Sunday, 2 June 2013

Not to be missed.

Even if sometimes it was too quiet, we loved our stay in Syria. Here are five things we have enjoyed this beautiful country.

Enjoy one of the best cuisines of the Middle East. Particularly in Aleppo, where they used more spices than elsewhere. Do not leave without buying a quarter of a kilo of baklava, or more!

Wander in the bazaars of Damascus and Aleppo is magnificent. It is a pleasure walking, to observe and taste. Here is a picture of Souq al-Hamidiyya of Damascus: the light in the ceiling holes are the trace of the submachine guns of French aviation during the nationalist rebellion in 1925.
Visiting a mosque or two and be there during the noon prayer is an interesting experience, especially when the place is filled with Iranian pilgrims.
Dare respond Yes to the invitation from a stranger. The Syrians are culturally hospital and often offer tea, coffee, or even more, for the sole purpose of sharing a discussion, a time.
Drink one of these delicious juices found in cities in response to a warm "welcome" on the part of the trader.

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