Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cappadocia: the tourist open-air Museum of Goreme, Turkey

Ultra site known of Cappadocia,

the tourist site of Göreme

is a typical example of dedicated

mass tourism,.

so much so that if you tell someone "Cappadocia"

He will almost certainly answer "Goreme"

But this Museum en plein air worth really,.

where is simply convenient to do

Discover the largest number

the wonders ofarchitecture

of Cappadocia

The Göreme Open air museum provides us with the annual

We walk in a monastic Wren

well, that makes us enter the life of the monks in their habitat

dug into the rocks of Cappadocia

Photos Turkey: all rights reserved ©

From my point of view,.

the open-air museum is unavoidable,

but a quick visit is sufficient,

both the other sights

of Cappadocia are varied

and less prone to the influx of tourists,.

What is changing everything for the quality of the visits

Specifically, the Göreme Open-air museum

brings together a beautiful monastic

cave (dug in the rock),

dating from the 5th to 12th centuries ad

The site is remarkable for its cave paintings,

Byzantine style,.

and whose colors are well preserved

Examples of paintings in Byzantine style

present on the site of Göreme

Photos Cappadocia - Turkey: all rights reserved ©

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