Friday, 7 June 2013

How to travel in time of crisis?

Is the crisis! We often hear this phrase in the media or even in discussions between friends. However when I'm looking for info on travel or even when I am abroad I did really not this feeling. You can still see so many travellers and tourists. The truth is that, today, we travel but differently. We spend much more time to prepare his trip to compare prices to minimize budget spending.

In this article I will reveal a few tips to find good plans. I always travel as much despite 'crisis' but I adapt. I'm looking for destinations on the basis of prices and available time periods.

I also often look offers to travel at the last minute. It's kinda the lottery to fall on destinations that we like but the prices are attractive. The only downside is that there are often the same countries (North Africa, Crete, Iberian Peninsula, Turkey...). It is a good opportunity to pick up some Sun when the rain and cold are recalcitrant as at this time.

Lagoon of Balos in Crete

I also use much American Express, the credit card system allows me especially to have discounts on airline tickets. Is cumulated points when purchases (virtually all purchases excluding petrol), allowing faster exiting holiday! Note that the card is free if you spend more of €8000 in the year in your home. I did not understand why the owners of Amex always proposed to advance costs during group activities...

All travel must be prepared in advance. In organizing and finding hotels, Golf Tours, transportation, limiting spending and you save time. Besides the fact of travel less expensive in preparing his stay in advance, we begin to discover the country of in either and it is magical.

This Council is not necessarily obvious to everyone. Should dare to take contact with the hotels. I happened to find a double room in Barcelona via a website of online booking and then call the hotel and ask them the best rate for a room over the same period. What a surprise to get 20% cheaper compared to platforms are saying best price! This trick does not work every time but deserves to be tested for long stays.

Areia Branca in the Portugal

This non-exhaustive list is already a few tracks to bring down the price of his journey and continue from in times of crisis. And above all keep in mind that travel is also to enrich ;)

And you, what technique do you use to find good plans?

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