Sunday, 2 June 2013

How to get there?

If, as is likely, your first steps on the Greek Earth fit into those of Pericles the Athenian, here are a few ideas to reach the hotel Ktima Karageorgou without neglecting the charms of the course.

Even if you do not want to dwell in the Greek capital, will at least admire the Acropolis from the Hill of the Muses, in the shadow of the monument of Philopappos.

The most practical solution is now to rent a vehicle (if already done) to go to the meeting of this which opens to you...

You'll be spoilt for choice among landlords: my choice fell on "Pop's cars", partner of new frontiers, which seriously was matched only by the home that you will be booked at the airport... and in French!

En route to 350 kilometers of bitumen: let you guide, you're already on vacation!

From Athens to Areopolis, you'll have the chance to admire wonderful landscapes and exceptional tourist sites!

80 Km from Athens, the famous Corinth canal cuts the isthmus of the same name in order to shorten the journey between the Ionian and the Aegean Sea.

Passage to join the Peloponnese, this spectacular trench deserves a stop: road bridge that crosses the, you will certainly the opportunity to see the boat.

On the northern side of the isthmus, in the direction of Poseidonia, can still distinguish the remains of the «diolcos», paved pathway on which ships were hauled on carts during antiquity, to avoid a detour of 185 nautical miles!

Demetrios Macedon to Herod Atticus through Nero and Caligula, many are those who dreamed to pierce the isthmus, long 6343 meters; This is that in 1893 the project was born!

At the centre of the Argolis peninsula, the ancient theatre of Epidaurus represents an architectural feat not to be missed under any circumstances: not hesitate to make the detour to go admire it!

Purity of lines, acoustic exceptional, perfect harmony with the environment, this theatre is a marvel that will beat your heart as a college student before his first love!

A few kilometres from there, how not to succumb to the charms of Nafplion, first capital of Greece in the 19th century?

From palamidi, the view embraces the entire city with its harbour.

After Nafplio, the most interesting route is along the East coast of Arcadia: a little longer than through the centre of the Peloponnese, but so much more beautiful!

The coast is sometimes occupied by charming little ports.

After this pretty course in seaside, the road passes through the picturesque village of Leonidio.

Remember that in Greece, roads are sometimes narrow and that in this... the biggest country always goes first!

After Leonidio, the route winds through the massif of Mount Parnon passing near the monastery of Elona, real Eagle's nest that you can visit and where they sell local specialties.

Exclusively occupied by nuns women, it is full of treasures: a miraculous icon was even stolen there recently!

This mountain range crossing sometimes surprises: caution!

The presence of goats, donkeys... and even turtles is not uncommon in Greece: always watch!

Indeed, the many small chapels you see roadside are ex-voto erected by the families of accident victims of the road...

So, please, stay cautious and never attempt to achieve illusory averages in this mountainous country to 80%: take advantage of landscapes...

After several hours, finally Areopolis, door of entry of a different world...

Despite being a simple village, the "city of Ares" offers many facilities for which stays there, the pharmacy souvenir shops, through the clinic... and the gas station.

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