Saturday, 1 June 2013

Choosing a summer camp for her child

Proposals for holiday camps are numerous and forms rather varied stays for young people as for adolescents. For successful holidays, stay selected must above all meet the tastes of your child and his personality. Tips for choosing a summer camp.

Holiday camps are accessible from 4 years and up to 17 years. There is no ideal age to which leaving colo: this depends above all on the maturity of your child. The decision to leave must be shared by your child. Do not rush things, to the risk that the first experience away from home is a failure. Use before the stay an opportunity for your child to spend a night with a grandparent or friend of class and find out more about the way he lived his short stay: you will make sure as well that he was able to enjoy despite your absence.

For a first start in summer camp, choose a holiday that offers activities which appeal to your child. Thematic stays are not the best solution: the repetition of activities can have a boring side. Choose a holiday multi activities colony that will allow your child to vary his programme every day, according to his desires and those of his cronies. Also make sure that the activities are left to the free choice of children: you will have insurance that planning will adapt to your child and not vice versa.

Holiday stays are organised on the whole of the French territory but also abroad. Some regions are particularly requested: there are so many settlements of holiday in Brittany, in the mountains and in the South of the France. For a first start in summer camp, you can also opt for a stay near your home: you can place your child on the spot and visit all the centre holiday.

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