). But still, this seems much less conservative.

The other 40% is Christian. Which means that in Beirut, it is not surprising to hear the church bells ringing at the same time as the call to Muslim prayer. Except that what is most striking in this city (just as in Tripoli), it is the presence of the army in the streets: long armed soldiers, Hummers and even tanks!

Here, it is like the scouts: always ready!

Walk the city therefore is an interesting activity given the traces of the conflict and the military presence. Corniche, we easily note the former Holiday Inn hotel, which of its strategic position, became a landmark for snipers during the civil war. Top perched and never spruced up, he clashes among the shiny skyscrapers and surprised to be still standing. On a smaller scale, there are a few apartments renovated, still burned and riddled with bullets.

This leaves a weird to stroll through an if recent history impression. The remedy for this is to go to the "central district". There, everything is new, fresh and immaculate. Chic shops, restaurants, terraces, cars are not often meets and a Rolex clock tower. Ten dollars beer, you will understand that it does not intersect many Palestinian refugees, but affluent families, businessmen, young rich, tourists and expatriates with.

It's true that it's beautiful, it's good, but it lacks a small detail that changes everything, the same thing that are not found in Dubai, for example: a soul...

I do not say that it is unpleasant, far from it. However, I prefer the District of Gemmayzeh, less fake, which is equipped with a lovely street filled with cafes, restaurants and bars, but also small businesses to shish taouk, stalls of fruits and vegetables, etc. You find even a Lisa teeth ghosts that occurs happy to forsake her cats a few minutes for us offer a juice and we talk about rambling. That would be a town without its old illuminated making hidden words in the shape of "L"!

We leave this lady difficult because it stop more to talk about and even show us all the objects that are in her handbag: makeup case, its bank books... Successful flight, we resume our journey in the city for a last night on the edge of the Mediterranean.

This time, it is not looking for traces of the explosions that appeals to us, but that of erosion.


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