Saturday, 8 June 2013

England, the ideal country to learn English

I have a little plan that could satisfy many people. There are a lot of people in France who dream to travel, but who cannot because of the language. I therefore propose to combine the two.
Learning the international language is English and go make a small trip to England. This is possible if you decide to register for language stays in England. I had the opportunity to make a living like this in Spain and more specifically in Córdoba. What is with this kind of stay is that you can do everything like tourists.
That is to visit the tourist places, visit the places you want to see, go shopping, because Yes, when you go to London, for example, should absolutely not miss stores like Top shop or Primark, and much more. The small more of this kind of stays, it is that you learn the language of the country is already on the spot, you can so you lead more easily to make even faster progress in English.

Indeed in 'England', by reading just the menus of restaurants or even tourist guides, you can learn much more quickly than going underway in France. I find that it's really the right plan to go on vacation and learn, because everything is included. When I was in Spain for example, I was able to visit all the places that I liked and I could also exercise my Spanish. You can linguistic stays for all prices so it a good plan to learn easily at low cost while traveling. You will return home having learnt some notions of English and with many memories in your head and in your suitcase at the same time.
When I was in London, I wanted to just visit, but unfortunately I did not have the time. It's really a beautiful place, we really see that one is in another country. People are different I found, and it's really nice. You will also have the opportunity to see how the English drive on the left instead of right. It's really a completely different world I find. If you have the opportunity to go to London to be able to improve your English, do. I advise you, because I find that it is easier to learn something when it is bathed in. You will feel obliged to make progress and so you will progress faster. Therefore, do not hesitate, become anglophone. This is really handy if you want to visit other countries subsequently. It is always an asset to know speak English.

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