Sunday, 9 June 2013

Military memorabilia and photo of the islands of Frioul in Marseille

The islands of the Frioul archipelago,

off the coast of Marseille

time served

military bases,

both their location is strategic

Thus, theisland of Ratonneau

a long served basic

quarantine for boats

Venus from abroad

A fort was built.

which one has a breathtaking

on theIsland of the Château D'if...

which served as a prison

View of the Chateau D'if from fort Ratonneau

in the islands of the Frioul archipelago

Photos Marseille Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

Another example of the military role of the iles du Frioul,

We do not delay to fall

on the remains that the army military

has left gentiement if

on-site as a souvenir,

before withdrawing

Military remains that recall my alignments of cross

in cemeteries!

Photos Marseille Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

These ruins are those of the semaphore of Pomègues,

disarmed in... 1999...

It seems to me that the Kyoto Treaty

was already signed by France at that time...

That said, these remains

are worth the look

and are surprising because

they are in the shape of cross,

as a symbol of the abandonment

the Frioul Islands by the military,

who had them occcupees

If long

View on the castle of yew and our Daue of the Garda

from the island of Ratonneau in the Frioul archipelago

Photos Marseille Provence 2013: all rights reserved ©

That said, I can assure you,

all this has changed

because these Islands,

are now a haven of peace,

oriented exclusively tourist

The cars are also prohibited


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-To see the alignments of the American cemetery cross

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