Monday, 3 June 2013

Photos: Behind the scenes of old Damascus.

Damascus, Syria. Reading a little about Damascus, you might stumble upon the legend that the prophet Muhammad stopped his way not to go to Damascus, saying that a man should only enter once in paradise - until his death. I do not know how was the city at that time, but I must admit that the old Damascus is now very nice. In the shadow of its souks and imposing Umayyad Mosque, dozens of streets asking beings traveled to most of us onlookers. I present to you today, eight photos, life in these alleys. 1. When motoring is hell or not the goods are transported to the arm or diable.2. If the word order in Syria is welcome, this man's best friend did not always understood by attacking me right after this photo.3. A football game improvises among passants.4. To find his way, just follow the lignes.5. A child carrying a bag of pita bread, a culinary priority not only in Syria but throughout the Middle Orient.6. Approximately 16% of the Syrian population is chrétienne.7. A street chrétien.8 neighborhood. Near the mosque, the call to prayer, the sun goes down and announced the end of another day

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