Sunday, 2 June 2013

One night in Istanbul

We will spend more than a night in Istanbul. Imagine a city vibrating between two continents, heated by a canal between two seas, pleasant between two glasses. Istanbul is not only a geographical and cultural meeting point, but also a hub for travellers from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Here are ten photo taken on the European side of the city.

1. The Blue Mosque, or Sultanahmet Camii, is one of the historic monuments of Istanbul. Every evening, from birds (to unknown identity) the fly over.

2. Here is the same mosque, from another angle.

3.Visiter Istanbul is pleasant. The architecture is beautiful. There is life.

4. Although this is not well represented by this photo of an empty sidewalk, in a city of more than 18 million inhabitants. It's the world to transport.

5 Fortunately, the public transport system is well developed. It is never well far from a ferry, bus, metro or tram.

6. My transport favorite being the ferries that sail on the channels that define the city. At the edge of the docks, day and night, it teems with life and it smells like the sea.

7 Istanbul is also a city that works well. This allows to take his time and enjoy the beauty of the streets.

8. To take a picture of a beautiful building.

9 And stop in a shop, or two, to please my Nad.

10. Before return to the street from our hostel, partying and to sleep in a dormitory at 26 people!

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