Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mauritius, a multi cultural destination where everyone can find his happiness!

First of all, one of the first reasons for choosing Mauritius for its holiday is likely to be the white sand of its beaches and turquoise water of lagoons. Everyone has already seen these postcards images combining, white sandy beach, Sun, turquoise waters and coconut! A large majority of these beaches are sheltered by a coral reef offering quietness and a multitude of tropical to admire with masks fish and snorkel! Ideal to take advantage of all this is the villa Mauritius rental directly on the beach, scenery!
But the side relaxation is not the only feature of this island paradise.Its mountains, although less steep than those of its sister Reunion Island, offer exceptional views such as le Morne and piton de la Rivière Noire. Hiking, horseback riding or quad, climbing and canyoning, everyone finds his account!Sports destination also thanks its many prestigious golf courses, the island can be proud of this golf label that places in a good position in the ranking of destinations for golfers. Here too of accommodation options are possible including the luxury Mauritius villa rental in area with a golf course. Tourists benefit from a green-Fee per day and per person!Nature lovers will not be disappointed by the fauna and flora, exceptional. Often referred to as the island of the Dodo bird disappeared since the 18th century, the island of Mauritius also has many endemic species like the straw in a ponytail or the gecko. Tropical gardens will give ideas to some, as well as the multitude of as original flowers by their color and their shape.This island, melting pot of cultures and populations, offers a cultural diversity that are found rarely. Having experienced several waves of immigration, French, British, Dutch, Chinese and Indian, co-education is found both in the language as in the music or the kitchen. Each tour market is a little tour of the world of smells and spices! Discover many tourist circuits by choosing rental villas Mauritius Island!Finally the reputation of Mauritians is more to do: friendly and helpful, they take care of tourists and share with pleasure their knowledge and their knowledge. Renting villa Mauritius is a way to discover the island in depth and to rub elbows with locals every day.To discover Mauritius in depth and have an unforgettable stay made confidence, agencies specialized in holiday island Maurice present on-site.

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