Friday, 7 June 2013

GeoGuessR: A game to explore the world virtually

Do you like to travel, play and cultivate you? This new game from Google is for you: GeoGuessR.
From a panoramic image of a place any in the world, you can earn points by guessing at what location the photo was taken. More your answer is closer, more you earn points.
In some photos, it has elements to guess more easily, as in the image above I have easily identified as being taken in Korea. But for photos of landscape, it is much more difficult!

The site offers to find the place where a panoramic picture 360 ° in a given place (end of google Maps / Google Street View). Once the image is displayed, trying to locate on a map of the world and closer you are, the more you earn points. Zoom in on maps are needed to read the name of the specific location. At the end of a series, you can of course share his results with his friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other social networks. Warning: you'll so you have fun that an addiction is not excluded!
What did we win? Nothing, it's just for fun, have fun! ‘
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