Saturday, 15 June 2013

Go to the Sydney Sun

Imagine a city skyline sparkling skies surveyed by workers in flip-flops. A city where surfers take the wave to the rhythm of the Didgeridoo. A city which combines relaxation and dynamism and connects the ocean and the desert.

Sydney is a young city. It is yet still breathes the spirit of frontier from an area little affected by the economic crisis. The outback is only a few kilometres. Aboriginal art galleries alongside an exciting Chinatown. Ocean enters the city into the most remote suburbs. There are many other Australians to take the wave before going to work.

The District of Newtown is an atypical place. Punks and hippies intersect in the middle of restaurants for foodies and surprising stores. The regulars at Camden in London will meet. We recommend the Gould's Books bookseller, which is an institution. Piles of books for sale rise precariously toward the ceiling. For an experience more bobo, heading you Glebe Point Road and its many small restaurants bios. It is also a good area to book a hotel.

Clubbers will go to buttoned around King Cross. In the past, the district was a dirty reputation. Today things have improved, but it is still a place for lovers of strong emotions...

But of course the beaches of Sydney which made his reputation. At any Lord any honour, your first visit will be to Bondi Beach. The market (approximately two hours) to Coogee Beach is magnificent. You can sometimes see the whales off the coast! For beaches, we recommend to take a ferry from Circular Quay to Watson Bay, less known to tourists. If you venture to the edge of the mouth, you will eventually fall on a naturist beach. Nothing beats a bath in clothes of Adam in Sydney Harbour with views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Recommended by for an unforgettable holiday!

Lovers of classical music will visit the opera. In was taking in advance, can find concert tickets at moderate prices. And it's really worth the peek! The interior architecture is also crazy than the facade suggests.

Finally, Sydney wouldn't Sydney without surfing. Bondi of course, but it's even better to Manly Beach, North of the city. From the Center, you will need to take a ferry (in about half an hour). No need to lug your Board, many landlords will be happy to learn the first gestures on their hardware. For more information, take a ride on

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