Wednesday, 19 June 2013

London, Mythic City and cultural centre of England

City Motley, London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Always present on the front of the stage, it constantly provides innovation in tourist attractions.The change of scenery to a few hours of the FranceLondon sets the tone of travel eventful two hours 15 minutes by train departing from Paris Gare du Nord. Even livelier than its French counterpart, the English capital is a true hybrid creature, having reached the 21st century by offering a full facelift. Arrival at St Pancras station, the architectural landscape dazzles. The station, a neo-Gothic building's size is a cultural heritage itself. From here, the shuttles swarm leading to a constantly bustling city centre. No traveller can resist the appeal of the banks of the River Thames where collide eccentric buildings and the old impeccably preserved mansions. The Millennium Bridge, a crowd of curious crosses the imposing gateway linking the lofty St Paul's Cathedral at the monument of the Tate Modern aluminum. Facing this enormous building, on the East Bank of the River Thames, the Globe Theater is no less successful. From here, the maze of a paved lane lead to the masterful Tower Bridge surrounded by old warehouses converted into craft shops.A trip to London under the theme of art and cultureMuse of the artistic circuits in London, Westminster district is known for its Cathedral and its Parliament, but less for its string of extraordinary museums worth seeing for each trip. Around the clock tower where the travelers easily find a hotel in London, the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern, the Natural History Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the National Gallery and the British Museum are among the sights to visit without apprehension in this emblematic neighbourhood.

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